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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

# 142 We are Allowing the Full Collapse Now
By CM thru Candace
Feb 15, 2011 - 4:19:15 PM

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We are Allowing the Full Collapse Now

Christ Michael

thru Candace

February 15, 2011

Hello beloveds, It is I, Christ Michael.  This has been a horrid past several weeks.  The darkness is fully descending now, and mother cannot be held back.  We made a decision about two weeks ago to go ahead and allow the sun to discharge normally towards earth and you are seeing many sunspots and have a full retinue of flares and CMES.  Candace can update on that part at the end of this.

We are now actually backing off our efforts to allow the collapse to fully happen.  We have said it would all be sudden as the dark whirlwind goes down the drain, just as you see water swirl down a drain.  It’s a tornado, in effect.

We have a plan, that has long been ready for this time.  It will be activated shortly that brings an end to this darkness BEFORE we start the announcement process.  I will not release the nature of this. We hoped to have quite a showing with the various countries with the people, and once the dark watched the work within Egypt, and the coverage on TV they quickly halted their other plans.  They were to allow peaceful demonstration as a teaching to the world  and they have clamped down behind the scenes.  Iran is surely facing a mess right now, because of that.

The New Madrid as suggested by Father (Papa, First Source), thru Bela, is very unstable.  We are releasing also the energies in the Gulf of Mexico, so that it can proceed as nature directs. There are other areas released also, so that what can happen will happen.

The people still need to have some discomfort in the western nations, and we will not prevent it and it is necessary in order that we can “pitch” in and our help be accepted.  The teaching is still planned, do not worry on that.  But this other event will precede it.

It is not likely our Obama will be making an emergency announcement YET, but the opportunity will be provided for that when the first major catastrophe in the United States occurs.  Those of you near that New Madrid area, and around the gulf of Mexico, again, need to have preparations.  We thought California might have a major event recently but it settled a bit for now, but still may occur.

You will know when that whirlpool begins, it will be very obvious.  This is enough for the time being, there is little we can or should release.  It will appear we are doing little however, and that would be true on the surface, but we work very quietly, so please do not expect regular updating.  Simply prepare yourselves.  Namaste, Christ Michael/Aton

Candace:  Well currently on USGS we have 8 “red” quakes for the week.  There are quite a few sunspots on the sun, you can see that on There is one spitting BIG flares.  We had a M 6.6 flare a couple days ago with a CME and yesterday a X 7.2 flare from the same sunspot and a much larger CME that probably will only take a couple days or so to arrive and we should feel that in some, one of the largest I have seen, that is aimed right at us.  People are feeling some of this stuff, more and more and I have been busy on GLP around the topic, their minds are becoming more open as they figure that the sun is affecting their bodies  People have commented  that their ascension symptoms have increased a great deal starting in December in fact.

Those that wish to see the CME that was Early UTC today, about 2 UTC I think,  (15th), can go to Stereo and look over the Red images for stereo A and B.  Actually here is the link for the 15th.  click on which ever size image you wish under the Cor 2 images, which will produce thumbnails you can view. CME’s off the front of the sun will show on the right on Stereo Behind, and on the Left of Stereo Ahead.  There were no Lasco images on SOHO published during the time of the CME which was thought by others to be a “full halo” CME.  I did find images for some of those in the part, they look like the whole sun is exploding!  Here’s an example.

Yesterday we got both a coronal hole, and I am pretty sure, the CME that happened also with the M 6.6 flare.  The BZ really dropped out and I and other felt that too, as the energies came into the magnetosphere pretty heavily.  You can visit this site to see some data from the recent M and X flares.

Those of you who enjoy keeping tract of solar and weather data, may enjoy this collection that is continuously updated And maybe send the creator a few bucks if you like the service.  Its a one man show.   I find it very useful as I can see so much in a single source.  I even started watching the weather since it’s available there too, as to the satellite images.  Click any of the thumbnails for a larger version.  Most of the thumbnails are big enough already, I don’t usually need to do that.

You are all quiet aware of the weather changes, the animals having difficulties and the like, that is all over the web.  So it goes.  Take care, Candace

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