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AH Member Writings : Candace Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Easter Message
By Candace
Apr 6, 2015 - 11:23:31 PM

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My Dream.. That All on the Path come to Know themselves as Sons of God. and Only Begotten Sons at that.

I had asked CM or Esu for an Easter Piece..... Earlier today Esu said they were not doing one. Now today I went to a church I attended as a research project more than 10 years ago now... I went for 5 months trying to discern what called people back every Sunday for the emptiness.... and never figured it out except the Social needs fulfilled because the god teaching is not really there. Its the companion Ship and for the needy a place of support and for the proud a reason to be better than others.

Over my long research project of 60+ years in length... (not sure the age I started the search) I have attended many many Christian churches of almost every denomination. I missed the Quaker experience but I learned from working on some of the local political educational projects that they know where God resides.. INSIDE OF THEM... they each listen up individually. And this caused truth exposure to generally be beyond what other christian groups engage in without a lot of preaching. They are very much into causes such as government exposure.. 911 and the wars after .

I have been to quite a few Easter Sundays in my experience. Probably the last one was at a local Episcopal church. I was more or less raised and also baptized in the episcopal church. That experience was a bit of a shock.. because that church has become modern and evangelical, at least that one did.. Ditto the other mainstream older denominations. Even some Catholic churches are beginning to follow what seems to draw people.

Well anyway I decided to go to this one again on Easter today for a few reasons. One to support friends that attend by being with them in this manner today. Turns out my friends here in my neighborhood are almost the only attendees other than family of the pastoral family. I recognized 4 people there from the olden days. This was not a large congregation back then.. about an average of 100 adults attending each Sunday. When I learned not long ago that some of this group of people I associate with here attend there I was curious and asked some questions and found out its still a small group.. WAY smaller in fact. I was told about 10 come each Sunday and I discovered some of those 10 or so today are family of the former pastors. I counted 4 I recognized from 10 years ago that are not family. And they are the same ones that whine and cried their stories last time. I do want to know WHY the membership has dropped so much....

I almost didn't go this morning... remembering those 2 + hours of worship and service from back then but I said I was coming to a personal friend and I decided not to pull a no show. Good think because everyone had a name on their seat and sure enough there was a seat for me.. right next to the former pastor which was interesting... because he eventually as I began to reveal myself after I stopped going in order to explore other churches in the area.. told me by email to shove off.

Now what is the former Pastor and his wife.. (they were co pastors) doing.. traveling the world apparently as missionaries... And who is now the co team.... their daughter and her husband whom did the services if her parents were not around or ill. She also opened the service usually on Sundays with the worship songs so many use to open services anymore. That has not changed... .she still does.. and she has a good enough sing along karaoke voice to go with the music on the screen. She needs to drop the microphone though which is not needed when people are sitting so close.

Gone are the pews in that church.... now just 2 rows of chairs... there are almost as many offspring as adults there. Today the chairs were in 2 semicircles which apparently not the norm but desired for this day. An effect I LIKED in fact.

Now this church could sit maybe with the former pews 300 plus people. I estimated that once... How is this building and activities now supported by 10 or so adults aside from the clergy? The list of upcoming spring events is impressive. I forgot to see if I could have a brochure.. some people had them. Years ago there was always a new one each Sunday.

As to the older couple now missionaries... the travel cost is expensive. Who pays it? They never had outside jobs when I was there and are gone most of the time now. So I wanted an answer. I always had the feeling back then that a couple church elders whom I thought probably owned the premises provided some of the support.

These in general who attend there then and now are not rich folks... they are on social security. All of us there today not members of the clergy are old farts. Most 10 to 15 plus years on me...

So here I am in my assigned seat sitting next the pastor who told me to get lost. I wonder if he recognized me or not.. he seemed to be thinking about who I might of been back before the days the pews were removed. And he still likes cinnamon rolls... to be on the menu at an upcoming event. Esu attended with me.. if only they knew their Jesus Son of God was actually in attendance! We did a lot of love surrounding there on everyone and I got so hot ...despite the spring day and dressing sort of light... I was roasting.

They were pushing for testimonies and I almost volunteered but most of the others were crying over the problems upon them and I just lost the mood. I thought they were going to go around and call on people and that did not happen fortunately. I had decided to merely state my MS was largely gone on the healing stuff which is what was suggested and my extensive arthritis was a work in progress but I couldn't bring myself to exhibit tears of pain or joy. And I thought that might cause memory of who I was.

During the long service activities the older pastor got up and left for a bit and Esu said he was searching records trying to recall who I was. Glad I didn't volunteer I was the maker of the cinnamon rolls he so loved, as cinnamon rolls were on the menu for the event he mentioned above.. who knows what people remember but I got famous for those during that time I was a member. There were quite a few events and often a breakfast/lunch on sundays.

It was time to gather the money... well I forgot to bring any.. so I apologized to the older pastor. Then came time for communion. Children passed juice and cracker pieces . Churches are all different and I guess we were supposed to hold these in hand while the male member of the pastoral couple did the honors which was long, drawn out and not very real... NOT understood still as to that blood and body stuff. At any rate I always actually enjoyed communion.. not because of the blood and body.. its a personal thing entirely and not realizing I was supposed to wait.. I did mine with Esu immediately in my private communication.... gathering a look of horror on the face of the child handing out to my row... I couldn't figure out the look on his face until I realized others had not taken theirs. I am a private person in my relationship with my indwelling Father you see and I don't need permission as to when I can partake of this... I do not know if my "gaff" was noticed by others or not... I was in deep meditation and repose for a period of time before I realized my "gaff" . The others waited my guess is about 10 minutes thru the process.

