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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

#135 There will be No mini stasis, It’s all getting Done Now.
By CM, Esu, S333, General Radetsky, Media person, AA Michael, and Me, and Steve
Dec 21, 2010 - 5:03:30 PM

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There will be No mini stasis, It’s all getting Done Now.

CM, General Radetsky, Esu, S333, And Our Faithful Media guy. And AA Michael who was late to the meeting.

thru Candace

Also at the end is a short update with CM thru Steve from the forum.

Christ Michael: Hello dear ones, we are all gathered around Candace at this time and we will all speak but this is CM to start off the brief show.  We are making HUGE progress beloveds, do not be impatient, you are going to much like the show that is coming. We ARE able to now skip mini stasis unless the Gulf should blow big time.  There will likely be some major quakes during the LONG announcement period, but that’s OK.

We have removed many. We made major removals for education and sadly and as expected I guess,  many didn’t wish to switch direction. We had some that did, and are back on your place, but most couldn’t change of their programming even with all the wondrous evidence and some personal appearances by the several of us.  We are hoping to take the announcement period now to a few weeks of time. This is my gift to these my younger sons and daughters who have had so little chance to understand because of the heavy control.  This is partly my gift also to Candace, who wanted all of them to have what they do not know, because they cannot make a valid decision without being informed and she is right.  So there will be a lot of information.


(Candace: this is true and I have shed some rather large tears at times over that which people believe is true about God and is not and they lack motivation from the bad teaching alone. I am often literally appalled at what I encounter on other forums, and with those I encounter personally in my area.  Even the star seeds are lacking and that is anther discussion all together. I think we should try this experiment and see how it works, there is certainly nothing to loose for the attempt. )

We have a huge show planned of wondrous materials of truth, which will cover of course how the dark side took over, the wars your soldiers fought, not knowing they were serving corporate interests and not their country. We hope too, Candace is smiling, to convince people that Esu will not ride his white horse across the sky to pick up his favorites .

Initially the announcements will cover the political and money scenario’s and then we carefully move into full disclosure of our purpose. As part of this, there will be live TV crews aboard even my own craft and several others, to provide a real picture of us.

Eventually if time allows, in addition to nightly displays, we will offer rides to and from the craft that can people can handle the energies of.  Physical people must have physical ships, but we will also effort to give a real idea of the Light Ship that traverses the higher heavens, i.e. the architectural worlds of Nebadon and Orvonton.

As Candace did report to those of you on the forum we were over Denver for actually 8 days in a row. We are only there now and then at this moment. The importance of that area is related to our direct takeover of the underground some several years ago now and it will serve our needs after the long stasis until we have set up our properties on the surface in the Denver area.  As some of you know, the International headquarters are to be based there. Now I leave you to “the General”.

General Radetsky: Hello one and all. Some of you who have followed this for a long time now know of me.  For those that don’t, I am Admiral Jhonka, an a

Arch Angel from another universe who has lent my expertise to this world.  I am incarnate as General Radetsky on your plane.  Amongst my duties as an American General of very high rank and obscured from the main public, has been the co-ordination and oversight of the joint alien-US-Russian base on Mars. I have also provided a great deal of service to this 2nd Coming project in recent years.

My crew is in charge of the return of the American soldiers to their homes, preferably before Christmas.  About 80% of those serving overseas in the combat regions wished to join with us, and the rest chose to stay where they are. We will also be returning soldiers in other countries over the announcement period.  This will be a joyous event, as it does signify the end of the wars and the beginning on peace of Earth.  We have prevented the mess in the Korean scenario that you have been hearing about. NO MORE WAR people, as those that continue to learn war are not candidates for this world. I now give the podium over to the Media Person.

Media Person (and dear friend) who must remain unidentified at this time: Well dear ones, there are those of us who are in service despite the appearances we must maintain. I too am an Arch angel incarnate and you will know of me before much longer because I am chairing the initial media announcements and will appear often through the whole period.  There are several of us and you will be most surprised.  Many media people though, had to be replaced for this project, they would not come into service and we don’t want them anyway, as there would be that behind the scenes corruption where possible. The committed dark stay committed to the end, sadly so, but that is the nature of man on these evolutionary planets.

We have long be preparing, well long in earth years, about 3 years the upcoming presentations.  We are going to cover EVERYTHING over those weeks and soap operas are not on the menu.  We will have the news, and we will have us, and that is basically the programming that will be available. We are happy to say that “V” will be canceled.  Those media who were replaced are needed thru out the world to maintain the normalcy.  And so it goes.  I now yield to S333.

