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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

#122 Update #23
By Esu, S333 and CM thru Candace
May 26, 2010 - 11:35:39 AM

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Update #23
May 26, 2010

Esu, S333 and Christ Michael

Esu: Hello beloveds, well the time seems to be fast approaching. Yesterday, CM reported of the mother hemorrhaging internally, and we were able to clear to blockage so the energy could flow where it should.

Candace did a work with some friends above, about the location of this fault, and if you have not yet found it, you might like to take a look so that you can see where this event will start. All energy flows in rings similar to what occurs when the pebble hits the water, and so it shall with this, plus it will reverberate thru the planet and cause more quakes, releases and probably some volcanization.

We know many of you will be shocked, but you must rapidly come into quietness and let your self help the others around you. Again, any of you living in dangerous areas will be evacuated if need be along with many others.

Candace just disturbed me to send some advice to Mother Gaia to remind her there are evacuations plans. She has been working with Momma as she likes to now call her. Over the hours to days after the first quake there will be many more, and as we have suggested the Mid Atlantic Ridge will have a massive quake, likely in about the same latitude as this quake coming and thus both sides of South America will be hit.

There will be much destruction in all the South Pacific Islands, and Hawaii. Tsunami's will take a terrible toll around the world. The energy from the affects on South America will travel north and set off many quakes on the coastal areas of North America also in at most a few days time.

We still expect LA basin to collapse into the sea as the Tsunami's from the first event will cause sufficient "loosening" to cause that. Hopefully some Californians will evacuate after the first tsunami.

This should also upset the volcanoes in in the Pacific Northwest of North America. When the Mid Atlantic Ridge quakes and shakes, a lot of damage into the gulf of Mexico area will occur as well.

The coastal regions of Europe and the east Coast of the United States will probably fare fairly well in this initial set of events. The west African coast will see some damage. The Indonesian area will be devastated.

We think that the New Madrid fault will be affected at some point, due in part to gulf area issues that will work themselves backwards thru the Mississippi Delta.

This will be a very big and devastating week or so until things settle. We do hope to get on TV and radio before stasis. Stasis will take place when it has to take place, and if there is too much damage, particularly volcanism, we will have to move to it without becoming public. This is why we are supporting Mother Gaia to get going, so the damage is less and does not force our hand into stasis before we can become public.

There will be food shortages very rapidly. We hope you have set aside some food. The banks will be folded for at least a short time. We will install something to get them running again as soon as it is possible. The dark ones still in residence in various sectors such as the money and media sectors are going to be removed during the initial events so they are out of our way completely. There is no hope for these ones coming to serve, many would try to merely shore up more wealth as they cannot imagine any other way.

Candace: Understand with these affects in the ocean and atmosphere, there WILL be a huge loss of ability to deliver food and supplies and that may well include gasoline also. You have had the upper hand knowledge, so prepare if you have not already.

Esu: Now, some of you near the events may be lifted and then put back on the ground if there is ground left for you. You must assist in areas where there is survival and you will come back until stasis begins. We will not put you back in areas where you have no means to communicate with others, so do not worry on that. You will however be conscious and won't find yourselves back without your memories. So you may learn a bit while on the craft and you will be expected to help aboard the craft until you are returned, if you are returning. There will be many people evacuated who have NO idea of us and you will be helping us make them comfortable.

Those going to other worlds in body will obviously be lifted. And likely a few that aren't going to other worlds, we will not hugely "sort" whoever comes to the beams. Anyone will have some benefit from the experience and some could after the fact choose to go to other worlds. We can maintain "extras" for some time, on craft.

Candace has in the past placed links or photos of large evacuation craft. These hold many millions of people so some are going to have quite an experience.

Ok, I will leave now and hand the microphone over to S333. CM may or may not join us shortly he was called to attend to a problem and I must go help out also.

S333: Alright beloveds, Here I am. I will but lecture you a bit. No matter how shocked you are and some of you will be shocked, again, you must maintain your composure, and very rapidly. Long ago, it has been said on AH that you must be ROCKS. And so it is. We can anticipate what we think will happen, but we can't know what fully happened until it is done ourselves.

Since there will be shortages, some of man, when his tummy is empty may become very restless and in fact dangerous. AVOID THESE PEOPLE. If you have saved up some food, do NOT let others know of it, as they will have no trouble relieving you of the food. We will as needed actually put fleet members of the ground to take some control and beloveds, please understand, by control, some of these ones will send troubled out of control individuals to the "other side". We will not allow certain ones to become gang leaders.

