#146 The End is Come, Man did not Unify, But OH the Success
By Siraya thru Candace
Dec 12, 2011 - 5:23:49 PM


The End is Come

Man did not Unify in Brotherhood



December 8, 2011

Beloveds,  it is with sadness but also a sense of joy that we are closing this chapter of your Earth History.  The decision comes from the highest councils of the Creation, of whom I am representative of,  over Orvonton.  Candace may if she wish explain or provide UB material at the end.

I AM Siraya.  I am Master Spirit # 7,  and I reside on Paradise.    I am representative of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit.  I personify those beings to you of the ascending mortals.  I AM in fact, not only my personality, but I am also, all of you, being the source of Evolutionary Mind over Orvonton.

Now, it is not usual for one such as me to become involved in the distant evolutionary worlds, but on this world I took a personal interest and for a variety of reasons.  First many of you on this planet in the teaching mission are from Paradise and Havona in one role or another.  You are in training or in observation of one of the worse rebellions under my Vast domain.

Of course you know this as the Lucifer Rebellion.  Lucifer, in your expression, “took the cake” in terms of those who seceded from the union.  In all that has ever happened in Orvonton,  nobody of angelic character actually decided to become God of a large region.  And also took so many with him.  This is the source of much of the so called galactic waring in your region.  It was terrible.  Lucifer had a full compliment of weaponry and he used it to extreme.  Although your Urantia Book lays quiet on this one, this was in fact WAR in HEAVEN.  And it was with weaponry.

We were aghast.  But we let Lucifer and his various gangs of supporters, work it out for themselves for a very long time.  This started sometime before your given records, quietly building over the eons until  it erupted fully.  The decision was made to let it collapse on its own weight and this did occur.

When the Master  (Christ Michael)  was upon your plane,  Lucifer was not, he had already been removed from power.  His challenge to the God’s did not become a reality in the long run.  He could never create.  By create we mean new beings, either angelic or human.  It has taken great effort behind the scenes to keep your sector of Nebadon even alive while this worked out.  Never before had we experiences with this level of rebellion and never again will this even come close to being allowed.  We have had quite a setback, but at the same time, the necessary learning curve.

You ones accept that God creates with his famous magic wand, as Candace likes to refer to it, and we get much laughter over this.  For the whole creation has been created by the ones who reside in it, and not by a single entity.

But lets move on.  Lets get to the closing chapter here.  200,000 years ago those of that great rebellion were given a fair chance to repent. Many refused and went to uncreation, long before your planet was ever populated with your “fallen angels.”  There were 10 billion various ones, angel and human, that decided to earn their way back into respectability.

They were placed on this planet you call Earth in English, and Urantia in the Heavenly records.  At that time your Planetary Supreme, whom is also called Urantia was not yet “supreme.”  She was truly not able to participate in the decision to place these ones here.  She had not formed herself.  But oh has she now grown into her own conscious divinity, and you ones imprisoned here can no longer inhabit her surface.

You were given 200,000 years dear ones, to grow up, prove yourselves, understand from the very inside view what you have created, for it was your creation to join in this and become gods.  Or so you thought you had been promised by Lucifer.  Sadly 8 billion of you did not get the message, and are still trying to become God’s on your own and you fight even amongst yourselves still who will have dominion of the planet.  Well, you had your chance.  YOU BLEW IT.  You have all been through your karma.  You have been the warriors and you have been the victims.  And even experiencing as the victim, you did not learn what human experiences are,  on the other side of the coin.  You go right back into being warriors.

You thought you could keep Earth?  You would destroy her, if you could NOT UNIFY into brotherhood, that chore which all ascending humans on the evolutionary worlds must accomplish.  You did not learn you are not separate from the planetary mind. You had opportunity of greatness that was given to you, because simply, you did not know of what you did, when you entered the rebellion.  You were forgiven, but only on condition you take a journey similar to what human must make, to become a unit of divinity.




