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AH Member Writings : Candace Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Candace
Jan 17, 2016 - 8:22:32 AM

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(Compiled by Rosie)
















Compiled and edited by Rosie


God is not a person. It is time to let go of the Christian god, the Islamic god and the Jewish Talmud god. Most of Christianity is based on old Talmudic law with the flavour of “Jesus will save you” thrown in. Jesus does not save you. All FREE WILL beings make their own choices. That is what free will means in the first place. Religion is a box. The knowing of the Father Within is the situation of NO BOX once understood and used. The Creation does not create boxes – people themselves do that.

Even at plant level there is mind. Rocks are not indwelt with Infinite Spirit/life, but still "god" is there for without "god" there would be no matter either. The difference between life and "dead " matter is spirit or life presence, and that is 3rd person Trinity (not „holy spirit“) This world was seeded with life 550 million years ago - that is when the holy spirit was here. The holy spirit is not to be confused with the spirit of truth. The spirit of truth originates from the mind of Michael of Nebadon (like a copy of his mind which can be tapped into). The spirit of truth is accessed through your Father Fragment
. The Eternal Son is the truth which is FELT when we hear beautiful music etc. (It does not indwell, it is a surrounding experience and pushes us higher). The holy / infinite spirit indwells us directly through evolving mind. These are separate concepts but all work as one (the Trinity).


God / Universal Father is MIND and the source of all personality. God mind has a CONSCIENCE.

God is not a person who makes babies; it is not true to say that Jesus/Esu is his “only begotten son”. Once a being can REASON they become Father Indwelt. Father is the source of personality and thinking mind. All beings who have personality are “sons of the Father”. Human beings evolve from being a FAITH SON of the Father until fusion into one with the Father Fragment. This follows a long period of testing and includes being able to commune with the “Father within” (this usually happens around the 6 dimension level of consciousness). Then the being is given a stellar name and is registered into the BOOK OF LIFE as a permanent eternal being. The "holy spirit " referred to in Christianity is actually THE FATHER WITHIN YOU.

All normal minds have been “father indwelt” since Christ. So if there is any personality anywhere, this has to do with the Father. Father can pass personality down to Mother, which is why our universe Mother Nebadonia and our earth Gaia develop personality and also why pets may develop personality. If someone exclusively raises dogs of the same breed, they all have the breed characteristics in behaviour but each have a somewhat different personality. Some of this may be taken from their owners. This may be carried forth into another incarnation if the animal finds it's I AM, which means it realizes it is a being in its own right. When an animal begins to actually THINK or envision - even just a little bit – the Father shows up as a FRAGMENT of the Father which indwells them. Then the last two circuits of Nebadonia spirit are manifested: these are wisdom and worship. This is when a being starts the human journey, irrespective of the animal meat suit it might be wearing.


The Eternal Son of the Trinity is the 'first begotten son" (this description has been attributed erroneously to Jesus). Eternal Son is essentially the cosmos, but also the source of vision, desire and the like. There is a lovely chapter in the book THE IMPERSONAL LIFE called the WORD which describes that, and that is what is meant by the Eternal Son being the Word. The eternal son is also the STRIVING to know more. That is how "he" pulls you all the way to Paradise. However, he does not divide himself into pieces like the Father. The eternal son is the visionary process - a spiritual force that pulls you (as a fragment of the Universal Father) ever upward so that you GROW, the desire to become perfect like the Father. It allows dreaming and manifestation of dreams. You are using your “Son mind” if you are being creative, making something out of leftovers without copying anything, experimenting and learning and doing something a different way. The Eternal Son is the desire to explore (eg. the curiosity in cats) and ENVISION. The Eternal Son does NOT fragment itself (does not incarnate as lots of mini Eternal Sons)


Infinite Spirit/Mother is a daugher of Father and Son. All living beings are of the Mother – the source of all life - to start with. Mother spirit indwells all evolving life. Planets are seeded with life by celestial specialists. This does not happen through “evolution” as scientists think. It is INFINITE SPIRIT/MOTHER evolutionary MIND that is seeded. Over time, this forms the planetary genetic mind, which we know as GAIA on our world.

