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AH Member Writings : Candace Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Candace
Feb 25, 2016 - 7:36:57 AM

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Compiled by Rosie












You are all spirits. Beings in spirit form are not factions and races however. Insectoids are from dry hot planets. They ARE human and very kind people. They do however look a bit like preying mantis insects but obviously more developed physically. There are no shadow people. They only appear as shadows because of people’s restricted vision abilities, and sometimes they appear as shadows because they do not want to fully manifest.

Pleaidians are people from the planets that orbit Alcyone. Earth orbits Alcyone so we are Pleiadians too. They are evolving peoples same as all beings from evolutionary planets.

Elves are generally of the nature world on this world. They exist. They are involved with plants etc. The reptilian form (in this general area of the universe which we belong to) is being uncreated. I said the FORMS, not the souls, because the form develops too many nasty folks which are too cold in energy, but then again reptiles on this world are cold.


The FLOWER OF LIGHT (or Flower of Life) pattern represents the movement of where WE are as we travel through the cosmos. It is the pattern made as our sun orbits Alcyone which orbits larger collections of cosmic groups. The points of it (intersections in the pattern) are important times when we are in beneficial cosmic energies that can have the effect of raising up this world. Thus we are in the gamma ray energies right now (that come through the Milky Way) that change life and the DNA patterns on this world. These are gamma rays and god particles in the main mix of it.


The sun has changed to a white colour because it is in the photon belt and other cosmic energies. This is part of the ascension process. It is changing from hydrogen dominant to Helium dominant which will cause the sun to be eternal and never grow old. I am in my late 60's and I remember the yellow sun. It is real that it has turned white, and in fact when you sun gaze you will discover it is bluish white which is the color of all suns in eternal light circuits.


My destiny guardian, Andrea, who has made Paradise with me is on "physical assignment" and uses the same sort of “Casper the friendly ghost” body that Christ Michael (CM) does. Andrea sips on liquid light. There is such a product and it is used a lot and even human beings can use it. This “Casper the ghost” form does need a bit of rest. Anybody with some physicality needs some rest. I have never asked Andrea if she can eat any solid food. CM (in one of our very early pieces - perhaps the one on the “Casper the friendly ghost” forms) can taste cookies etc. but cannot pig out on them. The morontial form used in the local universes consumes food and water and breathes, but the food has a higher energy and the form digests it completely, so NO TOILETS ARE NEEDED.

I suppose the “Casper the ghost” forms are probably morontial type forms and can be fluctuated by the user to various degrees of visibility and can be transported too and from ship by using the “beam me up Scotty” method. Actually our bodies can be beamed up too if there is enough hooking up of the DNA and LOTS of practice. It took too much focus for me to dematerialize my body. I did it a few times but I didn't get it all the way to ship.

Most of you should be eating less food now and taking in sunlight and etheric energy for some of your energy needs. With this change I am going through (to the etheric body) I am gradually eating less and less really solid food. I want my nuts now and then and an egg that is hard boiled or scrambled. Otherwise just about everything else I puree. I puree all the fruits and use them in smoothies or puree them IN the smoothie. Basically I am on a smoothie diet in that context. I still make soups of various sorts and into the blender they go.

I stopped my oatmeal with breakfast and now I put sprouted oats, my protein powder, my raw flax, a raw egg and lately I like a small orange in this in addition to the raw frozen fruit. I heat it slightly on the stove so it remains raw but warm. You can heat to about 115 F without destroying the enzymes. I reheat my soups that have nothing raw in them to whatever temperature I want.

My soul mate Tom is embodied as his job requires it. We are both Mighty Messengers and have been partnered for endless eons. Andrea is partnered with somebody from Orvonton who is of a totally different order than she comes from. She has told me he comes and goes. Tom comes and goes too depending on his assignments. I assume the body he is using needs sustenance of some sort. Those above who are spirit beings and require a body for some sort of assignments usually use the body as needed and otherwise "park it" when not needed. Esu is an example of this.

Christ Michael has sometimes told me that the whole team is taking a weekend OFF to recoup in needed ways whenever the work has been intense. In general they are on USA time, and there is also a standard rest of 2 or 3 hours in the middle of my night (around 2 am to 5 am USA time). Sometimes the work requires shortening this or perhaps taking it individually at another time based on the needs at hand. And I would assume that some folks must be available to handle stuff in other times zones that would be on a different rest period. During these weekends (or a few days off now and then when needed), the time is spent in a variety of ways according to the needs of the individual.

