Freedom of Choice, really?
By Candace
Mar 16, 2012 - 10:33:57 AM


Below is a conversation after I posted some other posts into my Christian Thread.

You folks really got to stop posting the bible stuff here, its does you no merit.  Do you read these things FIRST and ponder them.  You were given real revelation FROM follks from "heaven" and you refuse it most of the time, when you encounter it.  the bible is not from Heaven, it is mans stories which have become corrupted, some were corrupted in the first place, man so little understands god.  NIP

A reply:

Thanks for sharing your views.

But I am not interested in my merits or yours.  If man had any merit, the world would be a better place.

I am however interested in freedom.  The freedom for you to choose your path and the freedom for another to choose theirs.

God Bless.


man in the long process of earning merit from his experience.  Freedom is of god and man does not yet even understand what that means.  And only EACH can choose his path.  It is not found in man's religions, but in communion with the Father Within.  As man grows he gains wisdom to make real choices in freedom.  NIP

Another Reply:

Thanks for sharing your views.

Indeed, each does make the choice.

Please feel free to speak of the merits and freedoms earned by men.  I cannot speak of such merits.

Others feel free to speak of the merits of The Christ.  The freedoms and the promise which He alone brings to a man.  I choose to speak on these things.

I choose to use scripture as a reference to such freedoms and merits.

Thank God for freedom and choice.  May you be blessed with such freedoms.

God Bless.



Another reply:

To be clear, there is no misunderstanding OP, as your title posits.  Only choice and freedom.

But your choice is different and, as such, you construe others choices and freedoms as 'misunderstanding' for which you seek to provide 'correct teachings'.

I say, Thank God for choice and freedom.

God Bless OP.


My REPLY which seemed to come very "spontaneously".

it is "choice and freedom"  produced by (as scripted by) the thugs that have caused the wholesale LOSS of freedom and choice thru religion and politics.  Ponder that.  My choice is different, in that I am a very old awakened soul and I do know a lot more of how it IS on this planet and how it IS in the cosmos.  There IS huge "misunderstanding", and that is WHY this planet is under the CORRECTING TIME to catch it up as best as possible before the shift and afterwards. The shift is directly related to the cosmic energies we are IN right now.

People have got to outgrow santa claus "beliefs".  They NEED to stop reading Santa CLAWS and beging to really think about what is around them and not just copy and pasting what they are programmed to copy and paste.  Most copy and pasting here of bible and religions beliefs, whether actually pasted out of books, or pasted out of the confused mind,  are nothing more than copy and pastes of false material that those that post it, have NOT thought about at all. Period.   To discern, rather than copy and paste is of GOD MIND and God MIND is kept in the gutters by religion.  People are not taught to think.

And if thinking might happen,  if questions are asked about the correctness of the bible for instance, and they start realizing that maybe man wrote it ,  they are then mind controlled to believe that yes, man wrote it, but the "holy spirit made sure man got it right.  NOT SO.  Not the role of the holy spirit to make sure mans printed books are correct.

Man has been programmed to believe as long as he attends a christain church, gets baptized and then believes on a MAN that was NEVER NAMED Jesus even,  he is thus saved, and sealed to this holy spirit.  This is a bald faced LIE.  And if these ones were to even think what "sealed" might mean, they could toss that out the window, not one can explain I have ever talked to,  what being "sealed" is about.  Words do have meaning.

When people are fed LIES, their freedom of choice goes right out the window. CHOICE IS BASED ALWAYS on the level of knowledge and if the knowledge stinks to high heaven, or maybe beneath heaven,  there is no true choice.  There is no freedom.

People in my country have bought the jack assed mind control that they are free because they vote.  Yet they "vote" for people they do not know, and had NO CHOICE in picking to run in the first place.   The global elite,  carry out the choice of a few secret ones on this planet  in who runs for president in my own country, and in just about every other country too, except ones powerful enough to resist them.

Then these select dark controllers who are UNKNOWN publicly, although they may be in public,  have their various organizations in the media, the banking and the like to carry out their choices.   The committee of 300 IS the banking limb of the dark on this planet.  Most leaders of countries belong to it, plus a bunch of Bankers.   The chairman of the Committee of 300 is the queen of England.  I KNOW this, I have the evidence.  Obviously the head of the FEd is another high ranking member.  And the FED is the global CENTRAL BANK of the CENTRAL BANKS, and all banks feed into the system, they cannot function otherwise.  The queen as the chair of the committee of 300, is thus the  open chair of this prison ward, that is imprisoned by money.

