# 132 Venus is the New Planet
By Christ Michael thru Candace
Oct 30, 2010 - 11:59:00 PM


Venus is the New Planet

Christ Michael  thru Candace

October 29, 2010

Dearly beloveds, pay little to no notice to the wild games today around the supposed  items found from Yemen.  Our thugs are just at their game again and it will not happen.  The items are of let’s just say “CIA” implants for the purpose of engaging the world in another terror scheme.  Nobody from Yemen is behind this.   There are teams from my side involved in ending this and your TV’s should be shortly either singing another tune, or suddenly dropping the topic.  This is planned of course around creating a reason to attack Iran, even though the story is placed to come from Yemen.

We had some long meetings of this, there are some who consider the attack on Iran should be allowed so the attackers learn a very difficult and painful lesson, but GAIA is exhausted from all of this, and doesn’t wish to see that on her surface and I concur of course.

But some of ye ones in the world, particularly in America, meaning the US of A on the American continent, will be looking at some karma for not learning what is right in God’s world, and that’s enough said at this time.  STILL these people are buying into this story today!  Still they have not learned to observe the games and do something about it. So be it.

Now, about the Axis Shift.  The Gulf of Mexico is intervening in this.  The shifting is not necessarily causing this, it is simply pressures building again after a temporary period of  relative stability.  The problem is most of the Gulf sea floor is rising, which we have not chosen to cover before, and not just the areas close to shore where the fault system or more readily said, the fracture system is.  We truly have a mess there now, and this accumulating ground swelling is advancing up underneath the whole of the southern Mississippi basin and marching somewhat westward as evidenced by the quakes in Arkansas.

The recent images Candace posted to the net about the oil approaching the western side of the Mississippi delta is OIL and not an algae bloom. The nature of the currents under the Gulf are swirling that oil around  in the manner of a funnel cloud,  and that is further eroding the Sea floor there and moving large amounts of sunken and unseen surface oils towards the shoreline.

Yesterday we attempted to move the axis a bit more, because the situation in the Gulf seemed to have temporarily quieted. But shortly after we applied the necessary energies, the swirling increased and we stopped and went into a session of meetings which have just concluded.  We did succeed in a small amount of axis shift since the last report of 0.9 degrees, it’s about 1.05 now.

It appears we are going to have to go into the mini stasis and finish the axis shift during that time.  We have many craft down observing the Gulf situation.  I haven’t decided yet whether to wait a short time more or just go into the mini stasis and get it over with.  Now, just because we are “vacuuming up” the oil and methane coming forth, does not prevent any of the quakes or resultant tsunami’s.

Because of the wide area of swelling,  in fact it will be worse and the massive quaking resulting will do quite enough to initiate some of the other fracture zones around this world, just as much as the fault line we sealed off after the GOM of Mexico situation made itself clear.  (Candace:  This last spring or so, we covered that there was a large unknown fault line west of the Tonga Trench, which was later sealed, as the GOM blowout had not happened at that time.)

We could have gone in after the dark ones began their schemes and interfered yes, with some of their plans, but they and those that support the oil business must learn some tough lessons so we did not interfere, nor did we “seal” anything in the gulf floor. Sealing was not the solution there anyway, there is so much oil now making it’s way up and it’s not just about the blowout that occurred, that area is weak and the earth changes to date, are moving forward anyway in that area.

We are ready to institute as we have covered before, the mini stasis the minute the GOM starts to fully erupt.  We will of course be down working immediately even if the people are not fully in stasis, and we worry not about that one.  The mini stasis may last up to week at this point, because we have a lot of cleaning to do.  All life will be in stasis, as the plants will not do well either with the massive methane coming up.

There will be really widespread destruction.  Now depending on the widespread destruction, we may choose to simply keep the planet in stasis and do without any announcements at all.  There is a big “depends” going on here.  Some of the expected plate movements may also release massive amounts of methane and other chemicals of various sorts in other parts of the world.   There are 3 undersea volcanoes we are watching and also there are a couple more on the surface that are ready to erupt.  The iceland volcanoes are showing increased underground movement, as well at the volcanos in the Pacific Northwest, primarily Helena and Rainier at this time.  There is a volcano that erupted also today in Kamchatka, Russia.

Now  there are people we wish to evacuate as the planet is going into the mini stasis, or even possibly a bit before.   We will evacuate also everyone around the Gulf of Mexico that is staying with the planet or needs their body otherwise,  before or as the mini stasis starts.  We do not want everyone in the mini stasis.

What I am saying here, is that some of you and your families, or people you know,  are going to be lifted if they are going to the new planet in body.  So IF we do have an interlude between mini stasis, and the big stasis,  these ones are already going to be gone and please don’t assume they were dark side that were removed.

There are about 1 million people who will be populating the new planet, in addition to those already there.  Not all 1 million of these ones will be taken immediately to the new planet, but they will live aboard the evacuation craft and then be placed on the new planet as it is ready to accept them. They will know however, they are going there  as soon as this can be explained to them following the lift off. There are also some others going to other planets and these will be lifted also, but their numbers are less than those going to the new world being prepared.

