Big NON Update
By Candace
Sep 22, 2012 - 11:57:55 PM

Ok after CM suggesting (in response to my begging) for our readers, he just came, said they were in meeting to determine what they wanted to update about on the 3DD.  It is said they will be ready later today or tomorrow.

I am uploading a teaching thread I had on GLP which was deleted!  but Christ did copy much of it before then.  The only thing mostly missing I can remember between his copy and the time of deletion yesterday,  is we were discussing whether satellite images are getting blurry or not. Some are.

In this pdf file you will find my reports on the dimming sun.  It is dimming and I can watch it at high noo without any eye protection and see the disk, but it is better with sunglasses but I can watch it. PROOF and others are reporting this too on glp threads I am involved in and oon the forum.

Last night I felt a huge change of energies.  IF the people start to feel this, there is going to be DREAD felt. You yourselves may be noticing hearts perhaps beating odd, chills, sweats, and funny feeling difficult to describe but to which one could describe as DREAD. Tremoring.  Different ear sounds too.



Click on page to download Pdf: 515 kb.

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