S333: Well beloveds, I am saying a bit more about myself than has been previously given.  Like CM and Esu, I am embodied at this time. I am from Orvonton, and my speciality is resolving financial problems on these lower worlds.  You should maybe have guessed at that from my previous works presented here on AbundantHope.  I am using a semi material body as I must walk this plane.  I have actually been here in this form for 26 years now and I have been working with Candace on another project of which you will probably be informed about in some way shortly, but I leave that issue to the parties concerned.

The new system is designed and ready and we are removing the old from it, such as a lot of banking folks.  The economic money system will be kept reasonably stable during the announcement period and it is the work of my team that has kept the destruction of this world monetarily at bay.  I actually live under the Himalayas at the big city and base operated by Nebadon on this planet.  It is Nebadon’s headquarters. Some of you will be visiting there at some point.  This is enough for this brief update and I step down to let Esu finish the piece.  Namaste dear ones.

Esu: Well dear ones, while I am to end the piece, I temporarily step aside for AA Michael who has come aboard a bit late and just made Candace aware of his presence.

AA Michael: Well, well, there must always be the late comer to the party. And so here I am.  The biggest reason dear ones for this extended grace and mercy to the ones of this planet, is simply in part, the “harvest” has not been as large as needed, and in this regard I do not speak of the fallen angels and thugs who were sent to learn here.  That one has been alright, not as much as we wish, but more than expected as the statement goes.  This other Harvest is that of the earth souls growing up here in this seed planet. We really do need to increase this and thus this final effort to do so.  Seed planets provide the new souls to journey thru other planets as they mature.

We are  hopeful this experiment, and an experiment it is, will greatly enhance that.  And we hope also that there will be a great reclamation of the robotoids also, who have not deserved what they have received.  We do have special plans for them. Even with announcements they will not get thought adjustors, their thinking is not good, but we are going to provide them another opportunity to better develop their thinking on a mix of other planets and aboard craft. There are a lot of them.

They are not good at problem solving and making cave men of them does not work. This again is an experiment as there are so many on your plane, and we shall see if we can stimulate their minds in other ways, such as the use of computers to teach problem solving thinking.  They do not have the long experiential journey that normal souls on a seed planet have. Normal seed souls start out as the plants initially, are moved up thru various animal forms thereafter and know survival from that experience.

The robot has little going for him and especially on a world like this.  The few that do get an adjustor do so under medium conditions. They are overwhelmed by both responsibility in industry management and also overwhelmed when they are raised in abject poverty. Neither causes healthy organic mind growth. These ones are essentially living machines.  We will attempt to help them grow gently into thinking during the remainder of their normal life spans and see how it works.

Now, I must scurry back to my business at hand, and release the podium to Esu.

Esu: Alright dear ones. Let me start with this topic of the underground under Denver. This was to be the NWO headquarters, as both Italy and Britain are not going to do well during the changes.  The Denver Metro area, all of Colorado in fact was experiencing rapid growth in real estate there for this reason.  Many of the these jobs coming were IN the massive underground built up over many years.  It runs from near Pueblo in the south, up to north of Ft. Collins, under the mountains.  Denver International Airport is a major entry hub into this large complex.  Candace in fact lives nearly over some tunnels running west from there and knows well the “Taos hum” produced by the nuclear tunneling machines during the construction of that airport.

Mine and AH International Headquarters will be in this region.  We have already made some important purchases of facilities but these may be damaged by some of the earth changes and at any rate will not be complete at the end of stasis.  So we will be using a lot of this underground as needed for a period of time. I actually have “offices” underground there at this time and we have brought at lot of the detainees thru there.

There are extensive tunnel systems from this area to other major underground bases the dark were so kind to construct for us throughout North America.  Yes, they got carrots for it, big time, so they would build it for these times.  We have always hoped not to have to fully evacuate the planet, and even if we did, these areas will remain useful with little harm for our use. China and Russia actually built large underground bunkers for their population, but the western countries, have built only for the continuation of the “elite” or so we tricked them to believe.

These underground areas all over the globe that you have read about ARE part of our plans for this world. It is after all the Bestowal Planet of Christ Michael and it will be a marvelous Jewel all the while also being restored as a seed planet of a higher mind, as another seed planet has been developed for providing the experience for new souls. Always there is one or more seed  planets per major section of this universe.

Your earth animals, as part of being in the Milky Way Ecliptic will be making their own sudden growth also over the next 1000 years and many will stand up and walk. Your beloved pets are FUTURE humans dear ones, and your younger brothers. Treat them with the respect they deserve for that. They are not just soulless “animals.”

They too are on a journey upward. Many will even receive thought adjusters. Some already have, and the classes for these ones on your other side are growing.  Candace herself has two former family members (cats) in attendance there after their passings from this plane who received thought adjusters, well, because they learned to think and solve problems, which is of God mind, so the adjusters came.  Many more animals will be moved into human forms over time.

