#137 Tis the Time of the Resurrection
By AA Michael, with small teachings by Candace
Dec 26, 2010 - 8:49:15 AM


Candace: we did this yesterday, but it is not time sensitive and I had a long list of other work to complete and was having troubles with my typos anyway, so I waited until I was refreshed this morning to fix my errors.


Tis the Time of the Resurrection

Arch Angel Michael thru Candace

Christmas Day, 2010.

Dearly beloveds,  some time ago Candace and I did a piece on the resurrection.  I AM the Arch Angel of the Resurrection, and Arch Angel Michael is more properly a title.  The arch angel of resurrection on any planet at the time of ending and resurrection is always under the name of the bestowal son, in these cases.  Thus Since Michael of Nebadon is your bestowal son, I am thus the Arch Angel of the Resurrection and go by “Michael.”   Candace can post the link to our piece done in times past.

Now as an education here,  a planet under goes many cleansings, any normal evolutionary planet, when it becomes overpopulated or there are any of various sorts of end times.  Life is given a period of time to evolve on any evolutionary planet, seed planet or otherwise, and then with the normal coming of an Avonal or Creator Son, there is at some point a final judgement of all the souls who have worked thru the planet over time, prior to the entry into Light and Life.

At the time of this final judgement,  before light and life,  only souls of a higher nature incarnate into a planet.  It is not longer a suitable place for the experiencing of younger souls.  It becomes a higher grade in school as such.

For Mother Earth  (GAIA, Urantia)  it is that time. Already in fact only 5d or higher level souls may incarnate into this planet, but that does not of course prevent the birth of the robotoids or automatons as they are often called.  There are no dark beings incarnating into this planet since 1995 in fact.  There are only the automatons and the Son’s of God coming in or repeating incarnations if that is already the attained level and appropriate to have another life.

Please beloveds, this that I am covering does not affect most or perhaps any readers of AbundantHope. You are still awakening to the fact that you are way beyond the evolutions of this planet.  Most of you are at superuniverse level or higher that have come to serve. Those still in the local universe schools, while they come to planets like this for experience they don’t awaken particularly well to who they are. They usually think they are on a first life and become entangled in religions on a world such as this, but they gain valuable thinking/problem solving experiences nevertheless. They are far from perfected beings yet.


(Candace:  All of you who are attracted to this material, are not doing your ascension, meaning fusion with the thought adjuster.  You did that a very long time ago.  You could not be superuniverse or Havona folks otherwise.  That said, "ascension" also means growth, and that never does stop, but in terms of earth teachings, the ascension of an earth soul does mean fusion.  There are many trials and testings before this occurs. You would not believe how many star seeds  here, have paid for false classes to earn their ascension! And they earned it perhaps a hundred thousand years ago or more or well more than that.   And NONE of these classes would provide that anyway. Many have been conducted supposedly by St. Germain. Beloved's it is a souls guardian angels that set that all up, the lesson plans.  Nothing you can take on earth can prepare for this. Lots of fraud in both churches and new age.  )

Now,  during the upcoming weeks, there will appear in many areas of your planet a number of perfected or nearly perfected beings.  These are the volunteers we have spoken of that are coming into cloned look alike forms replacing those who are being removed.  Most are already in action, but we are getting a few more yet into place as we finalize everything.

Look at your news and look for your familiar faces therein who look younger and refreshed and it should become obvious to you.  As we take over the air waves this is mostly all that those on the planet now are going to see, the shining light behind the eyes will be very obvious, even on television.  They will be setting a huge example.

They are here very short term, until the stasis and then may vacate if they wish. Not only are they in the media and government, there are many others in various corporations, businesses and the like, including some replaced religious leaders also. During these upcoming times of teaching, accompanied by some earth changes, we need the higher Sons of God on the planet, the dark ones cannot accommodate this.


