Five Images of hopefully Jupiter Sun
By Candace
Mar 16, 2010 - 7:09:13 PM

Hi Everyone, I have received a lot of images, all consistant from one camers to the next.  Here are two nice samples from Leonette.  Jupiter is not moving rapidly at this moment. It always causes some trouble when it's in the corona, and thus while we wait the thugs and other actions, it is being slowly released. The corona is far larger than the lovely pinkish aura around the sun in these picts.  The distance can vary depending on the time of day, and the angle of the camera. Enjoy.




Leonette March 13, no filter




Leonette March 15, with solar filter. The spot of the left is goo from the filter. Jupiter is peaking thru a cloud on the lower left. The filter was used to add validity, as it apparently will prevent lens flares, thus this we are watching is NOT a lens flare.





Also, here is a link to one from Korea taken a few days ago.


From Leonette's sister. The black dot is normal for some cameras in the middle of the sun. This was on March 11th. The halo is similar to the one in the picture from Korea.





From Leonette on March 11. On the bottom left of the big sun, is a little blip that is likely Mercury.

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