I tried to work on this with my last podcast and that went south, but I am not complaining.  I do have a thread on that, but haven't added much lately because of lack of interest.

We are working to bring man more up to date.

I have read your LIMITED "scripture" and beloved, its NOT scripture.  It is not God's holy book.  The true HOLY BOOKS by God in english in these modern times actually provided revelation by the hosts of heaven,  ARE the Urantia Book,  the 365 LESSIONS (but not the urtext),  of the course in Miracles, the Phoenix Journals, the material on,  and the material on MY SITE<as my team IS the 2nd Coming Team,  the RA material and a few other sources.

Even the quran in some ways comes closer to scripture, at least some of the material in it was given from craft to Mohammed. None of it was in your scripture. NONE OF IT.

Your non Scripture, meaning the bible by your statement is a poorly constructed history of one small group of people on this planet.  This group was visited by the one that labeled Jesus.  But it has been controlled by the Catholic Chruch since it was put in place as the "bible"  as to what when in it, and in those early days, common man and even most of the priest hood of the catholic church did NOt have access to it.  Not until the protestant stuff happened and the KJV was produced for man himself to read. Now that was laudable and it did help spread some concepts of God, but it has been practically ruined over time,  much of it changed and its NOT CURRENT.

Revelation is given to planets as they are deemed ready and the promised revelation of this end of the age, has been kept nearly invisible by the CHURCH, even common ministeres have been told the devil wrote the UB,  and then they tell their blind followers that "news".

Yes you have the free will to read shit, or read good stuff and you if you CAN think, and many do not think,  thus have no free will, to determine what to make of it.

50% of the people on this planet are living robots,  having been produced in underground labs for generations, now, their forms don't have the intelligence to have free will.  They may have bigger brains that can be programmed, but they have no more free will than a cow.  And that IS a major problem on this world.

There is an active program from aboard ship to uplift the DNA of man, so people have a better temple.  This better temple will produce in time, true free will, which is the ability to actually REASON and grow from that ablity to reason.  In religion we have a bunch of cows that can read and listen to programming, but have great difficulty thinking.  We are working on this, and so far about 10% will become "human" and begin to think, and their minds will become indwelt by a Father Fragment. and gosh, it doesn't take much real thinking to do that, a lot of cats and some dogs, and some elephants are now becoming father indwelt.   But 90% of the "human robots" are not.

We have events planned that may rescue some of these and thinking may happen. Real thinking is not making out a shopping list for dinner.

Thinking, the ability to reason, plan something worthy of God, and discern, solve problems etc, is OF GOD.  Animals do not write music etc, these arts are of God.  Thinking people are of God.

You must rise up and LOOK FOR SOMETHING MORE than this materialistic life.

And if you cannot come out of the mind control of your holy book, or books,  you do not have FREE WILL.  And thus you do not have CHOICE.

You do not have CHOICE in the politics being played out.  You do not have CHOICE in the wars created. Except you DO, but you ones don't KNOW IT.  So you let it persist.   You will be guided like a cow, to go vote for whoever is the chosen one.

Last time it was Obama and I knew that in 2004 when he made the DNC speech.  I am not paid attention this time ot know who the chosen one is, in this country.  So far its none of them to my appearance at this time, so I don't know what's up their sleeve.

Its not Ron Paul, or if it is, he's a thug too and there is evidence of that, that i have been advised of.

Do you remember when McCain was getting attention last time?  Well the thugs had waited on purpose, to play a card, if folks got interested in that cloned old man.  So they put in the cloned Sarah Palin. Problem solves,  Oama won.  by the contract of the young sarah palin clone,  who was beautiful but stupid,  against the old man Mccain, people voted obama, they didn't even have to do much rigging of the vote by computer etc.

YOu ones have to know this material or you will chose the antichrist every time.  And it will not be the FREE WILL choice of the antichrist,  it will be NO choice from mind control and ignorance.


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