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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

#143 The Glorious Time Ahead
By CM and Candace
Jul 31, 2011 - 12:00:00 PM

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The Glorious Times Ahead
Christ Michael and Candace
July 29,2011

Dearly beloveds, my, it has been a while now since Candace and I did a work together. It is time to update a bit in a more serious manner.

We have just come out of a series of meetings, and are ready to go ahead with a plan that removes the dark. Candace knows the plan, it has not changed since it's inception, but we are still not covering it. All I will state, is it comes before the lengthy stasis, and it will remove the dark ones from this planet, so we can engage in a teaching period of several weeks to a few months, depending on the conditions of the earth changes and simply the acceptance of the people who are here after this removal.

The removal will be extensive and it includes not only your dark puppets, but also many other dark types, such as those that deal in gambling, the sex trade and other obnoxious activities. The numbers will be quite large. It may thus include people you may know. Also, many of the ones scheduled to move to other planets that are not going forth with earth will be removed during this event. The teaching period to follow with benefit those moving laterally to other worlds, returning to the mansion worlds and the like who have made progress but are not part of the ascension group. Some folks will not benefit, such as the robotoids, so they will move during this event. Also leaving will be many light workers who are released to go home who are not participating in the ascension process. They have completed their assignments.

Now the teaching period will included contact activities. We will be giving many people the opportunity to voluntarily begin their next in body journey and thus to board craft to their destinations. These are ones such as those going to Venus for example, and some even get to go the underground areas of Mars, but that number is not huge.

There are many worlds taking "refugees" from earth and they will receive them also on their craft. There will be a great deal of teaching before hand so that people are truly comfortable with moving on. We have in place an email system in fact, and people can be in contact via that route. There will be rides too and from craft, so that ones get comfortable, with many scheduled landings that will be made public.

Esu will be on television, as well as Candace and many others during the teaching period. It is global and in all languages. (Candace: PLEASE do NOT write and ask if you are to be involved in the public teaching, because I don't know who is!)

Now this coming event, is going to be shocking to some, in fact to many, and thus now is the time to put on your best faces. There will be some portion of the events before the removal that are going to frighten people. I will not be explaining this before hand,

but I will rely on all of you to stand up as needed. Now remember what I said, the teaching period is after the events. And man and woman of this planet will be in mourning when it this period starts because of the many removals and the shocks of it all. It will be glaringly obvious, a dramatic reduction. There is no point keeping folks here who will NOT benefit from the teaching period. Now the major portion of this moving will be done during a short stasis period, otherwise it would seem very harsh. During the short stasis period we will be put some other preparations into place so its all ready to go before the teaching period.

The ones that came last December, OUR lookalikes, 5000+, are in place, many already seen and people accustomed to them. There must be folks people trust and this includes some in government of course. But some major dark leaders will not be here even as lookalikes, for therein it would appear a lie as to who is good or bad, so there will be others standing in that people still remain familiar with.

Besides Esu during the teaching period, all those former masters who have walked this plane will be teaching their own and all countries and cultures will be introduced to them, but the bulk of their teachings after the introductory periods will be with their kind.

Mohammed, Krisha, Maitreya, Confucius, Lao-Tse, will be present as examples. There will also be some REAL leaders who are of the light, but I will inform Americans, Obama will not be one of them. We did of course have "Our Obama" who was shown last fall but these various ones with the massive head scars and people noticing more and more the differences, this cannot stand. Plus the truth process will not stand with Obama and others guilty of great treason.

The teaching period will include of course, teaching around God. But also, the TRUTH which will be individualized for each country, as to the treacheries. You will be well pleased. And for the time being, that is enough.

I cannot of course give a date. "Soon" will have to do, this must be a surprise and some of the events during this period will resemble to some degree what folks have been taught to expect. Jesus however will not be riding a white horse across the sky! (me laughing on that, its just one of my favorites as to what people can accept as truth-C)

Now some of you are wondering about watching to the east. IF POSSIBLE we will bring Jupiter into full view, but beloveds, we have to be careful with this, again it depends as its energy is so strong. If it is too much, we have an alternate idea that will satisfy something to the east, but it will have to be a night, we can't get starships to shine IN the day enough to be seen. So this is a play by ear as you ones use the term.