You need to teach that celestial beings work and that it never ever stops. They don’t just work for a paycheck like we do on earth. There are rest periods even in the Havona worlds. The more dense physical bodies are, the more sleep they actually need. Semi material forms need less and probably do not sleep at all but just rest.


When the bible says that there is no marriage in heaven, it means there is NO SEX and no reproduction. As to reproduction, there are high-level ascendant beings on planets that do not need sex to create a being. They create it by mind in whichever one plays mother. All beings are free to "mate" if they so wish and I am such an example, being permanently mated to Tom. We are separated as necessary over periods of time. This is something not taught on this world. There are groups of beings not yet covered in the Urantia Book which involves complementary groups of opposite energies. There are "female" complements to the Archangels and the other local universe sons of god.

Another Mighty Messenger "couple" NOT incarnate on this planet but assigned to it, is Mother Shekhmet and her partner. He got falsely labled “Father Alcyone” by a group of false new agers. Both of them wrote several chapters in the Urantia Book (UB). Several Mighty Messengers are involved in writing some papers of the UB. Shekhmet wrote papers 22, 28 and 30. Paper 22 is on the Trinitized Sons of God and points out that her partner is here, but the name is not given. Shekhmet’s partner wrote papers 32, 34, 40, 52 and 53.


I have not had a witness to observe me, but I was told during my training to dematerialize myself that one CAN make themselves invisible for short periods of time. I have done a couple things where I thought my cats did not perhaps see me, but my cats also see some of my guides who I do not see. The development of the eyes/brain also has something to do with what can be seen.

I was working on a level of energy in which current electrical terms were used. 800 megahertz will customarily cause one to be invisible, and 1000 megahertz causes dematerialization, and this I know for a fact (without any witnesses) because I can feel the energy of dematerialization as it approaches. It is really hefty when one does it by oneself. As it approaches and then happens, it feels like going down a roller coaster, and the building up is similar to going UP a roller coaster hill.

I was going to work on getting my dematerialized body all the way to ship but during that training the rush was so intense (I had to work an hour or more to get to that point) that shortly after I left my bed I lost the control of the process and plopped myself right back down. Because of some invisible folks / remote viewers harassing me, I was advised that I might be more comfortable staying below 6 or 7d (ie. vibrating at 600 to 700 megahertz) to prevent being detected. It is actually a bit tiring to run around at 700 megahertz for long periods of time but not as much as 600. I think a lot of time I use 600. I used to be able to tell what I was at and I am pretty sure I was up to 700 at times during my trip to Korea.

I think a LOT of the evacuation ships will be very physical because of who is on them. I am pretty sure that some of the ships can vary in vibration according to what type of ship it is and who is aboard. Ships full of not very advanced peoples in the millions are probably very physical and not even at 500.


Though we are generally creators who make choices, do not forget that about 1/2 of the people are robotoids. For them, this is the first and usually only life. They did not come up through the animal evolution process and are missing that experience in a personal way. They basically just have the 2 strands of DNA and nothing else. They only carry animal general records in their human DNA patterns, and they rely on the genetic mind of earth for retrieving information. These ones chose nothing, in other words, and few create anything and just copy. 10% do begin to think on their own and as such will earn their own Thought Adjuster / Father Fragment (TA).

There are also animal souls in their first human incarnations. They are smarter than robotoids in the sense of having some personality background service in many cases. The angels who are in charge of all this often just move an animal soul group up to more advanced and different forms until some begin to individuate.

Even non reasoning robotoids still find themselves in the messes they have "created" by poor choices and this does lead again to some improved choices and attaining an individual Thought Adjuster (TA) if they have used their mind to solve a situation. They often have "virgin" TA's (a development enabled by the bestowal of Christ Michael at the time of Jesus) which usually make no contact with the minds of their charges, but the TAs thereby gain experience in working with human mind - even if that mind is substandard - and protect their charges against occupation by dark thugs.

These robotoids can, however, succumb to the guidance of dark thugs, and we see some of those on forums like Godlikeproductions (GLP) who are working for the dark in Christianity and cannot discern that. In fact these robotoids attending church are noticed and often put into mind control programs because they don't discern. This is not true possession in that sense - mind control is not possession. It is mind mucked up by mind control programs. Most of the popular singers and the like are robotoids under butterfly type monarch mind control. Generally, the unused virgin TA hangs around for the experience but cannot make contact in any way. But it still prevents total real possession by the dark entities. Mind control by method of monarch type just creates another mind field or personality that can be trained by the controllers. These are not free people and that should show in their performances and to people around them who are more advanced.

It’s a shame we have people in the USA (and I am sure in other countries) glorifying Monarch butterfly people. I suppose that is more easily done by robotoids.