(Candace: we have already pointed out that we have a “new Obama and Michelle” but these have only been shown twice, the other Obama’s are otherwise still being used for the time being. Those of you that saw the Barbara Walter’s special that was done on Thanksgiving Day and shown on Black Friday saw the new couple and the real love between them was palpable.)

In most cases, with the dark ones, if they are married and have family, the family is likely completely replaced also.  There would be too much stress of the existing ones of living with a very highly lighted person that was obviously very changed.   Do not worry on these ones, because all are sorted as to service now and that is the way it is.

Now is the time of the Resurrection of both the souls and of Lady Gaia herself. We have covered this before thru various ones.  As we have informed you there will be around 1 billion souls who have barely earned the right to travel up with Gaia and they are given this right for only one reason. As a seed planet, these souls have not yet grown to full stature and are unready to move up in the normal methods of choice.  These actions we have taken are strictly to increase the “harvest” which is far to small.

There are many who thus cannot resurrect yet and most will travel to other worlds moving at a pace with their progress or lack thereof.

We originally considered removing everybody as they passed and letting a lot more 5d folks into here, but decided instead to allow what you are calling, the 51% people to stay  and be given further opportunity to grow.   Now this chore or job of who and what is resurrected, is of my mission.

Understand Christ Michael, Esu, Monjoronson and others have no role in this.  They have no role in the uncreation of anyone either, others have that task, specifically the courts of the superuniverse, except in the case of younger souls who simply “opt out” of eternal life. This planet has been tough and the “opt in” choices are considerably less than normal.  Candace: Please consider reading paper 15 of the UB on the superuniverse. Section 12 talks of the tribunals. )

Now as you have been taught, during the Magnetic pole reversal everything that is not of God falls off the planet.  Even if it’s in stasis.  We are thus going to have to remove a lot of folks before the reversal, and then put them back on, of course AFTER the stasis and the changes with it.  (Candace: LONG stasis here, not a mini one, there is no magnetic pole reversal should the mini stasis we discussed occur. In fact we have had several mini stasis periods on this planet, starting that we have shared back in 1992 when we entered the photon Belt and there have been short 1 -2 day period since, which is partly a reason why the seasons are not matching our calendars as well).

As part of this teaching process coming up,  we plan to have people informed of star fleets purpose and this being the 2nd Coming as best they understand it.  Most of these ones cannot be dematerialized to craft, none actually, who are so borderline, and many cannot even board by levitation beam.  Their bodies would be consumed by the process.

So as the teaching announcement process goes on, because we are also going to pick up robotoids, we must have people board craft by stairs, or small antigravity platforms. This requires landing or hovering a bit above the surface.  This is time consuming and not so practical, but we have to have them off the planet before the stasis starts. We have not covered this before because of the constant changing of plans and the many discussions.

It will be some of your roles, to help convince these people where you live, to board craft by whatever means.  There are likely going to be some significant earth changes and many need to see these changes and us, during the period of announcements.  We would want to thus lift people out of areas facing danger.  We will not be successful in getting all of them, but without some teaching and trying to get folks comfortable, those that would board ship would be very few.  It is desired these ones get additional experience IN body, even if they will not be returning to the planet after stasis.

Now those 1 billion staying with the planet, still have to be off the planet too, and so will all of you who are staying on to serve.  We will be starting the magnetic pole reversal shortly before stasis is started.   It will occur slowly to prevent too much change in landscapes, and we will be picking up people hugely at that time, before the planet stills herself.  We know not the exact timing yet on the pickup because sometimes shit happens, as you all are fond of saying and even in “heaven” things happen according to their own timings and distractions.  All of you must by now understand that during your wait.

At the time during the teaching process that we begin to show of our selves, you in the know, MUST at that time put aside your worries about how you will be reacted too. You must support us and explain you have long been prepared for this. The teaching process will have another benefit because folks that know nothing of AH or us, or are even in denial of us will wake up, those sleeping star seeds here, and come into this service also. Some of your family members are going to finally “get it.”  Some may not and if they do not under reasonable conditions, put your time elsewhere. If they are not amongst those staying after the long stasis, it matters not.  Do not keep trying to give pearls to people that want only rocks. It is after all, the final sorting. Well almost, there will continue to be sorting after the long stasis as people pass then, because some aren’t going to earn their ascension.

