The events around the Arizona shootings are part of 4d
By Candace
Jan 12, 2011 - 1:07:04 PM

Hi all, I know many readers here and many posting to forums are upset in various ways about the Arizona shooting and like events. These are part of 4d, and that which was hoped to be set up 2000 years ago, in the statement Christ came not to bring peace, but to set one against another, even within families.  Some on forums see this as a nasty god statement.

What 4d is, is the get off the fence dimension.  People are becoming aware and taking stands and forming groups and having power struggles. This is an improvement from 1, 2 and 3 d, whereby the dark completely rules and the people are completely peasants and compliant.  We still have mostly high 3d and some 4 d appearing now.  After WW2, we sunk to less than 2 d, CM or Esu provided the number once in a message.  That is why they had to come stabilize to planet to prevent an impending 18 degree axis shift by Mother to rid herself of these people.  Time was being bought for growth.

In 4d, the light begins to fully stand up, and the bad guys get a lot badder in defense of their territory which is why we have such great resistance to star fleet right now. And these dark ones are really dark, and the ones who do have some of God in them, just are not so brave and creative against them yet and lost in the wrong understandings of God which does not help them.   We have the issues of a very sick planet, regards pollution and at this time, in the end the dark are likely to win and drop the planet back into 1 or 2 d again consciousness. So there must be something done, or just clean up otherwise. We are choosing doing something rather than just cleaning up, for the learning and to provide some additional opportunity for the slower learners.

There is GOOD coming out of this false flag attack. For example that awful church group that was going to picket the little girls death, has backed off, because some others were going to come as quiet angels between them and the funeral, so here is a case where light won. These are challenging times to souls, and much is learned in 4d, and when it goes right, 5d is the victor.  Look for the LIGHT in terms of reactions to this, and also see if any around you are beginning to notice the games going on.  Hopefully they are,  but I have no idea, I pretty much only have forums to go by right now, since I don't work  in the work force. If I was still a nurse in a large hospital I would be collecting a LOT of Data, but I am not.  Watch, and try also to insert some knowledge into this about false flags if you can.


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