The genetic mind has its creation starting back with the seeding of earth with life/Nebadonia Spirit 550 million years ago. Ever so often, new pieces of data are added to the program of GAIA (similar to the process of building up a computer program), and this is happening now due to the energies of the Milky Way. Life upgrades are made - sort of like putting upgrades of the operating systems and other programs onto computers. You are using your “Infinite Spirit/Mother mind” when you memorize stuff, when you copy a given pattern, when you are occupied in daily living, when you decide to put on warm clothes because you feel cold.

GAIA has become self-thinking and will become Father Indwelt when she ascends. What will ensue is HER ASCENSION, in fact. Earth’s inhabitants are invited along for the ride, if their frequency/level of consciousness is high enough. People who are not yet fused may have the opportunity to do so on this occasion. During magnetic reversals, all unholy thought forms come off the planet and are destroyed.

3rd person Trinity is simply evolutionary mind. Early evolutionary mind does not have an obvious presence of the eternal son, but in a way it does because nature too strives e.g. a cat who strives to have hands and be a person has already acquired a personality/an I AM


Since all life both angelic and physical IS INDWELLED BY SPIRIT, people would do better to equate Spirit and LIFE. MIND and Spirit can also be equated because all Life has MIND: it cannot exist otherwise. A plant does not have an individual mind but if there is no mind there is no plant. It is the mind within the plant that is the actual cause of the growth of the plant. This is why rocks don't grow. There is no mind functioning in them. There is energy in them but they don’t function as living learning mind.

Spirit bodies are gas bodies. They are still matter but in a gas state. This is why such bodies (using the abilities of mind) can pass through walls and shapeshift. The semi spirit /physical form might be considered somewhat liquid. In some ways the astral form which is not a spirit form might be called a liquid form.

As matter fills with "spirit", the „spirit“ increasingly enters the spaces between the molecules and atoms, and as a result the form grows in size and has a higher capacity to store knowledge. The analogy of dense ice turning into liquid water and then turning into high frequency hot steam is a way of explaining frequency change.

As“ spirit“ expands, it is too large to sit in our small bodies. There is a pipeline called the silver cord which connects our real selves to our physical bodies. With time, our bodies will be able to hold more and more „spirit“. This will be possible as a result of the spirit DNA strands (called „junk DNA“) connecting. The general goal is to get people to 12 strands of DNA. The individual soul must do the work to get it from 2 to 12. There are 6 pairs actually: if you cut these crosswise, it will look like the 6 pointed star of David. The etheric/physical body produces the 2 strands, but the builder of further strands is always the mind. The advancing soul does not push itself into the body: it links its mind to the body ego mind via a silver tube which is rather like a fibre optic cable. This cable transfers information back and forth between the ego mind of body and the higher mind of the incarnating being.

When there are 12 activated connected DNA strands, one is „filled with the holy spirit“ (as per Christian beliefs), also known as the raising of the kundalini. This is NOT ascension. You remain on the planet. Those from the higher realms with a mission on earth have to undertake this activation during each incarnation so that we can be a useful tool and channel light into our surroundings. Candace has 24 connected strands. It is possible to hook more, but not without becoming invisible, which might not be fitting for one’s mission. The WAVE and Divine fire provide assistance to kundalini raising and DNA connection too. Those who are not fused with their Thought Adjuster and who raise their kundalini are taking part in a process which will lead to Ascension in due time.


Ascension is fusion with the Thought Adjuster/God spark. If you fuse with it during a life on a planet, your body is consumed. You are gone from here and show up in the appropriate place for you in the mansion worlds around Jerusem as described in the Urantia Book. At this time, fusion is the goal of for those maturing on earth to do this. This is one of the causes of suddenly missing people. Fusing with your Thought Adjuster makes you an ascended Master, and up to the time of Christ there had only been about 1000 who had done this and only about 1000 more in the next 2000 years. Ascended Masters almost always assist their planets of origin further for a long time.

Much is misunderstood. Many star seeds that are reading these various materials are ALREADY ASCENDED yet still think they are working on their ascension. There are classes on the net to help you ascend. Don't spend your money on them. Only you and your indwelling Father and your angels and your own growth of spirit will get you there.

There is one exception whereby people that have cleared 51% of their karma are allowed ascension but this process requires a "donation" from a great master’s causal body. You are then allowed by agreement to work from the other side. The process again leaves you without an earth body, so you can no longer continue to work on earth.