Normally at these end times, the children of the planet, are mostly ready for fusion with their thought adjusters, which is generally around the consciousness state of 6d. Not always, some are a little earlier, some a little later, but it’s a general statement. These ones who are the 51% groups are still within 4d consciousness, and so they will get a chance to make it to 5d consciousness at least with the planet. When they do, they then have other choices available to them for their growth.  They may or may not fuse before the end of their lives or on further births into the planet. All is individual. (Candace: the ascension of people on this planet is not a mass ascension as put out thru various incorrect new age sites, controlled by CIA or not.  Ascension is fusion with the thought adjuster.  Each soul has to make their own way on their own time.)

These one billion, as stated will be awakened before the end of stasis. When they are boarded to craft, they will be put into stasis on craft, because they are not to have yet earned this experience and are not to watch what is done during stasis.   They are not ready for the teaching that will fit them better when they are awakened to the repaired planet.  They will get some preliminary teaching once awakened on ship.

As to the animals,  if they are of God they just rest in the stasis, and survive very nicely the time when the planet is upright and still during the magnetic pole reversal.  They are also put into stasis however, because the stress of a pole reversal is terrifying and of course, since there will be much volcanization with the reversal and with the axis changes,  they must be in stasis, because their bodies would otherwise die of oxygen deprivation.  We ALWAYS put a planet into stasis when the animals must be protected for anything major of this sort.  So they will happily sleep.

Those of you returning to the planet, will have your pets provided for, and depending on what you are doing they may stay with you during stasis or sleep thru stasis and return to you later.  Please do not write questions of this sort to Candace, she has so little time lately between her responsibilities with us and never ending time consuming issues with the dark harassments.  You can wait and find out when it happens.  We will also be doing teaching that may answer many your questions, because the rest of the planet has a lot more questions than you will have!

You will find your own selves awakening more and more even from our teaching, it will set off memories that will help you as you open up your various packies you have been given.  (Candace: not to be confused with Casper packies, please.  Not money, packets of information stored in your mind to be read at the proper time when they are coded to open up to you or you find and open them yourselves.  Last time the word packies was used in one of my pieces, a bunch of you thought it meant Casper’s packies. Your higher mind and even your lower mind with these bodies, your “ego mind”,  store material sort of like you store material in files on your computer.  These packies are thus files of information on the “hard drive” of your mind.)

We do not know how long the teaching period will be.  It depends on the people and the planet.  We have done some things to delay earth changes, including the GOM so to have time.  With the Gulf of Mexico, we have pushed the areas of problems back in time, so to speak, a de aging as it were.  This restores the matter in the affected leaks to the condition of not leaking for a time.  It is as if, you are say 60 and now are like you were when you were 25.  Moved back in time.  This moving back in time causes it’s own pressures however, and as we move into the announcement teaching process, we will moved these stressed areas back forward to this time as there has to be a counter balancing. This cannot continue indefinitely.

I hope this little piece will be helpful to the many of you waiting in your impatience, again for a bit of a magic wand.  This whole now current process has been created only in the last 1 1/2 to 2 years and the time and balance is very complex.  This is experimental and thus we had to derive new parameters for everything.  You will be in awe as you see it unfold.  We have here in this sense, a delay in the normal resurrection process in these sorts of evolutionary end times that is our gift ( and recompense)  in a way, for the many failures on this planet that have given rise to a people not yet ready to ascend.

But Gaia is ready, the harvest is too low, and thus we have created this solution.  Everyone who is anyone in the higher realms are going to be watching this and talking this for a very long time, especially if it works!  We will have tread new waters.  We hope this will be so.  Good evening and Merry Christmas.  I am Arch Angel Michael of the Resurrection, of the Creator Michaels’ seed planet.


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