In the case of those robotoids who gain TA indwelling, the virgin TA can begin to gain mind access and thus function beyond "virgin", although the person concerned may never actually realize it. But something better will begin to happen in their choices for which they will feel reward, and then this will work towards more choices, but they are not going to generally see themselves as creators. We can give simple examples of what creation is to help them accept that they are beginning creators of their destiny.

Remember that robotoids have no past lives and no choice in their birth situations etc. They are NEW and DUMB. In a way, Robotoids are a group soul and in a way not. Let’s say that a group soul selection of foxes is moved up into cats who live with humans; that group soul contains the record of the act of living. Robotoids only have a non experienced set of instructions available and no wisdom from the act of living. I am using the example of FOX because I have a cat who was a fox. In her early years she was more “fox”, and later she was more “cat with a human at her side”. Her little personality is gaining strength from her human partner in life. Robotoids do not have that experience, so don't stuff that “you chose this life” down their throats because it is not comprehensible to them. They do not have a memory of life lived.

You can tell this (“You chose this life”) to people obviously on a spiritual path. But everyone – whether robotoid or not - can be told that they have responsibility for their decisions. Remember that a lot of refugees are also robotoids or very young souls with little human wisdom yet.


I had an interesting experience with a lady recently. She KNEW she was not good at creating and said so. She said she was good at memorizing instructions and carrying out the activity and she was very good at her arts and crafts, for example, and following patterns. But her realization that she was not a huge creative person proved she was an ensouled younger soul or perhaps just stuck in some the manufactured stuff about God. She had accepted a lot of Christianity right or wrong and believed the church building was God's house. I did a little work with her and she was able to accept that she was God's house (as in her meat suit being the house of her soul). She pointed out some situations where she had MADE real choices and had not realized that this was co-creating with God. And she did something which ensouled people do - she stuck by her stuff and expressed it with appropriate if not always accurate arguments for her point on view. If you pay attention it’s usually easy to see a real younger human soul and see the difference from the robotoid person.

It you are not sure whether you are talking to a robotoid person, point out the human being is a child of the Father, because there is a Father presence in them anyway, even if it cannot make very good contact. Do not tell them they are on a big reincarnation journey which they chose, because this idea will be tossed out. Instead, try and give them support for making actual real decisions. It might just change them enough to go on to the next life. And to a discouraged YOUNG soul it may keep them from checking out of eternity - at least this time. This planet is harsh, but encouraging them to come through harsh will set a new path in place.

No matter WHO it is or what horrid mistakes they may be making, you can always suggest they look at these often repetitive issues and try something different. If they succeed, they have been won over to the idea of taking responsibility. Remember the saying that insanity is making the same choices each time and expecting a different outcome. Something has to be changed to have a different outcome next time.

So we encourage choice making. It can be as simple as changing a recipe by substituting by choice something in the recipe if one doesn't have all the ingredients on hand. Many people follow all sorts of "recipes" whether it’s cooking or something else and can't move out of that "recipe" for something in their life. Encourage them to try anything different and you can back that up that it is godly so to do, because thinking and problem solving ARE HUMAN activities and they have a bigger mind than their animals so they should use it. You can call it a brain rather than a mind if you wish. Some people are still stuck in their brain which inhibits them, and sometimes actually that is true - a poorly functioning damaged brain does not make a good storage system for them. In such cases, encourage "work arounds" which are actually problem solving.

These are examples of what you as light workers can do with people. Education is everything, and one cannot make important decisions without adequate information. So inform appropriately, and if they cannot accept that they are SONS of GOD, then most will accept that they are CHILDREN OF GOD because they can THINK and solve problems that animals cannot accomplish. If people cannot accept reincarnation or whatever, work with what they can accept.


Israel is not a holy land. The earth changes will sink it. Israel is a spiritual term having to do with those who know Mother Father God within them. It is not a country. It never was in fact until the end of World War II. England was manipulated in both wars to make that possible as to the current "state". It is not ordained by any god. Israel is a state of spiritual knowing. Those original "Israelites" were the descendants of 3 people that survived a crash landing on this world who were from a planet far more advanced than this one. IS (Mother) RA (Father) El (God). Nobody gave anybody that land unless it was people ON the Earth.

You had best look at that big fault line running through Israel. It will go down in fact for that reason alone during the earth changes. And Jesus himself is not too fond of the place. There will never be a "greater Israel" as to borders of real estate. There will in time be more "Israelites" which means those who know Mother Father God WITHIN THEM. Its not a place of land - its a state of knowing.


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.

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