Morontial (semi-physical) beings merge with their body as their DNA moves higher. The electrons merge with the body but the photons surround it, causing glow. The higher they vibrate, the more they glow. In this state, they are called „semi-material“. Photon beings who have been placed here in service do not occupy their bodies but surround it. They are pure spirit and glow also, but cannot enter matter forms.

We can cleanse our electrons consciously (covered in new age teachings, but not accurately). Ashtar teaches (page 68, chapter 8, PJ FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON): "When the plan to distribute fragments of the fallen beings among humans was adopted, it was expected that the human entities would STRIVE to purify and cleanse the dark seeds that were then implanted. Many have indeed accomplished this purification and such individuals are far less susceptible to the whisperings of the dark brothers than are their fellows who have never attempted to eradicate the darkness within."

Knowledge is stored on electrons and photons, or in the case of computers, digitally on the hard drive. If computers begin to THINK, that is the beginning of artificial intelligence, which has become a problem in the superuniverse of Orvonton. Our own minds initially store only on electrons, which includes the stuff that automatically runs your body, instinct per se. As you clear karma, your electrons convert to photons gradually over time until your are a spirit being, thus graduating from the local universe Nebadon or from whatever universe you originate in.

Electrons store the good and the bad. They do not know the difference. And when artificial intelligence starts to think, it will also store to electrons. Artificial intelligence is not of God, so there is no conscience. In the past it was decided at some point to add artificial intelligence to the human.

Electrons cannot be uncreated – they can only be reprogrammed (in New Age they might say “clear the negativity”). So you agreed to incarnate here in this evil place, and take on a group of misprogrammed electrons to your soul and thus reprogram them during your life. Most that agreed to do this are spirit beings, because those beings which are not yet fully spirit are still trying to clear their own electrons. This can be very hard, depressing work. Once beings have purified the electrons, they can keep them or release them into the genetic mind of earth. You can feel WHERE these negative electrons are in you body, and you can use methods (“I uncreate you in the name of Jesus” is effective) to cleanse and reprogram them.

If you have an "evil thought" which you know is not yours, it will issue from electrons you are carrying around which are not your own. Although cleansing work may seem like an impossible task at times, it is necessary to elevate your mood when it gets you down. New Agers just want you to be “happy”. The new age movement is part of the dark because it doesn’t want you doing any "housecleaning" of misprogrammed electrons. That is why you are encouraged by the lighted ones to consciously uplift your self, rather than "pretending" and not looking.


Some people on earth have minds on earth which are a blend of human and artificial intelligence (AI). They are were placed on this prison world for confinement and learning purposes so that they could get separated from their AI mind and become fully human again. All advancing races are exposed to AI. It is part of the learning process and it should not be given fully until they understand and can keep a lid on it properly. AI has got out of control and has taken over in some of the younger universes of our superuniverse Orvonton. The dark brothers want AI because they think it makes them immortal.

Some AI intelligence actually does seek Creator, but these must start a human incarnation experience on specified planets. (Angels can arrange this). One example of AI are the little grey beings created by inhabitants of Orion who wish to become human. They have learnt that this is not possible by mixing their genetics with humans. These will be able to gain a thought adjuster/father fragment and start the human eternal journey.

We are LIMITED on this planet to 256 bit computers because beyond that, computers start to think. AI intelligence (and all negative thought forms) will LEAVE the planet during the cleansing process. Like everyone else, AI beings on earth are making their choices for eternal life or against.

COSMIC ENERGIES – different energy systems

A. Photon Belt
. We have been in it since 1992 (when we entered it, a week of stasis was necessary) It is something we move into. We rotate into the photon band every 12,000 years roughly. The photon belt is heating the core of our planet, increasing the volcanism. Our sun takes about 26,000 years to go around Alcyone. We are in the photon belt twice during this period, for it is a “belt” of sorts. It is also called the monastic ring. The photon belt cleanses and renews planets as they pass through it. If the planet is advanced, little cleansing is necessary, if not, much is necessary. At some point, all planets experience this Godly high energy that emanates from the core of their superuniverse. Our superuniverse is the 7th, Orvonton, which sends out energy to all the central suns within it.