Now, many of you have been curious about the new planet.  It is Venus, dear ones.  And I threw some hints of this in the Phoenix Journals.  We still keep it out of sight and it’s in a somewhat different orbit, well let me just spell the beans here, it’s time.  It is in approximately the same orbit as Earth beloveds, we just keep it on the other side of the sun and this is sometimes the cause of those Nibiru stories you hear.

We have said before that the Venus you all see, is star ship venus. Just as Jupiter’s revolution is kept so it stays out of view with the sun in the middle, so it is with Venus.  Actually you have not witnessed the real Venus in a long time, as terraforming is not an instant process.  And the planet was too close to the sun for it’s full terraforming.

Now, Earth and Venus will continue to share the orbit for a long time.  At some  point in the future the orbits will be separated somewhat, as earth will actually need to be a bit further from the sun.  Mercury is being rotated out gradually more to the former orbit of Venus, as there will be terraforming started there eventually also.  There is a small inner planet that I believe we have mentioned before and your scientists know of it, that will be gradually moved into Mercury’s orbit.

All the orbits of the planets thru Mars will be adjusted over time.  It is totally possible for life bearing planets to share the same orbit or nearly so.   If you have read any of the UB, about the architectural spheres, you know this occurs there. Of course these ones don’t have suns like you do, in the evolutionary systems, but never  the less,  planets can follow each other in the same or close orbit.  It’s easily done. In fact in systems with several planets with life on them, it has to be that way, so they have the same energies.  Mars, lets just keep spilling beans here, will also be in approximately the same orbit with Earth and Venus.  They can be staggered a bit according to the needs of the planet and it’s size. But they will not be so widely separated as the current orbits are.

There  will be periods of stasis in the more distant future, both for continued remodeling of Earth, but also the solar system, because life has to be protected when we tug another planet into the same orbit also.  These periods of stasis around the tugging of planets, will be much shorter however, than the upcoming stasis of 4 or more years.

Candace is now asking WHEN was Venus moved into Earth’s orbit?  Well beloveds since around the time of the deluge.  You have always since then, been watching a star ship showing a hologram.

We are remodeling this entire solar system into an eternal system, and as man becomes more human than he currently is, he will need some more living room, since poor little planet earth cannot by herself handle all these people.  So now Candace is asking, alright, how many planets will orbit with earth?  Just three for the foreseeable future, but time will tell.  (Candace: I am remembering a bunch of general knowledge right now,  and I know that people can also develop technologies to HEAT their orbs and thus the distance from a sun becomes less a factor.)

Another reason I am talking here about the removal of those who need to remain in form, before the mini stasis or with the beginning of the mini stasis,  is not all of you who read at AH have chosen to stay here.   Some of you readers here will find yourselves definitely aboard ship rather soon now, and don’t pack, we have everything you need.

Those that can be dematerialized will be, others have to step into the beam, so if  a lot of small craft show up, board ship. If you wish identification first, just ask, but if you have a sky full of craft, you can assume this is what is going on.  If you accidentally board ship and you are staying with the planet, have no worry.  Because actually some folks staying with the planet are going to be removed too, which brings me to this final topic of the night.

All of you staying with the planet after stasis will be removed, all one billion of you in fact.  But we are taking the ones going to other places first, and then the other of the billion will be brought to ship at intervals during the long stasis, and they must awaken on ship, due to the conditions on the planet.  Everyone who is staying is going to get a personal education during stasis, before they return.  When we wake the planet from the big stasis, these ones will not be thus waking up wherever they dropped off and of course, those who live where the damage will be huge can’t return to their homes anyway.

The survivors will already KNOW what happened  and that THEY are the winners.  This will help insure our progress.  Those of the nearly 100,000 will be removed much sooner, as soon as we have everything stable and are ready. Initially fleet will be very busy.  Those that are likely to become regional directors and other higher levels will obviously be removed much earlier.

Surprise!!!!!  We made that decision some time ago actually, but chose to not cover it before today.  The 1 billion survivors will return to the planet quite consciously and many actually will for a time probably be housed  in the underground areas first. The surface housing remaining may not be in good shape. This means that those of you “attending” stasis, as we have put it before, that will be on the AH team in some capacity, will actually be doing some planning WITH the survivors near the later part of stasis.

Most  of the one billion, will likely be removed from the “sleep” of stasis to ship in the last year or so, but some will be awakened earlier possibly who have some leadership potential.

Candace’s smiling, SHE JUST realized she knows this, enjoy opening up a LOT of your packies beloved.   And you other ones on the AH team to date, you will be opening a lot of yours too!  And also many of you that read here but do not for sure know your roles yet.

Candace: Well, I am happy about this because one of my worries has been over the reactions people will have at that time. I have often attempted to role play and imagine I am one of them waking to the dramatic changes that will be present.  I was suspecting Venus but couldn’t get a “straight” answer on that one, because none of us are allowed that at this time.

