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Proving the Soul through NDEs and Past Life Regression
Sep 11, 2008 - 9:21:00 AM

Candace:  This is a post I just made this morning to the forum on  I have made many posts there over the summer and am collecting them to place here. It is time I just remember to place them here when I write them!  A link was posted by a member to an article, 


I choose to do some teaching. The content of the article is within my post. I sometimes when writing material on the fly, go back and add a comment to a previous paragraph. I did that more than one, so this piece is a little disjointed. I don’t want to spend time rewriting it, live with it! I did find some typos and fixed them, but probably not all. This is the post. 


This is the article xxxxxxx posted and I have placed it here, because there is some teaching I can do, and you readers should be doing some thinking around this. Some of you will out and out reject this idea of NDEs unless of course you have experienced it. NDEs are NOT the experience of a dying brain, as is often suggested in articles and on television by people supporting the dark side. This study if done correctly could help PROVE the existance of the soul.


 During the resuscitation, the soul ponders and is given advice by guides as to whether he will return. These experiences also occur under anesthesia during surgery, the spirit often has an out of body experience and watches the surgery. I have done this during at least one of mine, my first C section. This is the only memory I retain anyway, from various surgeries. I might very well remember more in time, or experience it under hypnosis.


Past life regression under hypnosis is also going to reveal the soul. A Robotoid, covered below, will not regress to previous lives. The robotoid will not regress to its animal lives either, because it was never an animal. Ensouled people sometimes regress all the way back to their PLANT experiences. This should give lots of clues about the process of evolution. Often the robotoid will not regress at all, missing important components in the DNA of his body type for retrieval of even this life experience. Robotoids, unless they get a father fragment, do NOT survive death and are uncreated. All the going to church and "believing on Jesus" won't cut it for these ones.

I will be curious to see the final results on this research project, and how much is the bias. In this article I am seeing bias the wrong direction. This study could provide, if done without bias, mostly meaning the researchers haven't bought into the government suppression into science, which is in many countries. Russia doesn't have the bias in their science education and have progressed way beyond the Zionist countries.

If the data collected is analyzed correctly, this will begin to scientifically prove the existence of soul, in its various forms. There are people resuscitated from cardiac arrest who experience NO NDE and an important reason for this, is they are robotoids, and they have only life force, and no animal soul, or Divine Soul, meaning they have received a Father Fragment. Those long fused with that fragment have quite a different experience also from those not fused.

I guess I better explain "robotoid" also known as automatons. Scientists who have controlled this planet, and trying to keep it from returning to the universal realms (it was isolated with the Lucifer Rebellion), using genetic engineering have created a form of man, which is not of the evolutionary process, and has no animal soul (mind) packet. This is a common practice in the universe, not just on earth. Some peoples create these to do their simple labor, rather than doing it themselves. They are indeed living robots. However, true advancing civilizations create machine robots, like Data from Star Trek.   AND that said, a machine robot, if inquiring mind occurs, can get a Father Fragment, and I suggest, as Data was presented, if Data had been real, Data would have received that. He was engaged in original thought. We received many lessons in Star Trek.

The purpose of the robot person on earth, is a method of warfare, and Russia created a lot of these, when it was still under the control of the Bolsheviks, (nazis, Zionists as other terms) and then sent them to America, and there they reproduced, and this is one reason this country is not doing well in all sorts of ways. And not only the Russians did it, so did colonies on the moon, starting in the 1800's that knew this planet was going to be ascended, and this was warfare against the universe management and Christ Michael directly. 

50% of people on this earth are not ensouled, meaning a reincarnation, or having received a Father Fragment in the current life. Robots do occasionally receive a Father Fragment, if they have normal enough mind to actually reason. About 10%. There are lots of normal animal souls also experiencing in a human body, who have not had their mind develop enough to receive the father fragment.


These reincarnate, as do all animals, until their mind is sufficiently developed. This, as a prison planet, has far more reincarnation than normal planets, because souls are imprisoned here, and not allowed advancement to higher planets or higher realms until they choose to rejoin the "light."   You get to live on a "hell" planet like this, until you choose to grow up.

There are clones of most of the older politicians in the United States, Bush, Cheney, Pelosi, and many, many others. All the leading Rockefellers, Brezezinski, etc.  These are ROBOTS, and this is why they do NOT change. Their robotic abnormal minds are programmed and they have NO FREE WILL thought. McCain is a clone people; do NOT elect him, despite Palin, please. Obama is not; he is still serving the dark agenda willingly.