After the basket passing and communion there went on the request for personal testimonies. The older Pastors wife gave a money one.... from which I gleaned the truth of where money comes from. She said their missionary work has been quieted down and they were to come home for a year and do personal stuff. So there was not the normal income come in.. (I don't know how much missionary work pays) and she recounted how January ,, and then February and finally March bills got paid. march was expensive.. lots of family birthdays and such. Then I re-noticed the CORP US of A Gold fringed flag that was always there years ago and still is....

They are being paid somehow by "organized religion" under cover for their work.... Both have seemed to become more stuffy to me.. and plastic also, but I can't assume this is accurate on a single meeting after so many years. She always could drop the tears at any time before and she still can and did today. This little church has contacts with big time players in Christianity.. the best of the Christian music players and more ... names I recognize and looked up even back then....

Some come to this little church and several are coming in the next weeks again... for 10 adults plus the family members of this very small congregation. A story I remember from years ago was retold today... about a missionary couple of theirs who was in Nigeria and adopted a little black baby they named Isaiah.... I may have met infant Isaiah then who is now 12 years old. I think I did.. the memory is strong of the story. The young mother was going to get an abortion but after talking with this missionary couple decided to bear the child and they adopted the child. Isaiah is coming this spring too...

Now some of these Christians are good people in the larger ministry of serving the growing church and trying to seed good things. One I recognized but do not remember the name wrote some of the much better than average modern hymns and we sung a couple today that have excellent seeding but still are not understood or perhaps there is refusal to teach.... Music reaches the soul and is effective in seeking men and women... That song writer which I mention now came to that tiny church about twice a year and played their awesome grand piano which is still there. And encouraged a lot of sing a long.. One time when he was there back then.. I saw a whole choir of angels behind him... giving their support... I don't think anybody else saw them.. but it said something to me.

Now the US of A Corp flag with the gold fringe (Colorado's was there too) always means a church is associated with the NWO. But I suspect some pastors don't know this ....... In general this little church of evangelical nature is associated with Assembly of God material. They used to post their beliefs in the sunday brochures which I also found online with A of G churches in association. I assume nothing has changed in that as to family ministers continuing the church as to A of G.

And then after a long time, the male minister got to the sermon... and after 20 plus minutes I had to leave because it was excessive coverage on Easter day of the torture CM and Esu endured and this was the worst I have ever observed on an easter Sunday. After a description of the lashing with a whip with 9 strands each with something sharp knotted on the ends...he went on to say that after 39 lashes this would have left so much destruction that internal organs were exposed and then of course he got to carry the cross or some portion of it to the crucifixion site.

That was bad enough but then he got out his smart phone and proceeded to read what the process of crucifixion did.. to how the heart pumped blood under the duress and it went on and on and on and I am not going to even attempt to explain where it went in this cruel method of death... and it was mentioned sometimes the butt had a support under it to delay death for up to 9 days... I had to leave.. same as I had to leave the movie Son of God when the lashing started... I cannot endure this or will not. I tried to endure it today just for studying purposes because I have read and heard somethings similar but this went into more horrid detail than ever before and I felt like this pastor was enjoying it... as were the older "missionaries".

The walk home was heavy and was then as Esu and I discussed the experience he told me I was going to write the Easter Message from this.

So what is the point in my title and all my research? I want the HUMAN BEINGS on this world TO COME TO KNOW THEY are also the Sons of God... that really is the whole point in pouring out the Spirit of Truth on this world.. that these people might know themselves as Sons of God.... and LIVE IT.

There was much preaching today mostly thru song of how Jesus Overcame the world.. but its not understood. It was a demonstration of how all can overcome the World.... and the purpose in doing that. These people all with normal mind are Father Indwelt and thus all are seeking as called the Faith Sons of God and of course the goal is to get this hapless people as they see their own selves to become God KNOWING which means not Daddy Sky God but people conscious that as human beings they are God manifest on this world... And seeking to become perfected beings. IT IS THEIR BIRTHRIGHT to Call Themselves Sons of the FATHER.

They are SONS OF GOD not only because of their indwelling by a Fragment of the Father, but because The Father is the source of their personality.. the Son is the source of the Spiritual seeking and the Spirit is the source of their evolving minds....

There continues to BE the ignorance as to the Holy Spirit and more but I care little on that at this moment. I care that they should come to KNOW WHO THEY ARE AS HUMAN BEINGS. THEY ARE THE SONS OF GOD.... AND NOTHING SHORT OF THEM COMING TO KNOW THIS WILL SAVE THIS WORLD AND RAISE IT UP.

Editing : I could not remember clearly something so I left it out.. and am adding now. Many of you who have been in Christianity are aware of the statement : Jesus slain from the foundation of this world...... Well today it hit me across the face like a board.. what it means.. I never understood it.. It means the crucifixion had the intention of removing the Christ from this world... and in today's "ceremony" that was exactly what the younger pastor was engaged in with his recital from which I left. They of course do not wish for people to KNOW they power of being human beings who are SONS OF GOD. Now this church service today far as I discerned did not call Jesus the Only Begotten Son of God .... but also people need to know they are only begotten because no two are alike with the same experiences or same personalities... All are ONLY BEGOTTEN.


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