Let's Write the Money Piece Together
By Candace
Feb 16, 2010 - 6:33:03 PM

HI everyone, I have known I must start up writing about 'money" again. We tried a lot on the forum, and it was a dud. it is difficult to get people involved in discussion of it. It is of course part of our matrix, or counterfeit reality. yes, money is a counterfeit reality. Always used by the dark until people grow up and when they grow up, they discover they don't need it.  As well build an authentic reality, money will begin to not be needed. I will say in fact, that we will not have true prosperity for all on this planet, until we do indeed get rid of it. But to do that, so people are enslaved in other ways, we must also have a spiritually mature populace.

Now, we are going to write this together. I do not wish to just be lecturing everyone. So I am assigning some homework, and I want all of you to share the journey and send me the results and I will be posting some or all depending on what I recieve. This is going to be in stages and over several postings with several questions I wish to ask you to ponder.

 So the big assignment to begin with,  is that I want all of you who are interested to go back over your lives, whether you are just a teenie bopper or a oldster or anywhere in between, and write down your biggest disappointments in life that you could not have because there was not enough money. Send me these and then I will derive the next assignment! 

If you have one of my 3 addresses already, send it there, if not use the contact form under "contact us."  Do not write it to me by postal mail, as I have given up my post office box!  I have another question already in mind, but will wait a day or two to post it.

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