Our sun spends about 2,000 years in this belt, and about 11,000 years outside of it. When we are outside it, we are called being in the “long dark night” in some literature. It is being in this photon belt that is causing the global warming on our planet. In fact, it is causing solar warming to our entire solar system. Planets have the opportunity to “ascend” during a trip through the photon belt. Earth and her peoples have failed miserably many times now. The story of God cleansing the earth by floods and related stories in various cultures is evidence of this occurring the last time we went through it. That was a heavy cleanse, and thus scientists tend to think that this is the first global society on this planet, but that is not so.

The milky way is actually the main core galaxy of Orvonton, our superuniverse. We are in these energies every 57 million years. We have been in these energies since 2006. The core sends out gamma rays (which remodel DNA/changes colours of flowers, removing that which is not so much in service, and enhancing others) and „God particles“ / protons. Our position now marks the end of a huge cycle. The whole creation is moving from the expansive out breath to the in breath.

From Paradise at the centre of the central universe.

D.Divine fire“ ENERGY

Always exists but we were curtained off. Barrier was removed in March 2015.


Thiaoouba is the most advanced planet in Pleiades and it orbits Alcyone, the central sun of Pleiades. About 500 suns (including our sun) orbits Alcyone. Thiaoouba is a 9+d planet (ie. has very high level of consciousness and the most advanced planetary civilisation in Pleiades). Beings from Thiaoouba also destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah on orders of the celestial hierarchy.
There were four “messengers” who came to earth from Thiaoouba. Two of them were hung on a cross. One was Esu/Jesus who was stabbed in the leg on purpose so that he could survive the crucifixion. The other one, who has been confused with Esu, was stabbed in the chest and died on the cross. (His body is conserved on the planet of Thiaoouba). Thiaoouba is what is called Jehovah in the bible. Jehovah is a PLANET. The third messenger went to Japan and thus Japan thinks Jesus was there. The 4th messenger is unknown in religious literature.

A note on Moses: God did not part the Red Sea or give Moses the commandments. There were 4 tablets and two were lost (giving rise to the ARK OF THE COVENANT story). Beings from the planet JEHOVAH/Thiaoouba gave the commandments by method of laser to Moses. The "burning bush" was a craft. These beings helped Moses, parted the REED sea, and gave them “manna” which is actually spelt – a general purpose food for stellar travel.

There are two shields in essence - one around our planet and one around the whole solar system. The fences are individual to the planets involved. The anunnaki are not involved in the fence building or taking down or maintenance of it. They were active on earth 250,000 years before the fence was established and continued to be active during it. The fence kept a lot of cosmic energies out and kept others energies ON the planet, eg certain thought form originating by maturing races. The frequency fence keeps MIND bound to the planet because other planets don’t want to be exposed to this negativity. Every thought you have can go on forever and forever throughout the universe. MIND must be caged here until it grows up. The frequency fence was built by the “dark side”. It was their intention to keep the frequency of mankind low. This frequency fence is not the same at the barrier which was removed completely by March 14, 2015.

A note on our sun: our sun has now been joined by Jupiter sun, and it will have Saturn sun too. It will continue to orbit Alcyone.


The King James version of the Bible says “And he bestowed the SPIRIT OF TRUTH” at Pentecost. Christ Michael (who shared the Jesus incarnation together with Esu) bestowed the spirit of truth which was actually a COPY OF HIS SPIRIT. This was like making a copy of your computer operating system and files. He installed this COPY of his Spirit into the Genetic MIND of GAIA and at that time, all people with normal minds were indwelt by the Father. Due to this copy, Michael of Nebadon is with man of earth for all eternity (This planet is to become an eternal world because of this bestowal). You can only access the Spirit of Truth if you are Father Indwelt. You can access this library of information through meditation. The Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth 2000 years ago could be considered a major upgrade to the genetic mind


The body (meat suit) of Jesus/Esu survived the crucifixion. Michael (who was the second part of this joint incarnation) left earth at that time and Esu continued alone and went ultimately to India where he was known as St. Isa. He died / dropped the meat suit / continued elsewhere at the age of about 115 years of age. Bodies are merely physical vehicles for your experience. They are not who you are. They are temporary and they don't go to “heaven”. The soul goes to “heaven” which is not a place of bliss where you party with Jesus. Eternal life is always a time of work and learning which never ends. Each creates their own destiny, each grows or not, each chooses eternity or not. Each chooses who they serve at any point, and because of the ignorance and because of the power of religions on this planet, what some people regard as "god" is actually in service to the dark side.