2 BILLION OF YOU PASSED, REASONABLY SO.  Many of these did return to their former estates. Actually 1 billion of you are back in the realms of glory with a wondrous new understanding, and of this we are of course in joy, because never again will these ones fail. They are strong now, and will be even wiser for this, having done “the been there and done that,”  another term, Candace loves to use.  Unto you who fled from glory, unto glory you have returned and then some, and in that regard for these ones, the experiment of repentance under the mercy and grace of God was successful.  We hoped for more though. We did not expect 100%, but we hoped for more.

8 billion of you cannot become gods.  You were not created as creators and you will no more muck up this glorious planet, this planetary supreme who found herself, out of the muck.  She eventualized. What happened to YOU?

Well, some of you are facing the grand courts, of Orvonton.  It does not look pretty for you.  Others who possess some hope, will get another chance in the DISTANT FUTURE for you ones will never be placed but a few at a time on distant worlds, for you are without trust at this point.  We cannot place you in numbers anywhere.  You will wait for what may seem like eons in a state of complete sleep, ignorant of your existence, until that day down the road.

You had such opportunity.  Such grace was offered.  We hoped that the offer would produce true grandeur in terms of your future works.  You and you alone are held accountable for your choices and actions.

We are giving out at lot of grace, because you created slave beings to the robotoids who had little chance. But surprise, some of them found the Father, a thing even you could not do.  And the ones who really didn’t find the Father, but are sweet kind folks, will also get a stupendous chance to become truly human.  They go to other worlds, young worlds, to being an incarnational journey in hopes they will find themselves, meaning truly individuate. The Father has such great mercy.

I had such great mercy on you.  For it was I who approved the Mercy for you, overriding the Ancients of Days of Orvonton.  For 200,000 years I have hoped, and hoped, and hoped. Slowly some of you came around, those 20%.  Well 1/2 of those will endure further trials, as these ones have covered 51% or more of their karma.  They will get additional chance.  But they will submit to the leadership of Michael on this world.  They will not have hundreds of thousands of years to finish up.

All those born of human in these ages upon this world since the return of Michael, are cared for.  They are young.  They will be cleansed of your filth and given fresh opportunity on the younger worlds.

The astral realms of this world will be dismantled.  They were of course full of those humans over a time that you did not allow to progress, and who had been trapped here.

They are released to move forward.  Even though Michael released them to journey as necessary forward, so many were too immature to move much in each life.  We will be gradually resurrecting all these ones, even though they are not ready, to the mansion worlds.  That is the purpose here now in part of AA Michael’s team.  He is the angel of the resurrection.

The robotoids having potential cannot go there yet, they must have opportunity to earn their thought adjusters.  Opportunity will be given as above.  They will not experience the destruction you planned to invest even upon them, who you called useless eaters.

You 8 billion ones, who did not cut the mustard, will be contained in holodeks, until you can be processed.  You are done on this world.  Those 1 billion who get one more chance to make the grade, will have mercy of exactly two lifetimes to establish the BrotherHood of Man on this planet.  This will be accomplished by each of you, or not, and as a group.  This will be your task.  This time, it will be done under the normal Nebadon oversight of this world.  You will do it, or you will not. Its that simple.

The planet will be cleansed of your filth.  All of it. The animals evolutionary patterns will be restored to normal by seasoned beings here for that purpose, under the direction of the great geneticist Skekhmet.  This is not a thing the Life Carriers can do.

You were given the care of this seed planet, you were so sure you could do that but you set into the infighting and instead nearly destroyed it.

Gaia will make her Ascension shortly. Normally this is done in concert with the sons and daughters coming into Godness with her.  She adopted you ones, although she did not fully understand what she had done and look what you brought upon her and all her life.

5 times this planet has tossed you down.  This is number 6.  Not much of a tract record is it?  And you proved what?  Beloveds,  WHY?  For so long all will be asking that question that have been concerned with this arena.  But dear brothers in God, you are finished and remember, you are not more powerful than those above you and you did not prevail.

Now, lets get on with some good news, for those of you who came to help the depraved ones.  Some many of you have suffered at their hands, even unto the Creator Son, who has given so much grace to those of his and Nebadonia’s creation. You volunteered in the millions to lift up this world.  To bring it music, theater, films, television, and the greet achievement of the internet.  Your gifts have been substantial, worthy and brought comfort to the lesser ones of this world.

