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AH Member Writings : Candace Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Remembering the Dove of Oneness
By Candace
Jun 22, 2010 - 7:38:14 AM

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Hi to everyone who is one of my readers, or  who has been on the email list, or readership of the Dove of Oneness, of

Dove, after a long period of fatigue and not feeling well, passed this plane on May 30, 2010. She will be missed by many, including myself.

I first learned of NESARA from my spirit guides the fall of 2003. There was a new website up and I was given the address.  For 3 months I could not get on the site, because it was blocked by AOL and I was an AOL client.  So I did some searching on the Internet, and thru that found out where her work had been carried, on and

Once AOL finally allowed her website to aol members, I got a better understanding and made contact with Dove. I did a lot of local work to prove NESARA and she carried some of this in her posts.  In addition to proving banks had the new money, I also working heavily at handing out flyers I made at local events of all sorts.  For a while I was on her email list, but AOL blocked and still does block the mail coming off the AH server, so I go to her site to get her posts. Shame always to AOL for this.

I benefited greatly from my contact with Dove over a couple years before I became public in this mission. A letter I wrote about NESARA was posted on some websites, one of which was and I was asked to be a regular contributor, and I did so. I sent the letter first to Dove  to make sure I was correct in the details before I distributed it. Being asked to write on Lewis News helped me prepare for this project, giving me a face and some experience.

Before I continue further, I am posting the final email that went out to Dove's 18,000 member email list.  This is written by Tami, who was always close to Dove and helped her greatly.  Dove's webmaster, who is also MY webmaster, added commentary to it. I will continue with some important teaching that will be for the benefit of our new and old readers who may have forgotten some things, and also to those who were on Dove's list who may make a visit to my site.


Dove of Oneness Sacrifices Life to Save the Good Inhabitants of Planet Earth

June 10, 2010 8:00 am CDT

To Dove of Oneness readers and White Knights

Dove of Oneness passed away on May 30th 2010

This will be the last email that comes from this email address. This email is being written by the webmaster
of And as such are my thoughts and opinions. I recommend to the reader to use your discernment
in all information that I'm sure you will hear about Dove - this email included. Tami of the NTAT has set
up a yahoo group that will continue with the objectives of NESARA. Those who wish to be apprised of the
ongoing activities should become a member of this group, you can click here to be sent to the group.

I at this time would like to share this email with Tami - her comments are included now. My two cents will come later.

On May 30th 2010 at 6:10 PM, the Dove of Oneness passed from this earthly plane to return home once more to a
sainted welcome. It was with great sorrow that her family and friends, who stood with and protected her in her
greatest hour, bade farewell to our sister, our friend, our mentor, our leader, and our inspiration, the Dove of
Oneness. Let there be no mistake, nor any misconstruing of her story that when told, this one woman will one day
be considered no less than the Jeanne d' Arc of our time. She enlightened us on so many levels and had the Truth
on her shoulder, when so many were still struggling to understand our changing world.

Those of us who were present in the final hours, during which a spiritual battle raged for ten days in a small
hospital room, we saw, felt and witnessed the ultimate sacrifice the Dove of Oneness made in order to complete
her unrelenting mission, a mission driven by her love for humanity, animals and all good beings of this planet.
Hers was a mission that cost her life on this plane but most certainly an ending she was willing to endure and
a price she was prepared to pay, knowing it would signal the Prime Creator to finish the mission as written should
the hierarchy fail and she were to die. Upon Dove's death, the Prime Creator would appear, stop the earth changes
from occurring and remove all male hierarchy from this universe vigorously and immediately. These actions did take
place and we all stand ALIVE today because they did.

Although the Dove of Oneness, Shaini Goodwin as she was known by family and friends, had every intention of continuing
on to help bring NESARA to fruition, she also knew we could never have fulfilled the mission if the earth changes
were to have taken place-Thus, being the girl with the plan, her one sure fire way to insure the Prime Creator's
arrival on the scene, was to flip that monitor on - and so she did. For this one selfless act, the world owes
the Dove of Oneness the highest of respect and honor, with a noble tribute to a true hero. Indeed, we are all in
her debt.

The Dove of Oneness left a very large footprint and a road map for us to follow. Her vast work and her immense
contribution to humanity will not have been done in vain because we, her ‘A Team', as she so endearingly coined
the term, will continue on in her stead and remain ever more committed to NESARA and to the uplifting of humanity.
Knowing what we know, seeing what we've seen and working side by side with Dove, I know she truly was the girl
with the plan and she fulfilled her Destiny to be the torch bearer for the Truth and the Consciousness that is NESARA.

Dove lived and breathed life into the spirit of NESARA every day. As a friend and dedicated member of her organization,
I enjoyed many, many golden opportunities to sit and work with Dove, handling particular tasks or doing whatever else
was necessary to keep pressing on towards the goal. She created a system, built a team and has now left us, the true
inhabitants of earth a lighted pathway that she blazed for us to not only follow, but to now take the lead.

So it is with great honor that those of us who continue to fight the good fight in raising humanity by bringing forth
NESARA, pick up the gauntlet that the Dove of Oneness long-carried so courageously to Victory and bring it to a final,
successful conclusion-- the NESARA announcement.

