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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Obama is NOT The 2nd Coming
By CM thru Candace
Jan 19, 2013 - 11:40:08 PM

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Obama is NOT The 2nd Coming

Christ Michael thru Candace

January 18, 2013

Dearly beloved readers of AbundantHope,  today Newsweek magazine's new issue has on its cover, Obama, the 2nd Coming.  This is quite an insult to the process of the real 2nd Coming and the reference relates him subtly to being the reincarnation of LIncoln, as to what was done on the net more than 4 years ago. This is man is not the reincarnation of LIncoln, then or now.  He is not fully human.  This current "copy" had head scars because he has a computer in his head. Hardly a LIncoln.

It is being put out on the internet that something special from US above,  will happen during the inauguration. NO, I have no plans on this.  There will be no St. Germain coming forth then, and nothing else related at all.

I am asking all of you when you receive such in your email boxes or read it on the net, to contact the originators or those who have sent the mails and contradict the story.  I am asking you to stand thus in MY SHOES at this time.  How else can you let the truth shine?  You don't need to go educating everyone on things they cannot understand, but you must stand for truth.  Point out the head scars. Point out that he looks different for many years ago.   Point out that Joe Biden if you have noticed such, seems to perhaps be "president",  as he was ahead of all these gun investigations and advisory teams.

Tell people WHY they must keep their guns. Stand in all the truth you are aware of. You need not drive people off, but live the truth, speak simply as to what you know.  It can be as simple as saying, I know that is not true.  If they don't wish to listen to protection against government, ask them what would happen if there was a sudden decrease in food available?  You would want your guns then!

There is no NESARA any more.  Nor any other so called "prosperity programs."   These are around again building a fake story and on the hopes that the Khazars are again in control of world finance, and they are not.  We are going to carry out exactly what we have been talking about.  This will be the year of ATON, but there will be no magic from us during the inauguration. NONE.  If its there, its been set up and faked.  It is but our same old dark brothers playing their dark games.

Help people, my children to see.  There is still going to be the 3 Days of Darkness.  There is also going to be a great period of contact in your skies, huge show and tell.  This will start unless something of danger intercedes, before the 3 Days of Darkness.  There will still be the mini stasis during those Dark Days of cleansing as we have covered in the past.  And a teaching period for those "left behind" for up to a year.  During that period, those without jobs will be supported as necessary, and there will be a lot of financial change, but not prosperity programs.   And all those on the galactic welfare program will be contributing during that time in important ways yet to be released.  This is all for now.  Namaste.  The Michael of Nebadon.

Candace:  Newsweek is not longer published as a print magazine. It is now online.  Here is the linky: This linky just has the image of the cover on it on the right side.   I think this is the link to the article referenced above as to content

If I find the one short comment again, I will add it.  So far my scanning for it is not going well.


OK the short comment within the article refering to any 2nd Coming. Obama's take it-or-leave it arrogance in the "fiscal cliff" talks before New Year's masks his more subtle intelligence.  Obama may not be the second coming of Lincoln  (first-term hype notwithstanding) and our times are hardly as desperate as the Civil War.

The articlle itself is mostly about the good and inauguration speeches of former presidents.  I fail to see, other than pure propaganda, while the cover has such a saying on it.


And have fun rolling over and laughing, because Newsweek and The Daily Beast paired up. How appropriate at this time.   I did make a one month membership which includes  8 issues, so I will probably do a bit of reading and watching on this.


As to Truth Telling,  consider suggesting that they had nothing to do with picking Obama to run, as global leaders do that, and that his supposed re-election didn't seem to cover very well who voted for whom and that he was announced as the winner quite a bit too early in the evening.

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