We do Inebriate our Children.
May 19, 2018 - 9:26:41 AM


Seraphin put out the above message a few days ago thru Rosie.   I am posting it again in full HERE.  I am going to bold a sentence near the end of the piece.  I want each of you to look at what started your own programming in your early childhood and sometimes before your actual birth.  Look at what you programmed your own children with also.  And perhaps your grand children.  What must change ?

The root causes in this world begins in very early childhood and sometimes during the time spent in the uterus.  It is not idle time.  We have too major root cause issues in this world.. how our children are raised and mind controlled and also the root cause of all evil.. MONEY.. which may have also affected HOW you were raised!  What did your own parents teach you about substance abuse in all forms which includes FOOD.  What would you CHANGE if you could do it all over again?  As to the parenting.  Where any world goes is always in the hands of the current and next generation.

The above issues is why this world cannot change overnight and somebody name "GOD" etc cannot do it FOR YOU.  It must be internal to each and every person.  Because you see beloveds.. WE DO INDEED DO THIS SHIT OUR CHILDREN that is in red and well more.


Seraphin Message 337: 

Through Rosie, 9th May 2018


How many of your world’s population have never smoked, never drunk, never taken mind-altering drugs and have never taken pharmaceuticals on a daily long-term basis? In one sense, these people are “clean” and “pure” (and indeed babies are often in this state). You may go on short diets or withdraw temporarily from certain substances, or you make take “holidays” to recover or you may undertake courses to purify mind and body, but these measures only scratch the surface and will only bring you brief respite or improvement to your health and “sanity”.


What we are trying to say here is that there are YEARS AND YEARS OF ENCRUSTED LAYERS UPON YOU – OLD INGRAINED HABITS WHICH ARE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO BREAK. In this sense, you are practically unrecognizable compared to your original state. And it is in this weakened state that you are susceptible to all sorts of negative unseen entities who are only too ready to slip through the cracks and latch onto you as their host.


All this you do not realize. The concoction of pills and destructive substances you place in and on your bodies (and we do place toxins from tattoos and hairs dyes in this category) accumulate and congeal, build up and obstruct, encrust and harden, weaken and encourage breakage. Additives and toxins in food, as well as in the animal flesh you continue to consume, completes the cocktail, to say nothing of the “mind poison” to which you voluntarily subject yourselves through excessive television viewing and excessive time engrossed in social media.


All taken together, this is like taking a huge blow from a prize fighter every day, and your distressed and burdened body attempts to REDRESS THE BALANCE AT NIGHT. Your bodies – and often your minds – are working overtime. In order to regain your original “purity” we recommend of course that you limit yourselves concerning ALL THAT WE HAVE MENTIONED, paring away all that is unnecessary to find the REAL YOU WHICH IS OF ITS VERY NATURE DIVINE.


This sort of awareness is necessary – within every individual – if the world as a whole is to regain her health and balance. We entreat you to treat yourselves LIKE BABIES, for you would never stuff a baby with sweets, coffee or drugs, and you would not subject it to constant noise or stress.


Such is the present state of your world – a place of inebriation, stunted learning abilities and imbalance. We trust that this will – through your own efforts – be different in the future. Seraphin.





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