Question from AHS on DNA
By Candace
Feb 13, 2010 - 10:37:28 AM

Hi everyone, this was posted at AHS this morning, and is based on the piece Ron put up about the ascending body that I added commentary to.

I should always post these teaching posts so all of you can benefit, so here it is!

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 Hi Candace!

 It's a nice info-material, last spring I posted a very detailed channelings from her about the subject, but that that source simply doesn't exist anymore. But I still need some clearness about this DNA-change. Recently, they stated that they reached the state of Full Consciousness, with embodiment of 36 000 segments of genetic material OR 12 master strands of DNA. They "recently" states that they going beyond that level, and started the process of "Soul Infusion", and their form slowly becoming more transparent over many decades ahead...
 There are nice messages from Gaia about ascension too.

  You said, there is not possible to have that 3000-strand DNA-form
manifestation on the Earth right know, so my brain is a tiny bit confused at the moment...


Candace:  well, as I read the article, it said strands, and strands are different from segments of DNA, which are parts of strands. There are well more than the 12 strands developing on this planet and on other planets and the architectural worlds. As I think I said, I am about done with 24. I am not sure what the max is for a person still partly material.

All have DNA, ALL, including the descending sons from Paradise but the DNA of a spirit being has no earth type elements in it. It is totally photonic in nature, where our earth based DNA is mostly material, having elements such as carbon and nitrogen in it and gradually more and more photons. I am not sure how many segments of DNA the basic double helix has on earth, I know scientists have figured it out.

The newer strands forming from the junk DNA are a little more photonic in nature. And the strands do develop also more segments. 36000 sounds ok to me for segments in 12 strands. I don't know the number but it sounds reasonable.   Over time bodies change from the material or physical DNA into pure spirit forms, photon DNA. That's the story in the UB, of becoming less and less material over the long journey thru the local universe. When one graduates the local universe, one is then a totally spirit being, NO physicality at all. No carbon, etc etc. in the DNA or Body. Body form is photons entirely. And these beings can changed easily what their form could look like to others, only mind is needed!

But as the new strands form,  the astral electron form (morontia soul) of folks still in their local universe journey can combine with the higher vibrating physical form, and I have covered this at some point and place on the site. Those with spirit forms cannot occupy the body ever, but instead they can download their monad. The photon form would evaporate the body if this was tried.

So really, Christ Michael didn't fully incarnate himself back then or now. Creator Sons have Paradise photon forms. His Hatonn form, he overshadows or overlights it, but has no memory losses like we have between his spirit form and the 4d regenerating form he uses at this time for the purpose of his return. Complete contact or interface in other words.

When I return from Stasis I will have a new form of much higher DNA but still looking like I do now, but I will glow (actually I do some now, some can see it in the dark)  and I will have complete linkage also. No memory loss. As well some of the others that are spirit beings that will be returning to walk the planet.  

But even the astral electron/part photon form, if it is moved to an adult body, rather than by birth as an infant, there is no loss of memory either, in the transfer to the cloned body. You all have loss of memory, because you were born infants, and many of you probably had a lot of your memory as an infant, but as you programmed the current brain with your current life experiences, that memory got "buried", often completely gone by the time a child is 4 years old. Now IF the parents have better knowledge, this can be better maintained in the child, by the simple acceptance of such, and encouragement, and not telling the child that all these spiritual experiences are make believe.  Many children in the past have subverted thier mamories because of parental punishment in fact. And lots of new kids are coming into better forms, embryos created for them, so there is considerably less memory loss.

So since I am a spirit being, I will never be IN this body. But my monad is, which is sort of like a little harddrive of storage of my higher knowledge. I downloaded my monad back in, 2001 or 2002. I am always forgetting the year, but it was in May. Very memorable. Well, this is enough, and i am going to copy it and post it right away on the site.



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