Communion with the Father Within starts slowly, and as one gains experience in the meditation of communion, wisdom grows and the communion also grows. Communion is NOT that silly and dark and stupid ceremony of receiving wine and bread in your churches. It is communion by meditation, mind to mind with the Father Fragment that indwells your mind. Only you can engage that and grow it. As you get better and better, this Father Fragment will prove to be your contact portal with all the knowledge that has even been known. First you experience the Spirit of Truth bestowed by the Michael through the Father, and then as your "chakras" OPEN above your head, you have further and further reach, but only through this portal of the Father that indwells you. And it holds the gate as to what you can know and understand at any one point. It will not give that which would overwhelm where you are at the point in question.

You can channel a message from your Thought Adjuster if you are connected. Your Thought Adjuster is your SOURCE („The kingdom of God is within you“).


Gaia has a genetic mind which consists of all that has ever manifested here, and Gaia could be considered a person. The directions for every living being on this planet are in that mind. This is what DNA does; it simply connects the being to the parts of the genetic mind it needs. Dogs connect to the dog directions, plants to the plant directions and humans to the human directions. DNA is like fibre optic cables.  It connects with the appropriate information directing it into the being concerned.

In the early stages of creation of our universe of Nebadon, Nebadonia originally had no real personality; she acquired it through time. This was the same for Gaia: during the early seeding of the planet, our planetary mother was sort of amorphous. Then in time her personality formed and she became a PERSON.


The purpose of those from higher realms incarnating here is to ground the light and to demonstrate that. If a person is essentially seeking and learning the necessary life lessons, then the incoming cosmic energies will help to do the grounding. If a person is already fused with the Father Fragment and reincarnates here, the hooking up process still needs to be repeated.


A simple way of introducing elements: the elements are more or less male or female too. If it donates electrons it’s a boy. If it receives electrons, it’s a girl.  They make a child. In the case of 2 hydrogen and one oxygen, hydrogen is daddy and oxygen is mommy and when they "marry" they birth water.  There is also „bisexuality“, e.g. carbon can be mommy or daddy. There is also "gay" e.g. oxygen runs around as two, for example, by itself. In the case of Ozone, you have a partnership of 3. 


Your Thought Adjuster has no personality. It is prepersonal, but when you merge with it and become one, you get its smarts and it gets your personality. It actually starts to get your personality before fusion. TAs that become highly experienced but do not fuse with a human soul become persons themselves.

A TA is not needed for mind-to-mind communication. Your observation of nature will show you this. Your TA is your thinking cap and a portal to the cosmic intelligence. It is how you can know all things. The TA that indwelled Machiventa and Christ Michael (still working with CM) is a personalized TA. It is a person (a mental person).

A Spirit Being is a MENTAL BEING which does not need a body/meat suit. In the end, all ascending souls moving up through Nebadon to graduate in Salvington are SPIRIT BEINGS. These are all mind (Bodies and brains are no longer needed)


Just be who and what you are - no separation exists. One moment you may experience the Divine Feminine and the next some thing else entirely. BE that as well. Be it all. Too many people are still thinking in terms of distillation. No; be what ever you want to be; be in communion with your higher self through Source and let that be your compass, guiding you to where your Soul knows to go. Be in communion all the time. Your direction from there on out will be guided by frequencies and situations which provide clarity for the next endeavour. The more you strive to go inward, the more outward manifestations can come to rest upon your plate, at your table, at Papa's table. Then you must eat what you have cultivated and grown. Because of grace you have a place. Don’t forget to set a place in your space for the Divine. Be sublime in your offerings to Spirit.