You taught animal husbandry and you took so many animals into your arms, that something wondrous happened also not expected on this world.  The higher animals are becoming human before they journey in a human body. How glorious is that!  This is rare on normal planets beloveds.  You have given them such dignity, they wanted to become like you.  And they are and we of the hierarchy actually have to change a few things, under the direction of Shehkmet on that one. This is a stupendous accomplishment.

Your brought love to those in need.  You helped the poor.  You brought and demonstrated goodness where there was none and showed another and better way.  You gave hope. The disabled have wheelchairs, they have medical care now in much of the world.  They have love and they have hope.

You have graced this world with nearly celestial level music, particularly this last 50 years, music even beyond the times of the Renaissance.  You have perfected the art of acting on this world, even under the pressure of ones who did not want the light in the films.  You demonstrated through film proper family life.  That is until recently when you have been siderailed hugely by money and power.

You have developed technologies where those who preceded you, like the great Tesla could not.  You could not bring in what is labeled free energy, but you did well otherwise and the world is a glow in light even if its methods are not what would have been the best. You got it lighted by whatever means you were able to do so.

You brought transportation to the common man. First the railroads, then the auto.  You brought housing to the common man.  You brought technology to make life easier to the common man.  Examples such as washing machines, heat and related necessities.

And most importantly once more,  the Internet.  You developed your best programming. You have prevented the dark by that programming, from shutting it all down. You made it impervious to them.  Try as they might, and they have, it stays running.  That is an incredible accomplishment.

The dark were given some carrots initially but when they realized the potential of enlightenment through the Internet, they put on some brakes, but you were not squashed. You listened to the Father Within who gave you programming skills you could only dream of, and so it stands.

So many of you who are “star seed” have been here so long.  You are tired, all of you, we find no star seed over 20 years of age in this life time who is not already tired.  It is not due to the food and pesticides, but due to being tired of the effort it takes to accomplish something, but yet you have. Even those who have forgotten who they are over the long duration of time.  Some of you have been here since the repopulation of Earth after the last trip thru the photon belt.

YOU HAVE ENDURED and your rewards in heaven shall be great.  While these dark ones failed, you so shined that your light cannot be covered.  You have won.  And we are supporting that.  There are over 100 million of you who have endured here anywhere from 11,000 years to the last several hundred. You have endured the inquisitions and so many other roundups.  You have endured in Mother Russia, who has once again STOOD IN THIS WORLD in LIGHT.  At all costs.  She survived the great destruction of over 100 years ago now.

While we hoped the United States would rise to shine the greatest light ever on this world, that did not happen. But nevertheless you ones within that country did well.  You should not feel rejected and lost and so many of you do feel that way,  at this time of great repression on you.

YOU HAVE LIVED and SHOWN the WAY and by your efforts did this planetary mother awaken to her own being.  That again IS the biggest surprise of all. Now rest in your glories dear ones, for the GOOD NEWS is far GRANDER than the SAD NEWS.

You ones have so grown in stature, and you will go rise up to further glory. You have survived the greatest of rebellions in Orvonton and well more than survived, you have a created a new way and that is NOT going unnoticed. You will serve well in your future journeys.  You have so glorified the Father.  IN YOU HE IS WELL PLEASED.  You have saved a whole area of the Creation from extinction.  You have the expertise now to deal with other dark beings who will manifest, that is the nature of free will.

There will be conclaves on conclaves on conclaves in the future. Whole “universities” will arise to discover what you have done and many of you will be the best of “professors.”  These celestial universities will be in Nebadon, Orvonton, and indeed even in Havona.  For unto you, the whole of the future creations look BRIGHT.  The end of the long age of Evil has come. Never will it rise to this extent again.  EVER,for YOUR SUCCESSES WILL NOT ALLOW OF IT. I SIRAYA, Master Spirit of Orvonton, STAND SO PROUD OF YOU.   You are our most cherished of folks.  I AM SIRAYA.



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