Now, we will in time build a large International Headquarters on the surface and we have purchased land for that reason, about 10,000 acres as they are known in the United States.  We will be developing a large university system there that will have global fingers to all the Regions, under our Regional Directors.  We expect between 50 and 75 regions, depending on the earth changes and surviving populations.  Each with a Regional Director. As some of you know there are several chosen already and named. We have more named but for protection have not announced them and still more to be determined during the long stasis.

Man is likely on many portions of the planet to remain under ground on the awakening. We have said they will be awakened early and this will be possible because they will be placed generally underground, but some may need to be housed on craft. All will have an experience with living or visiting craft however that are returning after the stasis.

Besides the slow and careful magnetic pole reversal during stasis there will also be several axis shifts because we must be about remodeling the surface. Man is going to get quite an experience, as there will be more stasis periods during which he may return underground for periods of time for more changes, but these will be less dramatic than during this stasis.  During some of them, maybe stasis won’t be needed, but man may be moved down again for his safety if major earth changes are expected.

This is ALL experimental dear ones. This whole project has never been done anywhere before, ANYWHERE. And the creation is quite large. I do not just mean nowhere in Nebadon, or nowhere in Orvonton. I mean NO WHERE at all.  And those of you in training here for those advancing management jobs, over planets, solar systems, system headquarters, constellation headquarters of the local universes and on up to even Creator Sons, of those distant creations forming, are going to get an awfully lot of experience during these next few thousand years of bringing this planet into its full glory as a  bestowal planet always is.

Well, this is truly enough for tonight. Find your patience, we are almost there. Some of you will have some special opportunities during the announcement period as you walk this planet. You know of us and you will make grand “middle men” at this time to help people over their fear.  Some of you have volunteered for example to be in those live movies, and to help people take short trips aboard craft as they find their courage. There are other opportunities also where you can step in during those several weeks.

I offer my greatest of gratitude for your service and for sticking this out to the end.  You have learned much from it and can share that with others, especially helping to understand we just don’t wave magic wands.  You must surely understand that rather personally now!  Be in Peace.  I AM  Esu.

Candace: Understand here, we are no longer “loosing” a week to a mini stasis, the removal of the dark and MANY other events are occurring NOW and in previous weeks that would have been done during the mini stasis.  While I cannot cite specific examples, I am aware very personally of some of what has taken place. We must still protect ones here.

I also know more of what is planned during the announcement period. It is still the goal to turn this planet upside down and inside out starting at least before December 31.  I have NO problem with this extended announcement period, for what it should produce, we hope, will be of a state of glory for many and a much better understanding that will enable a very improved state of being for many.

We are planning top notch job. And we could possibly even delay, depending on Momma GAIA’s body, the big stasis for a short time, while people get some real experience they need that will help them wherever they are to go.  Creator Sons are always concerned with upliftment and providing as many as possible that will accept it the opportunity of eternal life. We can get thru some of the earth changes for the experience of such. And there is a plan to lift people off in these areas, and it would be nice if it could be a conscious lift off.

While planets get overpopulated at times, the creation does not and there is always room for more.  The Creator Son and his courts do not judge people when there is an issue on uncreation of their souls. They are Creators.  Thus the courts of the Superuniverse have this role when it is necessary.  We would hope as time marches on in the whole of the creation that we would reach a point where NO souls were lost.

Eternal life is a choice but many truly don’t want it, which is sad.  And it’s not understood on this planet at all.  The new ager thinks he will be floating in space in bliss somehow, or going to such as AA Michael’s new golden galaxy, and the religionists think they will be in heaven partying with friends in the company of Jesus, or Mohammed or whoever.  They don’t realize just how long eternity is. We must change this image somehow and preferably in these coming weeks. Folks don’t even KNOW where “heaven” is or what it is and they need to know this.

OK, Steve from the forum, who has produced a previous update, was given another by CM earlier today.  Here it is.

CM: OK, a quick update for the ground crew. As has been mentioned by Candace, we are now expecting to be able to dispense with the mini-stasis completely.

The announcement period will be several weeks long, and there may still be briefings on ship at times throughout that period, though the energies are now high enough that some of you should be almost completely in your "higher selves" and capable of functioning without this if necessary. We are expecting to be very visible both on TV and on the ground during this time, and will intervene where it is necessary and safe to do so where there are earth changes, disruption to civil infrastructure, or other problems.

In many ways you should consider this period a "head start" on the work that will be needed after stasis, with both ground crew and fleet personnel integrating themselves into and working with existing communities on the ground, communities that will function as "missions" to spread understanding and reassurance in the face of the life-altering events that are about to unfold. The high level of the energies now arriving on the planet should help people's acceptance to a certain extent, but you will still need to call upon all your inner resources in order to assist those around you to process monumental changes as their world-view is turned, as promised, upside-down and inside out!


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