We will get on the air ways when we can. But rumors will fly. Those of you that have guns, keep them handy, and although you must help out, do not shut yourselves totally behind closed doors in fear. The coming CMEs plus the energy disturbances created by large quakes, will cause communication problems and we hope to repair a lot of this as areas settle down so WE can use them.

Cables running under oceans may well break. Some of you may not be able to reach the AH website, and you must be on your own, standing in your shoes, and not running to read what you must do here, because that kind of advice is not going to be here anyway. Some of you are too dependent on channeled material.

We will however, do everything we can do to assist keeping the AH website online. It's servers are state side. We do plan to have full coverage publicly as the mess settles down. We hope to have Candace herself on that broadcasting team. In fact during this time, there will be lots of new people who will visit the site for information. It will probably get congested so all of you don't necessarily need to be glued to the site, let others have a chance.

The TV coverage will not be huge. It is too late to cover some of the dark deeds, but the main ones will be covered, such as the 911 event for example. Most of the time will be given over to some teaching about God, and about the coming stasis events and what to expect. We may before stasis even give some folks opportunity to choose to board craft to explore other options. We prefer to give the public knowledge for the forthcoming events and our roles, so those that ARE returning after stasis, will remember this, and able to except star fleet members on the ground and in your skies when they awaken.

We have not made final decisions yet about uncloaking and when it should be done. There are simply too many people, who will be already scarred out of their wits. These will have so much fear they will pass this plane. These last few weeks are important to the soul growth of those here before stasis that survive the events forth coming.

After the initial events which should hopefully be over in a week, then the earth will feel exhausted and having vented will settle down a great deal for the remaining time.

We will be working during night times to help restore communications, fix some water line breaks and those kind of activities. There may be quiet a few who will wonder if god is working miracles. No not miracles, just restoration to prevent some of the ugliest problems that man is capable of when he has not food, water, or shelter.

NOW I REPEAT HERE, watch out for some strangers and their actions. If people do no want to hear you, shut up. This is a time to serve basic needs and no tell religion of any sort. Scared people who do not know truth can attack you as DEMONS.

In fact during this time we expect some battles between religion with certain areas. Man does not understand God. Many will however come into service of helping their neighbors, and this is needed and desired. But some will become very dangerous. If you are operating in any sort of shelter that springs up, and you have ones who are dangerous, you do NOT try to help them. Put them outside to the elements and SHUT THE DOORS. There are people who will develop very abnormal minds and you do not allow them to harm others. You have to look at the highest good. And the highest good in some cases will be to close the doors and shut dangerous people away.

Fear in these ones will likely cause them to quickly succumb and be out of the way. There will be many deaths dear ones, simply due to fear. The body will put out many chemicals and people will drop dead. LET THIS HAPPEN and put your efforts with the living. You must use "triage" per se.

Candace: for those doing translations, "triage" is the sorting of people into 3 categories: those who have no hope, those who need attention NOW and those who can wait a bit.

S333: Too many of you are too nice sometimes, and this will be a time for clarity. You must keep yourselves under control, because otherwise you will not hear the advice of your guardian angels. It will be them informing you, not us generally in these conditions. HEED your "instincts" thusly.

Ok I release the podium to Christ Michael

Christ Michael: OK, beloveds, I left a bit to attend some details needing my input. Candace took a short walk and when I dinged her head, she was just entering her driveway and remembered where she was once on it, when I contacted her from a craft some years ago now, the day of the 2004 presidential  elections in the United States.  I had come down in a craft, right over her home, part of my giving support to her at the time, making this "real."

The pressure is strongly brewing now in the "unknown" but now known to you fault line. There is already subtle movement and small waves being generated. Most of you should KNOW when the quaking gets serious. The preliminaries are mostly from movement of magma right now. Pretty soon the fault will start its big slip and the energy will be carried also to the Tonga Trench which should experience a lot of movement also.

There is not much more for me to speak on at this time. Please do read Don Hines message today. It is important. Do not forget I am much more than the body who called himself Hatonn for a time. I AM my whole creation. This body is but a tool for my return at this time.

During stasis, those of you attending will be coming into a lot of memory about how this works. It can be explained largely by science in fact. Your "string theory" is hitting on this concept and we notice it has been largely shut down the last few years from publication in the western world.

The Russians already remember and know much. They have explored this entire solar system in craft and taken many measurements. During stasis, much of this will be translated into English and put on the web for all to study, as they have time and interest while they build the new world.

We move forward now. Be prepared, be brave, be honest unless you need to lie to save a life, and come into full service and listen to your inner self in all situations. Checking out now, it's back to work. I AM Christ Michael/Aton of Nebadon.


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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