#120 New quake may manifest in Southern California.
By S333 thru Candace
Apr 23, 2010 - 7:26:55 PM

New quake may manifest in Southern California.

S333 thru Candace, 10: 30 MDT, April 23, 2010

Dear ones, we are detecting a large increase in motion activity in Southern California, north of the previous quake area from Easter Day along the Elsinore Fault line.  This could portend something serious and I advise any of you living in that area to prepare yourselves.  If this is a large manifestation we will lift people off for protection and place them back which is something we often do after it is over.  Most are unaware of this and simply find themselves in a safe area and have no idea how that happened.

Soltec is unsure of how big this may become or if it will manifest within  the next day or so. But please prepare yourselves with survival supplies, because even if you are lifted out of harms way, you may need them after the fact.  This event should it manifest in a large manner, will be at least one to two days out. Prepare yourselves tomorrow.

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