Remembering ALL OUR Spirit Mothers on this Day
May 30, 2019 - 7:26:00 PM

The FIRST FATHER MOTHER back in the annals of Eternity is the Universal Father.. the source of Personality in all beings both Human and of the Angelic realms in some way.   How is The Universal Father a MOTHER? Well he brought into existence the Eternal Son...

So now you have TWO Mothers in this.. The Universal Father and His FIRST Son.  And His First Son is also a Mother.  After All The Universal Father and the Eternal Son brought forth the Infinite Spirit.

The ETERNAL SON is the MOTHER OF MANY SONs.. and on many planets and places in the creation.. he is considered the MOTHER SON.  How is this Son a Mother of Humans.. thru his loving Spirit drawing  you to KNOW your Eternal FATHER.

The pastor of this church I attend gave  a lovely sermon today on Mothers ... Human Mothers and it had some significant focus on how they draw to SPIRIT .. the children they raise.  Its sorta called "Spirit GRAVITY" , this drawing of all Heaven ward thru Mothers.   It is these Mothers of earth children that help reveal the Father.  Just as does the Eternal Son.  The Pastor used  no prepared notes today.. he spoke his sermon entirely from heart, and thus showing some of that Eternal Mother Son within him.

Jesus.. as the Creator Son of our local Universe.. as do all Michael Sons.. has as his Mother.. The ETERNAL Son and his Father the Universal Father... and it is his Mother within him that leads Humans to know His Father and Thus their Father.

Jesus/Christ Michael is the Father Of Nebadon.  And also its Mother in that sense.   How many of you men reading this realize you have Mother also in you? And you pass this to your children as you raise them also.

Now to move on to 3rd Person Trinity.. the Infinite Spirit.. who has as his parents the Universal Father and the Eternal MOTHER Son.   The Infinite Spirit as a brief definition is the Evolving Mind of the Creation.  And he creates Beings also... so He is a Mother.

In fact.. Life has its basis in the Infinite Spirit.  Your initial mind as a human has its origin in This Mother of the Creation.

The Infinite Spirit is the Mother of the HOLY SPIRITS that are the Mothers of the 700,000 universes.  And These Mothers are the source of life on all the worlds under their jurisdictions.  Our Mother Spirit of Nebadon.. the Universe that our Earth belongs too is Nebadonia.  She is actually in a way the GRANDMOTHER of humans.. in our Universe... and the Mother of most of its angelic beings.  It is she that is the HOLY SPIRIT... of Nebadon.  As are all of these Mothers of Universes who begat Children both Human and Angelic children.  And also LIFE and its mothers in the animals necessary to a planet.

Now.. your closest Spirit Mother if you are from Earth to start with.. is GAIA... her universal name being Urantia but she loves the olden Name of GAIA.. How do I know that.. She told me. This is how the Holy Spirit is GRANDMOTHER... as GAIA is her daughter in addition to being your most immediate spiritual Mother.


She is right now under protection of our Michael/Jesus.. during these final days because as a Mother she cries and is saddened by what has happened here.  This is a prison ward... and lots of lower angels and nasty humans  in this general region of the creation, ... she adopted as her own to provide a place for you of the dark brotherhood to find MOTHER once again.

You know why she adopted them??  They had CAST OUT  their other Spirit Mothers.  And In the repenting.. they must once again acknowledge those Spirit Mothers.. in fact their Spirit parents period. These ARE the lost at this time.. those that do not recognize their Spirit Parents and especially their Spirit Mothers.  I would take this small treatise seriously Dark Brothers.. it is THE ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR HATE AND PROBLEMS THAT YOU ARE HERE.  You tossed out your Mothers!!!!!


All those incarnating thru women on this planet or other planets have had many human mothers too.  On this planet I am in my 6th bestowal incarnation here... so I have 6 women as mothers.. some being from the group of "family" incarnating on this world at this time.

I have no idea how many human parents I have experienced.. as I am a old being of many many millions of "earth years".   And in  my work here.. I am also Mothering you... its what we do.  I became a citizen of this world in order to adopt many.


This is one way we Mighty Messengers work to Cure... thru Love and being Mothers.  Some Mighty Messengers here also play at being your adopted Fathers.  I have done that also.. having 3 lives as Mother/female and 3 lives as Father/Male.  And beloveds there are a few hundred MILLION of us from the high celestial realms here at this time playing in one way or another.. Father and Mother on this world.  Many are demonstrating directly the Mother love within MALE incarnations.  This world is too "male"...

So dear everyone.. realize that important spirual connection emanating from the Eternal Son  thru all your Mothers and Bless it all.

Have a Wonderful Mother's Day.

PS.  I accdently left out a group of angels that Mother humans...they aren't YOUR spirit mothers so to speak.. but they serve you in love and advice just like Mothers.. these are Seraphim.. and some others.  Seraphim become the Guardian Angels of Humans... And they seek that holy job in great love.


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