The Three Holy Spirits
By Candace
Sep 14, 2011 - 10:39:03 AM


This below is posting I made to GLP today.  Started with a thread where somebody stated the Holy spirit is female. I didn't actually read the whole thread, just posted to it.  I started writing a piece on this topic sometime ago and have not finished it, but will post this anyway today a a subsitute. the other peice is much more detailed. Christians are all the time speaking of the "HOLY Spirit" and I could never figure out what they meant by it, but by it, they mean one of three things. So those are covered here.


As part of the transformation of this world people have to come to better understanding of the Trinity, and "holy spirit" is an expression used wrongly in most cases.   It can mean any of 3 things.  I started work on a more detailed piece but I have not finished it.  The Trinity besides being persons are all energy forces.  And it is the energy than man must study.  All the elements are either male or female in energy. The ones with a + are male, the - female and when they get married, they form offspring.  such an example if WATER.  two Hydrogen male elements and 1 female element of oxygen.  The child of that married is WATER.  All offspring of life are made in a similar manner, the product of male and female energy in which each voids the other, (NOT an attraction of opposites) creating a new being.  In the case of water, 2 atoms of water and one atom of oxygen void each other to create water. For those who have taken some chemistry, have fun with all the babies made by father mother combinations. Carbon and other elements with 4 electrons in their outer shells can often play each role.  or be in the middle.  Some examples  are Ag2CO3, BaCO3, CaCO3, CdCO3, Ce2(CO3)3, CoCO3, Cs2CO3, CuCO3, FeCO3, K2CO3, La2(CO3)3, Li2CO3, MgCO3, MnCO3, (NH4)2CO3, Na2CO3, NiCO3, PbCO3, SrCO3, and ZnCO3.   for example.

But no matter all the elements except the inert gases are mother or father.  as above, so below or something like that.

Here's the piece. almost forgot it.


depends on which "holy spirit" you mean.  the word is a catch all for 3 different usages.  YOu see, christians don't know what the trinity is, and what happened 2000 years ago at pentecost.

Holy spirit number one, is your Father fragment within your MIND and is first person of the Trinity, making you a SON OF GOD.

Holy spirit number two, is called the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and bible readers of the KJV should recognize that term. I don't know if the various  remakes continued its use or not.   The spirit of truth is your comforter bestowed 2000 years ago at Pentecost.  It is the spirit of MIchael of Nebadon and Nebadonia.  You must have a Father fragment to access it, which is why everyone who is born with NORMAL mind recieves the Father Fragment mentioned above when they carry out their first willful moral actions, at this time, the average is 5 years of age.

The Spirit of Truth is a big chunck of programmed photons added to the MIND of MOther GAIA which carries TRUTH.  Mind is stored on either electrons or photons.  Photons can only be programmed with TRUTH.  Electrons can be programmed with any sort of shit, to the Spirit of Truth well, carried the truth rather than the shit of Gaia's mind. GAIA's mind contains everything that man has ever thought on this planet, and since man's thoughts are often a complete mess,  so is her mind too.  So the Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth supplies the actual truth.  Mind is not physical but it requires something to store its knowledge on.  The akashic records of earth stores everything that has happened here in picture form, and that was given to you in star trek, via the teaching of holodeks.  The records can be read.

Holy Spirit #3 is the 3rd person of the Trinity.  The infinite spirit.  The infinite Spirits parents are the Father and the eternal son. Jesus was not the eternal son.  But enough for now.

Now this Infinite Spirit begats DAUGHTERS, who are the MOTHER SPIRITS of each of theLOCAL  Universes.  Since our Local universe is called Nebadon,  our Mother SPIRIT is called Nebadonia.  And Nebadonia her self has daughters, and each planet being life, is a daughter of her's.  So the HOLY sPIRIT of earth is known commonly as GAIA. She is thus your mother if you are soul of this planet.

Your initial Father if you are a soul of this planet, is Michael of Nebadon.  His parents are the Universal father, (first source) and the Eternal Son. (FIRST son but not the only son of the Father, ok. You are all son's of the father too, unless you are an incarnate angel. Then you might be a daughter of Nebania or a son or daughter of Michael and Nebadonia.  Clears as mud I know, but I have to start somewhere here.

If you receive A father FRAGMENT (thought adjuster as used in the urantia book),   you then become a Son of the Same Father as Michael of Nebadon and when here 2000 years ago he TRIED to TELL YOU THAT but the story is not carried in the bible apparently, or in the churches.

So please use Father fragment, if you mean that,  or Spirit of Truth if you mean that,  or Holy Spirit if you mean GAIA with respect to this world, or Nebadonia, with respect to this local universe.  There.  BEst I can do, you will have to study it if interested.

Now I mentioned HOLODEKs above.  from star trek.  Now this image is from the akashic records of earth, which can be viewed, literally.  And they were viewed back in the days of kodak film cameras, and a picture taken on plain old earth film.  This is Jesus and Joseph of A.  Joseph has the white beard, he was an older uncle.  :Jesus 2000 years:  (Candace: this did not copy here, if you want to see the image, go to this page of this thread:

and as to the akashic records, that is what time travel means, to journey those records. You each have your own akashic records too which can also be journeyed by you.   I have often journeyed earth's records, including the life of Jesus.  sorry I have no way to transfer those images to anything I can display here.





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