Now one of the questions I couldn’t get answered either, but I see it is probably in one of my packies,  is that during the magnetic reversal, while the planet is still and straight up and down, all that is NOT of God ceases to exist.  This was covered nicely with Thoth and Leonette some time ago. You can search her section for it.  So my beloved Michael, how about the answer, you know what I have been asking here, and I suspect I know the answer, but how about YOU giving it for our readers?  There are many UNgodly ones who must be removed, and we have said I think, they will just pass?????

Christ Michael:  Now, beloveds, those that must remain in body,  will all be removed at some point before the reversal.  I know it says somewhat differently above, but let me explain in greater detail.  Many will stay in the state of stasis however, until it’s time to awaken them, on ship.

During the magnetic pole reversal,  those life forms not of God will cease to exist, as both the quiet of the earth from revolution plus the incoming solar rays cleanse the planet.  Remember during the reversal the magnetosphere will also be “down.”  And to that end, those animals and plants that are to remain will be put into a very special vibratory state of stasis, in which they are “untouchable” and unharmed.  But we are removing physically all surviving humans who need their current bodies to craft.  The non survivors, such as the robots and all over life forms simply perish and they will be in a different vibratory rate, one not of God, and I won’t explain those details, some of YOU KNOW THIS already in your hearts,  but they also do not suffer in the process.

Everything OF God, has a higher vibratory rate.  The animals and plants that are destructive to the planet will all be gone during that phase.  While some will worry about the xrays , gamma rays and the like, it is more the vast amount of photons coming in during the reversal that remove that which is not of God. Photons ARE of God.  God IS Light, in that instance.

Now, IF we have the mini stasis followed with some announcements,  we are removing the darkened ones of this world, as we have said,  in human format by simply removing them. Some are going to other prison worlds or the void planet.  We pick them up in levitation beams, during the mini stasis.  Their bodies do not survive that process. They are too dark.   It’s that simple, and they are known, each one.  Their souls are picked up however, and taken where they are going, which most time will be as cavemen, of a beginning civilization.

They will be   incarnating by birth,  except those that go to the void or prison planet.  These ones are provided a morontial form that does not reproduce for their lessons there.

This routine is typical of a world under the end times of the current cycle, the judgement, as it were.  There is always a magnetic pole reversal, and those not of God simply cease to exist and it matters not if they are “man,” insect, plant or other animal.  The stasis is always used before the reversal so there is NO suffering. The malformed “spirits” associated with these not of God, simply disassociate.

We have given that the lower forms including man, have minds in which the information is stored on electrons.  During the magnetic reversal,  these simply disperse, as there is NO soul that binds them. They become part of all the other electrons of the planet.  And of course the body form used just dies and decomposes.   You will be losing a lot of plant and animal forms during the reversal.  There is always evolutionary life that develops that is less than it should be and overly parasitic on others forms of life.  The magnetic reversal removes negative viruses and bacteria too.

Now we have covered before, I think usually Esu on this one, that man carriers a lot of contaminated DNA.  Now the ones returning, who carry ANY of this DNA, because there is some terrible contamination here brought on primarily by the black operatives over time,  will not be able to reproduce.  Thus you will not immediately face any issues of overpopulation.

There will walk the planet certain ones, not unlike the original Adam and Eve,  except more of them, who will reproduce. And those of you returning in NEW forms, may be able to reproduce.  There are some people returning who have DNA that is alright, but with the increasing marriages between races, not so many of them.  We HAVE to cleanse the negative characteristics from man’s games in the laboratories over time.

We also have to cleanse the “machine mind” that has developed and in fact was imprisoned here also.  It is this mind that had caused the Galactic wars, and that is another story and we have hinted at it before, but do not need to openly cover that at this time.

We have mentioned that many star seeds have come in with improved DNA and IF they married people of their kind, and not within the contaminated DNA these children will reproduce of these ones.  And many of your young star seeds haven’t married yet, and so these ones, if they pair with another with clean DNA, they will be able to bear children.  That has been part of the solution going of for a number of years, and why so many star children are coming in at this time.  Sort of a different method but yet similar in some ways to the Adam and Eve missions when successful.

There will be NO defective DNA passed onto other humans after stasis. NONE.  This will absolutely guarantee the uplifting of man alone, but he will also need our help, because of his contaminated mind.  These souls remember, that are returning still have up to 49% uncleared karma.  But these ones will NOT pass that uncleared karma unto any future children.  Many of you who have incarnated here over time, have purposely incarnated within certain family lines to clear that very karma stored in the DNA. There is LOTS of “WAR” Karma still in man’s genetics.

Now I see Candace is tiring. I want this up this evening, and she can add modifications or teaching later if she desires and if the mini or permanent stasis does not intervene in that time.  She will summarize this a bit perhaps for clarity if she wishes.  Be in Peace.

Candace: I am not going to summarize tonight, just get it up after making sure I don’t have something stupid in it, from typos or poorly constructed sentences and missing words.  I may add more tomorrow, you are free to write me mail if you have my address, or thru the contact form if you don’t understand and perhaps I can then add something.


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