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Jan 11, 2011 - 5:40:00 AM

I found this gem on my forum today, much thanks to the poster. It was in response to Jess' recent message with CM. This fully describes the purpose in fact of living on a evolutionary planet, in fact even in "heaven."


I did read this up-date. I was in total agreement. I was thankful for the vision and insights. I paid attention to the advice to seek internal guidance. I logged off and let it go. But something directed me the dig for a booklet. “Predictions for the Aquarian Age” on page 6, I settled on reading this:

“Free Will – The belief that man has free will and makes his own choices changes to: the realization that the action of any one person changes the world situation just that much and the actions of all other persons changes the one person’s situation accordingly, and one cannot do his own thing without it affecting others, or, without others affecting it. One person’s action or thing is every-one’s action or thing.

Therefore, the concept of free will changes to one of co-responding and co-creating: responding or creating with others, mutually encouraging or discouraging each other’s desires by all parties involved clearly communicating to each other their own desires, then together reaching a workable compromise or arrangement that allows all involved to benefit.

In the case of thoughtless greed and extremely selfish desires of one person, the group must patiently but firmly guide that person into new levels of understanding by not allowing him to bully or manipulate them and by showing him a more workable alternative to the selfish desire, whereby that person gains understanding, acceptance and happiness of a different order, while the group gains freedom from his unpleasant behavior.”

So sharing this seems right. The deed is done. I’m getting some lunch.
Love and Light to all, xxxxxxxxx


Candace:  Now there is a lot of new age junk teaching about not interfering with others, letting them do their own thing. It's not just "new age" books or on the net, even Oprah went this way, and it is manifest in many programs on TV and books.  Man has thus become tolerant of a LOT of EVIL out there.  You must not tolerate everything. You must provide a lot of very firm guidance.  It is RIGHT to appropriately confront.


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