The “clone factories" in the USA have been closed by star fleet. Jimmy Carter was killed and cloned over 30 times. The current Jimmy Carter is kept alive by visits to the de aging facility under Camp David. Ditto the others, they age fast. When Cheney goes to get his heart regulator tested or replaced we are told he has, and he probably does, he is also being "rehabilitated."

Notice Bush, and there are still 2 of them, they get old and tired looking and then all of a sudden look "fresh". Often after a trip to Camp David. Any of you remember the pictures of Bush from the 2004 campaign, in which he had obvious machinery planted under this jacket on his back? He is a plastic person, so to speak. Nancy will not impeach him, because she is also a plastic person, and under mind control. Do you really want to vote for these people?  Ron Paul is NOT a plastic person. He is the real deal.

The Universal Father, and the Local Universe Father, give almost unlimited opportunity for dark ones to rejoin the lighted realms, if they have fallen, or to work upward into the lighted realms if they are just young souls making way too much "error." and engaging in unknowing evil behavior. Man is not given just one chance to "enter heaven".  The reason reincarnating man doesn't remember his incarnations is by intent of the over -seers. He will in time, and many do now. However, this is done in dreamtime or brief flashes.  One of the causes of schizophrenia and multiple personality syndrome is the broken barrier between this life and past lives.

These people, if resuscitated will have no memories or IDE experience. The ensouled reincarnating soul will.

It (this study) may help explain consciousness, but that will be dependent on the researchers and their belief systems. The atom is consciousness and even rocks have a limited degree of consciousness. Those of you who have followed the research of what prayer and nastiness does to the water crystals, this is proof water has consciousness.

Mind is not to be found in the brain. If they are looking for the consciousness of the SOUL, which is different than the consciousness of water and rocks, and they keep looking in the brain, they will not find the higher mind there. They will find no mind there at all, just the basic consciousness of living material, the brain cell and it's communication with other cells.


I placed a couple comments within the piece.

The University of Southampton is launching the world's largest-ever study of near-death experiences this week.

The AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study is to be launched by the Human Consciousness Project of the University of Southampton - an international collaboration of scientists and physicians who have joined forces to study the human brain, consciousness and clinical death.

The study is led by Dr Sam Parnia, an expert in the field of consciousness during clinical death, together with Dr Peter Fenwick and Professors Stephen Holgate and Robert Peveler of the University of Southampton. Following a successful 18-month pilot phase at selected hospitals in the UK, the study is now being expanded to include other centres within the UK, mainland Europe and North America.

"Contrary to popular perception," Dr Parnia explains, "death is not a specific moment. It is a process that begins when the heart stops beating, the lungs stop working and the brain ceases functioning - a medical condition termed cardiac arrest, which from a biological viewpoint is synonymous with clinical death.
"During a cardiac arrest, all three criteria of death are present. There then follows a period of time, which may last from a few seconds to an hour or more, in which emergency medical efforts may succeed in restarting the heart and reversing the dying process. What people experience during this period of cardiac arrest provides a unique window of understanding into what we are all likely to experience during the dying process."  (Candace: bias going on here, big time, if this continues this will NOT be a successful study.)

A number of recent scientific studies carried out by independent researchers have demonstrated that 10-20 per cent of people who go through cardiac arrest and clinical death report lucid, well structured thought processes, reasoning, memories and sometimes detailed recall of events during their encounter with death. (Candace: proof of an ensouled person.)

During the AWARE study, doctors will use sophisticated technology to study the brain and consciousness during cardiac arrest. At the same time, they will test the validity of out of body experiences and claims of being able to 'see' and 'hear' during cardiac arrest. (Candace: The ensouled person has genuine out of body experiences many nights as they sleep, they go to school during the night, schools run by Buddha. When you are out of body and in your spirit form, you continue to see as if you have eyes, and hear as if you had ears. Your spirit body retains all these capabilities. This is proof of a reincarnating soul.)

The AWARE study will be complemented by the BRAIN-1 (Brain Resuscitation Advancement International Network - 1) study, in which the research team will conduct a variety of physiological tests in cardiac arrest patients, as well as cerebral monitoring techniques that aim to identify methods to improve the medical and psychological care of patients who have undergone cardiac arrest.

Dr Parnia will formally announce the launch of the AWARE study at an international symposium to be held at the United Nations on September 11.




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