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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

# 127 Update on the Gulf Situation
By Christ Michael thru Candace
Jul 21, 2010 - 7:10:05 AM

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Update on the Gulf Situation

Christ Michael
Monday July 19th 2010

Hello beloveds this is Christ Michael and its time for a bit more of an update. We considered covering what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico in some detail a few days ago and this is risky to our workers to go to far.

But tonight we will make some simple statements. Please be reading what is in the alternative news some of which is being posted on AH for details because they are largely correct and this prevents targeting of my people if the material comes from elsewhere.

Things are generally worse than what is being told. And none if it is correct on your mainstream TV but well won't go further on what is wrong. You should be seeing the difference between the alternative news and mainstream.

We can say this is an extinction level event for that local region when it does manifest. Those of you who read her who live along especially the US of A borders need to consider your future. When the methane "cloud" erupts, we have little to no time to pick up unless you can be dematerialized to ship and most of you can't survive that but we can bring your souls aboard and out of the fray.

The air will become dangerous quickly and the evacuating small craft cannot work in the methane and other chemical and in fact some of their systems would help cause fires to it.

This event put the screws to our plans in essence. BP did NOT do this intentionally in the beginning, the blow out was real. But they have made it worse and they are not telling it all, which is why you must search the web yourself.

The rumor of the 100 mile long crack is quite true and there are many forming as I speak that are new. The whole area is deteriorating rapidly and your stupid stories on the news are not correct at all. There is the plan to keep the masses living in the area uniformed and I can state the federal government has NO intention of attempting any evacuations. The decisions are made to let the area go as it will go.

They do not truly have good stocks of food anymore in their FEMA camps, and they do not have the money to suddenly hire adequate personal and you see, most of your military and local national guards are overseas.

This methane event will basically be the end. I positioned the stasis ships a couple weeks ago again, as we watch and determine the amount of methane released. If we can safely hold a bit we will wait, because man needs to see this. If the methane is of too high a degree we go into stasis and get the plant and animal life thus protected in this manner. We cannot risk to let the concentrations get to high to living beings, or we have too much loss to return.

We cannot state exactly when this event will happen. Meanwhile mother is moving again and you are also seeing more quakes. The military as suggested somewhat on alternative news is planning also more warfare and there is some interference to reduce this going on and I will not subject my workers to more danger to expose what is going on.

To make a long story short, as you all have well known, the dark brotherhood is determined to take this world out with it but you have no worry of that happening.

While some of you are very upset of the wildlife and this oil leak, understand during the pole reversal and other changes that will manifest, much oil is released when the plates move during these events. But the methane release is generally not nearly what we expect. With life in stasis we can clean the methane and all the other pollutants that will manifest. We have the best of the best here for that purpose.

There is nothing we can truly due to modulate this activity building in the Gulf. There is more than one well leaking also and that is beginning to hit your alternative news and perhaps the mainstream here shortly.

But the main stream news is not going to provide any coverage of the extreme dangers sincle they do not wish to have to engage in any rescues in that region. The other countries will not fair well either around the gulf, but the massive explosion of methane well occur closer to the US of A borders and thus the greater risk.

There will be one or more large tsunamis. Candace: after we were finished with the piece, I went to copy it to place it on the site and it disappeared completely, all the typing. So I closed it and then decided to see if any of it survived. It did up to the word tsunamis above because he took a break of about 20 minutes, during which I made corrections. None of my corrections were left, so I corrected it all again, I hope. He told me to just try to summarize what was said, so I will hopefully remember the bulk of it. We have having many sorts of "disappearing' problems of late, including on the forum. This is very annoying.

The tsunami's are caused by the large displacement, and there be also be huge winds from this. Then the seabed of course collapses producing a lot of quakes. There is a circular plate in the gulf offshore of Louisiana and this puppy is going to move. A lot of the methane is under it. It will upset much moving north and there may even be significant activity or rupture of the New Madrid.

He advised that we could go into stasis nearly immediately or at a time after the worst is over, depending totally on the situation at hand. He stated they did something to stall the area east of the Tonga trench as this would worsen the gulf situation from what it is now. I am not remembering some of the more exacting details, it was not that much. But you are to be logically prepared, because if they don't go immediately to stasis, there will be a huge immediately shortage of goods and transportation of such. I think this is main of what was covered after our break. I never had the copy feature erase a piece before, unless I accidentally hit some key I didn't mean to hit, but I would think the undo typing feature would work. I need to get this up. I will hit save just in case before I copy.

Sorry about the difficulties. Take care, Candace

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