To My Beloved Eve
By CM thru Candace
Mar 28, 2013 - 8:52:06 AM

Eve, beloved, I did not desire to rent asunder AbundantHope.  I would not separate it into pieces either.  Candace awaits with great love for you to put humpty dumpty together again!.  I want you to develop  AbundantHope Northern Europe beloved, NOT  AH Germany serving Northern Europe.  I await also in great love for this to be developed.

Candace is well.  She continues on as CEO of the International Organization.  Her mind is sound.  Her special arch angel circuits all work.  We work together every day. Look at the growth going on.  We have plans being set in place for the teaching period.  Look who is there serving the central organization.

I would never  ask Johan, Jess,   Hazel,  Rosie, Kibo, Ron, John, Esteban, Drita, Leonette, Christ and all the other strong ones,  to leave Candace and go over to a separate organization.  I do not divide ONE INTO TWO OR MORE my dearest.

Now let's put this thing back together and make amends with those who were pushed away, or resigned.  And I ask you to see the one who was also on your team and bothering Candace in her forum works, for this took place and it was not right and does not deserve your support.

I remind you of the old saying:  United We Stand, Divided We Fall.  I will not support this division that you created.  I did not appoint you to take over from Candace at any time. Esu did not suggest any such rendering assunder of AbundantHope either.  He does not look down at Candace.

You are requested by myself today, to either take down your websites, or come back HOME beloved.  If you are coming back Home to AbundantHope,  you must then be ready to develop the Northern European Area.  We are working out the borders at this time for 4 areas of Europe to be served.  Well you step in and take Northern Europe?  I look forward to this but Candace is my central one, and you must agree to work under her advice.  As do all the Regional Directors.  Had you forgotten you were one of them, even though we chose not to yet announce it long ago?

Giuseppe remains the other Regional Director to date for the European region and we are working out his request for an eastern section.    Others will be appointed during the mini stasis for many more areas around the whole globe.   The plan cannot go that Eve is separate from perhaps 50 regional areas to serve the planet initially during the long teaching period.  Many are placed that are no known publically at this time and unknown to AH readers.

I AM Michael of Nebadon.


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