Short Message to all readers/supporters
By Candace AND Chief Thought Adjuster of Urantia
Dec 31, 2014 - 6:44:27 PM

Ok... I am right now in contact with the Chief Planetary Thought Adjuster of Urantia (Earth)

He advises strongly that all of you who read here and progressing with this planet into the ascension process learn NOW to connect to your "higher self" which for you souls serving this process includes your Thought Adjuster whether you are "fused" or not with it.  YOU MUST learn this so you can hear your individual Father God is what this amounts too.

Times will be tougher and you must listen.  This includes paying attention to your intuition and any actual "statements" you may "hear" within your head.  You should develop the habit DAILY and preferably more than once a day of gently quieting your mind so you can listen up.. Request to be informed by your own Father Fragment/Divine Spirit/Thought Adjuster.

Every planet in which there are has been a bestowal paradise son their comes a personalized Thought Adjuster to provide leadership to all the Thought adjusters indwelling the humans. whether fused or not with their subjects on the planet.. thus we have had ours since the times of Jesus/Christ Michael.  All these Thought adjusters indwelling the people  get needed information broadcast to them from This Planetary Chief.  Particularly those individuals have a larger planetary role.. YOU ONES.   Thus is there planetary organization of purpose and unity. All is coordinated.  So the Plantary Chief Adjuster is making contact directly with me also and some others.


The above is a paper in the UB about Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters and it has a small comment on the Chief Planetary Thought Adjuster.  Its the only place so far I found it listed during my conversation.

Here is the sample within the paper on page 1188.

(1188.5) 108:3.3 Human subjects are often known by the numbers of their Adjusters; mortals do not receive real universe names until after Adjuster fusion, which union is signalized by the bestowal of the new name upon the new creature by the destiny guardian.  (I placed this little statement because when the human fuses with their thought adjuster.. this constitutes being written into the "Book of Life".  The destiny guardian is your personal guardian angel which comes when you reach 5d God knowing Consciousness. Fusion never happens before advanced 6d Consciouness-C).

(1188.6) 108:3.4 Though we have the records of Thought Adjusters in Orvonton, and though we have absolutely no authority over them or administrative connection with them, we firmly believe that there is a very close administrative connection between the individual worlds of the local universes and the central lodgment of the divine gifts on Divinington. We do know that, following the appearance of a Paradise bestowal Son, an evolutionary world has a Personalized Adjuster assigned to it as the planetary supervisor of Adjusters. (Candace: This was the bestowal for Urantia of our Michael Son as Jesus)

(1189.1) 108:3.5 It is interesting to note that local universe inspectors always address themselves, when carrying out a planetary examination, to the planetary chief of Thought Adjusters, just as they deliver charges to the chiefs of seraphim and to the leaders of other orders of beings attached to the administration of an evolving world. Not long since, Urantia underwent such a periodic inspection by Tabamantia, the sovereign supervisor of all life-experiment planets in the universe of Nebadon. And the records reveal that, in addition to his admonitions and indictments delivered to the various chiefs of superhuman personalities, he also delivered the following acknowledgment to the chief of Adjusters, whether located on the planet, on Salvington, Uversa, or Divinington, we do not definitely know, but he said:

(1189.2) 108:3.6 "Now to you, superiors far above me, I come as one placed in temporary authority over the experimental planetary series; and I come to express admiration and profound respect for this magnificent group of celestial ministers, the Mystery Monitors, who have volunteered to serve on this irregular sphere. No matter how trying the crises, you never falter. Not on the records of Nebadon nor before the commissions of Orvonton has there ever been offered an indictment of a divine Adjuster. You have been true to your trusts; you have been divinely faithful. You have helped to adjust the mistakes and to compensate for the shortcomings of all who labor on this confused planet. You are marvelous beings, guardians of the good in the souls of this backward realm. I pay you respect even while you are apparently under my jurisdiction as volunteer ministers. I bow before you in humble recognition of your exquisite unselfishness, your understanding ministry, and your impartial devotion. You deserve the name of the Godlike servers of the mortal inhabitants of this strife-torn, grief-stricken, and disease-afflicted world. I honor you! I all but worship you!"

(1189.3) 108:3.7 As a result of many suggestive lines of evidence, we believe that the Adjusters are thoroughly organized, that there exists a profoundly intelligent and efficient directive administration of these divine gifts from some far-distant and central source, probably Divinington. We know that they come from Divinington to the worlds, and undoubtedly they return thereto upon the deaths of their subjects.


I suggest even though it may seem confusing that all of you read the entire paper. -C


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