Now again, you should have a stock of what you need, pretty much no matter where you live and for those heavily affected by the banking issues, you must have small cash on hand, because it remains quite likely there will be a financial shutdown and banking holidays. This is a very tenuous situation and I am not updating about the risk of banks, social security checks and the like. Be prepared for a period of time.

We are hopeful there will also be arrests and many other events during the next days to a few weeks. Be prepared to assist those around you by standing in YOUR TRUTH.

Now, during the teaching period, with so many folks having left the planet, there is going to be a lot of temporary provisions. Many will be unemployed. There is a carefully laid plan to help people make their bills, the planet will mostly be on wellfare for those weeks, and there is ample storage of food. Many of your corporate leadership will be leaving during the cleansing. There will also be some significant earth changes, and thus shipping and the like is not going to go well for distribution of goods.

There will be only minimal distribution of goods, only what people actually need. Toilet paper is included on that list (he smiles). But it is fine for yourselves to stock on what you WANT or NEED. (Candace: you might spend less time in line that way!) I suggest where you are able to make sure you have your supplements and medicines you think you need. The shelves are not going to be very full.

Now during that short stasis, many of you will sleep also. We will have only the barebones ones we need on board to prepare for the teaching process. If you are IN an area that might be effected by earth changes, that will occur, you and those who are to survive with you, will be removed to safety, but you may still sleep until the wake up.

If you and others ARE removed from certain areas, there will be fleet counselors and others to assist during the wakeup. You will obviously be aware you are not in the same place and you will be expected to rapidly come around and assist the process, assuring those around you. This process is going to get peoples attention and I assure you, no matter all the material on the web about evil aliens, these ones, still in the billions who are "left behind" after the cleansing of the dark will be very happy once oriented about the assistance of fleet personnel.

Oh, in addition during the teaching period, once TV and radio are on and we have gotten the folks settled down, there are also filmed tours of craft that will be shown, and when people do begin to tour craft they will be allowed to take cameras and the like aboard. We plan to have you tube running nicely. The Internet will work reasonably well.

The teaching will include the long stasis and the need to move, and again, many will get opportunity to board craft to move when they are comfortable. There will likely be more quakes and the like which may hasten some decision making.

This my beloveds, is meant to be a glorious time for those who are "left behind."

Candace: OK, I was given permission to teach something here at this time. Our Wave has been visible on Stereo since mid March or so. We did not point this out so the data would not be removed. It is noticeable in some of the electron material out also, but that fluctuates and I am not going to teach it.

I am surprised as nobody that supposedly follows Stereo has posted much anywhere on this and its so OBVIOUS something is going on.

Now, go here: Observe the blue images, at this point Stereo Ahead HI 1 in the lower left corner you see some whitish fluff stuff coming into view. This started perhaps a week ago and I watched it to make sure for a few days. That is the WAVE.

Now look at the Gray Image, called Stereo Ahead HI 2. See all that white and black fluff stuff going across the screen? That is the WAVE. It has been in that for a while yet, but far enough away, it did not show yet on the Blue Stereo Ahead image. It seems to be moving towards the sun, which is why it did not show there until just recently.

Now, look at both the COR 2 images (red). All that DARK stuff that used to be red, and is now dark and sometimes black, IS the WAVE. The darkness came into those maybe mid April. I am not sure anymore, but it was SUDDEN. Cor 2 A and B have always had short period of dark muck in them, digital goo or something of that sort, but this has been constant. At first it was milder and then over a couple weeks or so it got darker.

Now, in later March, the wave was showing on Stereo Behind Blue and Gray images. I will post a couple samples here. You can browse a bit more if you wish. It is easy to go back one day, one week or use "rot." This option takes you back almost 4 weeks. It varies by a day or so. These options are found at the bottom of the page next to the dates. Once you have moved backwards, you can use these on the other side of the date to move forwards.

Ok this is the first "rot" date from today. July 2.

On this one, only the gray images are important. On the BEHIND image (right side), you see the first lap of the wave moving away and out of the image to the right edge. On the AHEAD (left), you see the current one moving also to the right, but moving closer to the sun instead of away from the sun.

Ok so lets move back to when the wave was showing in March. Look on the BLUE Behind image, this is March 23, 2011. The WAVE is just creeping up from the bottom as a little cluster of light blue stuff, where you see 2011. It is not really on the Gray image yet. Now I started seeing this fluff cloud, barely on March 18, but I had to wait a few days more to be sure.