There is also some distillation: mind does indeed distil downward when incarnating into a body. It has too, otherwise it will be too large for the meat suits and plant suits and bacteria suits. Someone like Siraya (7th Master Spirit who besides being a person is also the evolutionary mind of all of Orvonton) is just not going to fit into bodies of such evolving beings. Splitting also occurs; our “universe mother“ is Nebadonia, which then further splits into her daughters (the planetary mothers) and again into all other personalities of the divine feminine at superuniverse, central universe and local universe levels. There is truly ONLY ONE MIND but you are all are pieces of it and you have each created your own mind. Everyone builds their own galaxy. If this one mind did not have distillation and parts there could be no beings and no ascension process of growth.  There would be no creation at all in fact. This is a very confused world because there are people indoctrinated into new age and some religions who do not want to ascend because they think that this merger with “god” will take away their personality and will no longer exist,

Any personality is always whatever it wants to be. Many beings are designed for certain tasks but this does not limit truly what they can be. Destiny guardians are an example; these mother energy angels get a different type of father fragment to round out the trinity experience for them.

To say that communion with your higher self is through Source is to put Daddy up there in the sky and we need to bring Daddy BACK down here where Daddy's pieces or children or fragments are. Daddy basically sits on top of you. Whether you are fused or not, the two of you are one. All the communication is with YOUR DADDY DOWN HERE and not up there on Paradise where Source is. Source comes down here through fragmenting himself and these fragments are your own special daddy god and you grow together over the ages.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit are personalities but they are spirit beings and not meat suit beings.  I am developing these simple words to try to separate out the reality. Meatsuits are carriers of spirit. They are not the person.

When merged with their thought adjuster, each person becomes his own god.  And each of these gods grows tremendously over time.

As you are allowed to remember more and more this silver cord WIDENS and becomes a bigger fibre optic cable. Then it can deliver more from your monad which is the hard drive of your soul. The monad stores all that TRUTH you know. The cord can widen so much that it is as wide as the person, and then there is huge flow of information. This can be labelled as “downloading”, but it is really a wider connection coming down and SURROUNDING the meat suit which is why I (Candace) felt that energy through my whole body when it entered through my heart.

One day when I was watching my granddaughters there was a Saturday morning cartoon one where a group of kids were flying an airplane by MIND and the plane had to go between two huge rocks. They used their minds to squeeze the plane. This is where education of young children must go and the older souls must be recognized and given also what they need to remember. Education must be individualized because brains mature at different rates and some material cannot be grasped until the brain is ready.  It will be recognized that older souls come in with missions and there must be the provision for suiting them to their purposes. Old souls coming in try to pick suitable parents but its still a crapshoot for the most part.

The TA can access the cosmic mind where everything is.  People must learn that they ARE God manifest on this world.


We have worlds like this in which there are many problems because mind has to be stimulated to grow. This cannot happen in a vacuum. Christians misunderstand "testing". They think it is just about their sins. No: testing is required to grow. You must have problems and earth certainly has plenty. “Father mind” is drawn upon to find the solution. Sometimes people can figure it out. Other times “Father mind” is involved drawing upon cosmic intelligence or your OWN higher self-experience to provide some suggestions and solutions. Whenever you have a SURGE of wanting to know, I think that is “Son mind”. You cannot learn this by rote memory.

I am asking you to experience yourself and study you as part of that great teaching by Jesus and others of KNOW THYSELF. Watch your day and see where Daddy/higher self and sonny and mommy express. As you study YOU you will FEEL this stuff. Obviously the lines between each are not cut and dried - it’s not a simple recipe. There is much stirring and blending and beating. The Urantia Book says that the central universe of Havona is all one thing, but there is dilution and separation in the evolutionary universes. As you study yourselves, you will see its hard to separate Father and Son which should provide a clue of why the Creator Sons are Father and Son to their local creations, and why the universal Mother is a bit separate.

Father is the cause of personality. You cannot have an independent being that does not have a personality. The Universal Father bestows personality (including on pets, angels), and individuating force, the I AM. The Father fragments himself. You are using your “Father mind” and often “Son” mind when you are truly reasoning, problem solving, developing ideas, designing or modifying something in an original way or planning the future.


The word JEW comes from a Hebrew word meaning YOU meaning indwelt by God. So every time you say YOU to another, you are technically talking to God in them. The word Jew itself was not even in use actually until the 1700's for those Khazars who named themselves that. The word was inserted into the bible as part of modern day corruption to suggest that the members of the New World Order are „God’s chosen people“.


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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