#123 Update #24
By Aton thru Candace
May 29, 2010 - 9:28:45 AM

Update #24
Christ Michael & Candace
MAY 29, 2010

Dearly beloveds, It is I Aton. I apologize for the length of time for an official update. We have been most busy.

We are continuing to have great trouble with the BBB & G's and we have a new plan. I will not disclose it, but it WILL work. We are delaying, or rather not assisting GAIA for just a couple days until this plan is fully operative. But know we ARE completely removing all dark ones who stand in the way and there is a replacement program for them, and that is the part that we do not disclose as to how this is being done.

There should continue to be increasing quakes however, as GAIA continues to fully birth the "head" according to the allegory we are using at this time, in the birthing process.

Regards the unusual magnetosphere which Candace is pondering, yes this in intentional and it begins the early process of the Magnetic Pole Reversal. More like the preparatory stages for it.
This is of our doing. We have simply used nature's ways to open up the magnetosphere without benefit of storm. When energies do come in the from the sun they will impact the planet more than before.

You will see this more and more in the coming days and couple weeks. We are merely setting the stage for the reversal at this time. The reversal will STILL take place AFTER you are in stasis. As we have explained before, the life forms, all of them must be protected during this time, as the energies that enter would otherwise cause much DNA damage.

We can however and WILL leave a few frequencies open to so speak so that unwanted life forms that do not register with the God frequencies will simply leave at that time.

This has been covered at one time by Thoth in particular thru Leonette. That which is not of God does leave when the rotation stops, as this disturbs the "spiritual" gravity circuits and that which does not serve literally flies off the planet, and then is "scooped up" by certain members of this large team and destroyed before it can transverse the heavens. Thus it will not infect other creations.

I can say that this new solution to the thugs WILL allow for us to have the necessary cooperation to be on the airwaves with some minimal education before stasis begins. This is necessary primarily for those that will return in body to this planet, and those going in body to other worlds.

That is all for now beloveds, I know this is short and brief, but we must have some security to our plans. Candace is aware of the process however. It does go a bit with the snake and rat vision she described. Namaste and be about any more preparations you need to accomplish before TSHTF as used on your place. ATON.

Candace: TSHTF=The Shit Hit's the Fan. You can also see the post I made during my night about the Magnetosphere. This incoming NON storm is now decreasing.

BBB &G's=Big Bad Boys & Girls, a term I coined long ago for the dark brothers and sisters.

Link to Leonette's piece with Thoth


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