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A nice teaching about fairies vs gremlins
By Candace and author
Dec 31, 2010 - 9:14:35 AM

Hi everyone, a dear friend sent me this cartoon today.  If you don't see the cartoon, this is the link to it. Now there is often a little fairy  angel in these cartoons as below.   Sometimes the fairy becomes the big angel, as in this cartoon.   The big angel has sent a bit of himself as a "fairy."

Dark entities can do the same, and we call them gremlins.  Gremlins can muck your computer up, mess with printing presses, cause cats to fall off their climber taking the cable connection right out of the TV rendering the TV useless  (happened to me), and other nefarious asks.

The light can send similar Good fairies  to do good tasks.  Sometimes these are seen as orbs in photographs. If you have gremlins uncreate them in the name of Jesus Christ.  When you "kill" the gremlin you decrease the size of the larger entity that sent it and that entity may decide to leave you alone.  Enjoy the good fairies and give them thanks.

Also I had the idea that the creator of Rose is Rose may also have something hidden about the idea of this New Year as there will be "trumpets" blown this year in a biblical  sense, via the 3 month teaching process.




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