More on the Banking Holiday
By Candace
Jan 28, 2016 - 9:07:00 PM


  • While you must have stored stuff and some CASH on hand this will not be a hugely traumatic event.  Today when I was on a skype conference David Righter came thru me to spoke to the group and I realized I need to post here for those that may not see it on the forum.


The bank closures will of course be telecast.  People are to continue to work if at all possible.  Their pay will just be delayed for that work until the banks are open again.  There will thus be at last some delivery of food and supplies.  You should have cash for transportation!

You will not have to pay your bills until the banks are back open.  Any necessary details and changes will be covered publically.  Keep stock of important items because although scalpers should hopefully not be allowed you cannot be sure of this.

And again.. it is the role of those who read at AH to be lights to everyone around them.

Hopefully any remaining infighting between factions will be mostly over BEFORE the banks close. but if not this can make the closures last longer.  Some of the closure is related to instituting change.

I am not allow nor am a very well informed anyway of what will happen during this so don't write and ask me please. there are good reasons not to put out every detail.

Do not invest in metal .. The period will not be that long and you can't buy toilet paper with bullion you would have to have posession of anyway.  It is best to have most of your cash in smaller bills and change.  Do not have it all in large bills because retailers may not be able to make change for them.

I don't know if retailers will be able to have cash delivered per their usual practices or not. I did not think to ask about this.. so you must assume they may only have cash on hand and if you pay for any purchases in smaller bills they will have some change available for others.

It is my understanding that public transportation should run but I forgot to ask if you will have to pay for it to go to work or not.

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