This is truly now our legacy to fulfill.

ALL investors can still go to for a chance to invest in the very special trades that Shaini
Goodwin set up, delivering more than favorable returns. All contacts are still viable.

This website will stay up and running until June 30th. Those who are called to help carry the gauntlet or would like
to be informed on services for Shaini - can start by going here:


With great respect for the All, I sign off

Tami Terusa

NTAT Region 1 Director

US & Canada


The below is from the webmaster:

When I first was introduced to Dove - I knew very little other that what her daily email messages gave. I learned
of NESARA and what needed to be done to right the USA so that the US of A could then be that shining example to the
rest of the world. I learned of the Urantia Book and also the Phoenix Journals giving me knowledge of the
Creators actions. I am grateful for Patrick Bellringer and his wife Ann for publishing the early Dove reports had
it not been for their unselfish acts of service we all would be left for want. Dove's early reports talked about
NESARA and the spirituality of this act. This NESARA act was originally thought to have been passed but not
implemented via a gag order. Later Dove reports indicated that it had not been passed. All of this information can
be found at the official website for NESARA at . Dove found through her emails that most of her
readers could not get a grasp of the spirituality of NESARA. So she changed her email direction and did not discuss
the spirituality of NESARA instead talked about the physical steps that needed to be done to get the law passed and
implemented. I share this reader's digest version of NESARA and Dove history so that the reader understands what
I have felt when talking with her directly as her webmaster. She was more concerned for her fellow humans than
herself. She lived modestly and was extremely sensitive to the donations that were given to help the NESARA cause.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the financial help that the NESARA website received from Candace Frieze -
CEO of The AbundantHope website picked up the spiritual side of NESARA which later went global as
GESARA. More information regarding the current spiritual love of our Divine Creator and what actions are coming
and happening now) can be found on the website of AbundantHope as well as White Knights 911.

NESARA was and never is about just you or me it is about leveling the playing field. Allowing man to exist and
improve as he ascends. I recommend to the reader for further light and knowledge to learn of the Divine Creator
through his contacts both past and present. Dove has moved on in her progression. She has accomplished a great
work and is continuing in her path of ascension. It is time for action for each of us - no more fence sitters -
the work of eternal progression continues. The time for action is now.

I am that I am ~ Namaste
from the God within me, to the God within you

Vibrant health, happiness and an appreciation for the present moment, while making progress toward our ideal future.

You could have the best tools in the world, but if you never pick them up and use them, your life will never change.
On the other hand, just a little bit of attention each day can and will bring miracles in your life.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Candace continues:  Now first to deal with, Mark has mentioned I supported her website. I did.  AH and her site are on the same server and Dove apparently was without adequate funds much of the time,  to be able to help foot the cost. The server has to be paid for anyway, and AH users far more of it than www.nesara,us did.

In January, Dove began to publish her dissatisfaction with the Spiritual Hierarchy of this universe. I did assume she meant, by Pleiadian commander in those pieces, Hatonn. But I was able to determine she meant mostly Germain. She appeared to put the blame for the failure of NESARA to manifest on him and his workers. But "God" cannot put forth plans when man choses to not cooperate. The people of the US of A, were NOT ready for NESARA and it has not been possible for the workers on the ground to remove this government which is so entrenched in the larger New World Order.

So I wrote to Dove, whom I had not connected with in recent years about  what is really going on, and that was roundly rejected.  I was told I was of the dark.  So I decided perhaps then, I should let her know how her bills had been paid and I did this most honestly and respectfully, with additional teaching.  She decided she would leave our server and move, and essentially this is what happened, except AH moved, we needed a server with great capacity anyway, just in case the announcements, which have been degraded down to the "would be nice to have list,"  can happen.  Her support team is not going to continue with her website and so her website will close the end of this month. She was paying her bills after the above negotiation by the way.

Now this is a good opportunity to make a short summary of where did NESARA go and why it failed. Well why it failed is obvious, the people on the ground could not get it done. The dark are too entrenched.

Now over the years I had to deal often with the issue of the various prosperity funds.  Some of those were fraudulent from the start, and were CIA money making projects. This included the funds raised by Rama and Tara, of A & A fame, to those here who remember those folks, and who began a few years ago to use Mark Huber.

These ones, Rama and Tara were never anybody other than new age frauds and CIA agents.  Rama claimed he was the son of Ashtar and was thus supposed to be provided for by others for this life and not work. That says something, does it not? He is NOT Ashtar's son. But I degressed and only included this story because they are frauds pushing NESARA and so they are part of this story and I didn't realize until last fall when I was collecting evidence of the prosperity programs, that I learned they RAN a fund.  I don't know where that money went, but I have a few logical guesses.

So we move forward.  I do not think Dove knew a thing about the OITC. But I really don't know, but she never mentioned them and I did provide some education to her about this.  Readers are advised to visit the OITC section on my website, with WhistleBlower, and the OITC website at The FOUNDATION DIVINE, is under their care and St. Germain's various trusts belong there. I have a piece on this site from a highly placed member of OITC, in which a chart is included to show the basic structure of the various trusts under their management.