OK moving ahead in time, heres the images on April 3. You can see a lot more fluff stuff, with some dark blue and something black in it in the Blue Images. And in the Gray images you can barely see some fluff coming up from the lower left corner. At this time there is maybe a bit darker Cor 2, but I am not going to play with that yet. Lets move forward a bit more by a week.

April 10, 2011. Lots more fluff stuff in the Blue image, and a dark area shaped like the boot of Italy. I was able to see it gradually move each day but watching that boot! There is obviously more fluff, white and black in the Gray image. Cor 2 images are now clearly darker than the previous week.

April 17. Continuing on. And the very dark stuff on the blue behind image about in the middle is also wave energy. More progression on the Gray, and increasing darkness particularly on Cor 2 behind. Notice that the Blue and Gray images are reversed from Cor 2, so make sure you look at Cor 2 behind ON THE LEFT.

Now the HI 1 and 2 images look between the sun and earth more or less. So in each, the bright area on the border, is the sun, or rays from the sun, it varies. In Behind the sun is on the left, and in Ahead, on the right.

OK Now May 7, 2011. On the blue Behind, you see the last of the wave on the right moving out and there is still a LOT of fluff on the Gray Behind image. Then for a time, these things are not seen, except the every darkening color on the Cor 2 images. The WAVE makes a u turn. And now is coming back thru, as what you see above.

It is very hard to determine on 2 d images exact locations. Or when earth is actually IN it. They way I feel at the moment we have some affects, but I don't feel it as much as I did in March and April and I don't hear it as intensely and I don't know if I have adapted, or its a case of we are not quite as intensely in it. Some are reporting a fair amount of discomfort and we are again in the weather patterns that were typical earlier. I am hearing more and more changes in sound too, sometimes really amplified. By this I mean city and road sounds and other sounds. The highway near me started to ROAR this morning. I have never heard it like this. It startled me. Last 10 minutes and began to quiet again. I hear a lot of LOUD vehicles last night too, and wondered what was going on. I didn't sleep well, got up finally just before 5 am.

The WAVE comes from Paradise, not the Milky Way. Paradise is in a plane, a disk like all of the creation. All of the matter in this "disk" of the creation is called PERVADED Space. The areas above and below this massive disk that is the creation, is called UN-PERVADED Space. Now the waves leaves the area ABOVE Paradise and returns to the area UNDER Paradise. I am going to insert here for you a link to Gary Tonge's painting that will give a clearer picture for you. No wave in it, but you were understand the above better. This is Paradise. The Center of the Creation. The architectural Spheres you see in that are the 21 spheres of the Father, Son and Spirit. 7 each. Father's are closest, but his painting doesn't clear show the 3 orbits. They do Orbit Paradise.

Now this link shows the Central Universe of Havona, which includes Paradise as the center, the 21 worlds above, and the 1 billion regular worlds on which you all might live, or will live or have already been there and done that as part of your ascension journey. I am not teaching this stuff here. But anyway, you see a light coming out the top of Paradise and the Bottom of Paradise in these images. The top and bottom are UNperfaded Space. So the WAVE comes out the top and returns thru the bottom. It does not just keeping going on forever. It carries information cleaned when it returns that determines what needs to go forth again. So our WAVE has done this u turn and will head out back to Paradise.

If you have not seen Gary Tonge's work before, he was commissioned by the Urantia Foundation to paint these. He also has other images as part of his commission. I have posted teaching before on this, months ago sometime. I go to the above site because he gives information about the paintings. He has his own separate site too, which is here: And has made a couple You tube video's you might enjoy.

Also of interest, in case some of you have not learned this, "heaven" is PLANETS dear ones, not fluffy space, and the planets of heaven, are custom built, where we live on an evolutionary planet. Spirit and material beings always live on SPHERE's of some sort, including CRAFT. And here is a painting by Gary, on that process. These are sphere worlds being constructed in a new nebula.




So there we go for now, I think this is enough. I want to get this up! Take care, Candace

PS, during the "teaching period" man will discover he does NOT need all his stuff, and he is going to have plenty of time on his hands to progress his spiritual development over this short period, before we call it quits for several years to cleanse the planet, undergo the magnetic Pole Reversal, and the axis shifts. ALL LIFE will be in stasis during the nasty parts as the atmosphere will be terrible. Plants are awakened first, to help reseed the Oxygen and so on and so forth.


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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