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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

#107 Your Opinion Desired
By Esu thru Candace
Jun 23, 2009 - 11:43:00 PM

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Your Opinion Desired

by Esu

June 23, 2009

Dearly Beloveds,

I am come rather late this evening after a very long day in several conferences. I have first a question to ask of all readers of this site. Do you wish to go forward now, regards the magnetosphere which may bring about very quick change, or would you rather we hold it back another few weeks for sake of your family members and circles so that they hopefully become more aware?

We are going to be sending some big CME’s your way, which are going to get some attention of specific ones, and will cause very likely some problems with the satellites and other communications systems. Those of you paying attention to the crop circles are seeing hints of this, but the day predicted of July 7, is not necessarily the day these will begin. That is because conditions are set up and then there is the response, and it is not possible to state the exact time the response will occur.

We did entertain some a couple days ago with a large CM out to the side of the sun. This was quite large and you are seeing a glance off of earth from the protons right now. And there have been a few what are labeled GRB’s which your scientists are having some difficulty understanding from whence they came.

Your Bz is very low, the magnetosphere begins to weaken at greater rates, as it is exponential. The wind, as Candace calls it is very slow. Now we can delay a tad longer, not much on the mother, she is restless, but we can also let it rip, as some of you use that expression on earth.

Now I wish for you to spend two full days thinking this over. It has to be about those that you know, and not that you wish out of here! Do NOT consider yourself in this. We would ourselves still prefer that people have some idea something is coming and thus will be less upset when they find themselves in safety shortly before or during stasis, depending on the circumstances that mount.

If we let it rip, we anticipate rapid changes. There will be problems with the communication satellites and other energy manifestations. The earth is going to do what it was in March, but more so, with the movements causing the sun to be irregular. We did stabilize the planet a good deal as we were able for reasons known to us, and about the readiness of man still at this date.

And what if we don’t let it rip just yet, things will be somewhat more gradual, that is all. But it also seems that gradual does not get attention. We must still take the planet through the reversal slowly, but off course this can be done after people are asleep, so that is not so much a worry. In fact if we let it rip, that is basically what we will do, get the planet into stasis rapidly. The magnetosphere will come down rapidly and people will notice.

This is such a touch and go situation for us. Please understand the huge complexity of these actions, or the delaying of actions, either way. We are still wishing to have you all back within a couple years or thereabouts and not have the extensive volcanism that is so destruction to animal life. Partial reseeding is not what we wish to do, and that is for the sake of the evolving animals here also.

After your two days of pondering, let your guides or myself know your intent in a logical controlled manner. Again, it is not about you. This is an exercise in critical thinking and leave the emotion out of it.

Now to the dark ones, there is great need to get something on television for the people. I understand you do not wish to lay it out and deal with the huge fear, but please, could something be put up that you have benevolent visitors? This would assist everyone involved. I would actually prefer that you did lay it out gently, suggesting there is a rescue if needed, and how badly off the planet is. We will guide this process, if only you will let us.

We will not send people to you, you kill them off. Aren’t you also tired of shooting the holograms? You are a most rude group of people. There are countries willing to start this more open approach, and it will get about the Internet.

Regards the state of Iran, for shame, for shame, for shame. Obama, you sat on TV and denied the CIA had anything to do with this. Well, it did. This was planned after you had other difficulties starting up some more war in the region, so you played divide and conquer. Our ones are there attempting to mend this. The person that won, won, fair and square. And the CIA black ops are busy setting up these protests, and we don’t mind protests, but this is a set up to destroy the country because they will not cooperate with you. They know truth and they know your games.

And since when are you playing the game of send us your money, and we will back off? Yes, you are “broke” and setting up insurrection and bribes remains not the answer to your problems. You have NO answer to your problems. Russia has delayed, on our advice, and yes they do know about us, we have been aiding them since Chernobyl, destroying YOU.

They have delayed creating terrible weather storms and floods. That which you see is Mother nature responding to the magnetic field changes, and that is a bit behind your ‘computer’ problems with the train crash in Washington DC yesterday. There is going to be more of these events. You can help people, this is YOUR last chance to claim back anything of your souls.

Incoming bad weather storms may well begin taking out dams and the like. California is in huge disarray right now, and it’s not just the money, the levies and the like are in big trouble and it will take little to leave most of California without potable water, in addition to the state’s other problems. The water tables are rising hugely there. The cracking within the caverns and substructures is terrible. You are going to have soon some really big sinkholes.

Now we have decided to take the benevolent way out of this, and not have the people themselves have to experience your ineptness so greatly. Your grids, your water, everything the world over of infrastructure was built poorly and is deteriorating. It will deteriorate rapidly as the weather issues continue. Those technologies heavily under computerized control will have some serious issues.

We would like the people to become aware, once again, that “God’ and his angels are here to assist this planet. We will not however, it remains against universal law, show up with guns and demand you obey us. We know you hate us, we know you hate this planet, we know you are cruel and without much, if any soul. You do not get to win this, there is NO win, but there can be some compassion if only you would look at the possibility.

You have lost, it is time to make something “right”. I bid you well, to ponder that. Namaste, Esu

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