You see, Omega was reasonably real, BUT Daddy Bush took it all over, it and the many of the others. These were RUN illegally for a long time, and then Germain ordered the trades stopped and the profits taken into OITC. They are there and MORE awaiting our time to rebuild this world.  Now Germain a few years ago was answering some mail thru me and said that although the Bushes had stolen the funds, that when NESARA did materialize, those known to him or who had papers would receive some funding.  Those without papers or unknown to his personal circle were out of luck, because there would be MANY who would claim they lost their papers and I did discover some who had entered the programs did indeed toss out their papers and there is no proof then.

A few years ago Dove traveled to the Phillippines and I have a  copy of the book she published on her discoveries, which I borrowed last fall and was pretty surprised at her efforts to think she could purchase the Phillipine gold for NESARA. She cannot, it is NOT for sale and anyone trading in her program, please understand the money generated may well simply go to OITC for the new world.  The Gold is owned by them and NOT for sale. I have NO personal knowledge of what she has told the investors.

Interestingly, NESARA was totally for the removal of the US of A corporate fraudulent government and the funds of NESARA were to be paid to the "investors" which they were not, they were called "lenders" in Omega anyway and then a plan developed whereby all adults in the United States would benefit with being gifted significants aounts of money which I covered with Germain, and also Dove had on her site too.  Today I do not recall the full amounts, but it was huge, paid monthly for about 12 years. I am thinking $10 million over 12 years years, paid at $75000 a month to US adult Citizens.  This was repayment for all the monies stolen by the thugs in the form of illegal taxation and usury.  It was hoped most of this money would be committed to support all kinds of rebuilding needed.  Also American dollars would be revalued down, because of the hyperinflation. So with that, $75000 would be worth far more than it is today.

But it didn't happen.  It was discovered that Clinton did NOT sign it into law and even if he had, well, people, so what. That's how it works.  Meanwhile the populations grew, wars came after 911 and Americans did NOT grow up.

It was hoped to spread NESARA to Canada and Japan had an interest in the idea. But despite the Canada NESARA website, and I don't have the link right now, it wasn't ever for Canada, it was about restoring the United States  to it's constitution and refunding stolen monies.

So, as the world problems were increasing and 911 didn't have the full effect it was hoped, we had to again look at cleaning this world and having a stasis. We decided that one country wasn't going to change this world, so encamped in darkness, and so the idea of adequate monies does have to become GESARA instead.  And GESARA cannot manifest because of all the huge problems and the lack of spirituality, until after stasis. There will be a new monetary system, and very adequate funds properly distributed after stasis, with a good deal of the money to be funneled thru AbundantHope, and thus our mission system.

I had great respect for Dove.  I hope she joins us in her new form during stasis.  I hope she becomes informed on the WHY that her dream could not manifest. And I ask that any of those who have followed her and perhaps come to this website to understand this world is a mess, and it is NOT possible for the ascension to occur under the current conditions. And the ascension of the Mother GAIA, has to occur because she has become a conscious entity in her own right and can no longer be used as a prison ward for the psychotic ones of this universe.  She must have an enlighted civilization upon her surface.

Beloved Dove, we will see to that dream, I promise.  But dear one, where ever you are now, we MUST have the earth changes, as the planet must become monopolar, and it must be cleansed before the dream you so valiantly set in place, can have the opportunity to manifest.  It must be done under GESARA.

May you find your peace in your new place, and maybe we shall meet again under better circumstances during the stasis.  I so hope so, you are still needed. I never lost my respect for your work, despite your confusion. I picked up the bills proudly.  I did not wish to see your vision go down the tubes and neither did Mark who gave many hours to your cause. As he has also given to mine as part of my team.


Tami Dear One, as I wrote to you before the eulogy was sent out to Dove's list,  Prime Creator is both male and female, right down to the atom, and it is NOT possible to fire the male Hierarchy. And I don't know what you mean by Prime Creator, whether it is Christ Michael of THIS Universe, or First Source and Center of the whole creation, by the rules laid forth, for ascending planets, the Earth changes MUST Happen.  They were NEVER to be totally prevented.  They have been delayed for some 60+ years now and we must move forward, the planet can not tolerate much more.  IT IS TOO LATE Tami, for man to develop the technologies to cleanse the planet and clean up his own spirituality. And he can't re arranged the land masses either, that is for the Son's and Daughters of God who are here in assistance to GAIA to manage.

The conditions of monoplarity must be created and that includes the rebalancing of the land masses of GAIA. It's a complex topic that needs not be covered further here, but is a necesary part of the Ascension of GAIA into Light and Life, into the blending with First Source and Center.  I hope we can entertain some discussion at some point.  I had asked you to remove the untrue commentary in your eulogy for Dove's benefit, because it doesn't make her look good.  You did not, so it went out.  And I am here to make those little corrections in the teaching today. Prime Creator, no matter who you mean, did NOT stop the earth changes which were and are still set to begin this month if possible.  And beloved Germain did not relieve himself as Dove wanted, he's still very much around.  Take care, Candace.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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