#138 New Year's Day Update
By Christ Michael thru Candace
Jan 1, 2011 - 6:04:19 PM


New Year’s Day Update

Christ Michael thru Candace

Good evening beloveds, well it’s evening for Candace.  Yes I realize this is January 1st and we are a bit behind. (for some now it’s Jan 2nd-C)  The work goes on.  The issues are not fully finished on our to-do list, and that’s ok dear ones, because when this goes live, it will be close to perfect. Perfect won’t happen, but we have to lessen the problems.

Now as we have taught you, we have been doing a lot of replacements all over the globe in various political offices,  and  in the media.  Candace has mentioned now the announcement/teaching process will if we can, run about 3 months.  It will be a glorious but difficult time.

Beloveds, we are taking down everything in this world that must collapse.  Included in that collapse will be many organizations, particularly some corporations.  There may be collapse of the ability to fully deliver food and necessities, and we have huge stockpiles to assist this. No one will go hungry or without your proverbial toilet paper, in terms of what is considered necessary.

We have long been telling you, you must prepare and now is still a good time to have some stocks of necessities. There will be considerable unemployment from this. Now is there a plan in that, yes.  As we collapse the financial industry, you will have all your debts written off. Will not written off, they will no longer exist. We are collapsing the banking system completely.  So there will be no house payments, credit card payments, student loans, any type of banking debt.  Nor any tax debt either.  So you will not face loosing of homes and autos. But there may be great restrictions in gasoline for them.

For those that rent, nearly all tenements have loans, which will also be written off. People may well have to force their landlords to reduce or eliminate rents. There will considerably less need to spend money. People will be solving their problems which can include moving of families together and the like.  Man will have to solve some of his issues around this.

People have to see the collapse.  There will be great gnashing of teeth, as guilt overcomes some people who have made the wrong decisions of how they live.  There will be considerable loss of comforts, especially for the well off people.  There will be deliveries of fuel however for heating and the like and the electricity will stay up, whether there is money to pay for it or not.

I know not how to teach these ones other than let them experience what has been created, and how it comes down.  Most people have no idea of the complexities it takes to run a world.  They have no idea where things come from, how things are manufactured, how items reach them. In fact most don’t care even if they are aware and these are the ones that need perhaps the hardest lessons.

Now be not in fear of this.  Life will in fact improve spiritually as people turn to each other for a change.  Many  will not be as rich materially, but will be enriched spiritually.  During this period people will be offered the opportunity to MOVE to craft and some of their future destinations.  The declining conditions should help motivate those choices.

There IS something we will be doing shortly and I can’t announce that, but it’s essential and a lot of you are going to be pleased as this will help in your service.

Now, I had told Candace if we weren’t on TV in a hour we would do the update she has been begging for.  So here we are. The initial announcement will come over your Emergency broadcast system in the United States. There will be an address by the newly placed Obama.  This will then be carried around the world by normal media. The announcement process will begin in a day or two after.

Now, you should be seeing the need for our replacements.  Those who are dark and not cooperating will flee and there must be responsible people in power.  Most will look close enough to the originals, using various technologies we have, to pass and a little makeup will help. These are basically clones, inhabited by “star fleet” personnel, in other words ensouled and these ones all are very aware of their roles.  When you inhabit an adult body, rather than an infant, the memory is solid.  These ones carry enough of the programs from the ones they have “copied’ to have physical mannerisms that will be ok to those viewing them.

We have to this point replaced 8923 people.  There will likely be more.  We have been setting up “traps” to engage those that are problems and removing them. We cannot have unseen problems after the process starts. Amongst those unseen problems are people that have multiple personalities which are easily put into place by very simple commands of their controllers. These commands CAN be material on the television, and we don’t need people picking up guns and going into stores and starting up shooting sprees as but one example.

There is a great deal, has been for the last several months in fact, studying for these ones that have been embedded in the churches, as this has been a huge program, to get certain ones to discredit us as being demons from space and the like. Some of you are seeing this in action in fact on various forums, and one of the things we will do  is shut down quite a few forums, so these ones have no outlet to spoil our show.

There are many other examples, but I leave those to your imaginations.  We must have a tight ship, so we do not sink.  We are almost there.  We keep discovering new folks that must be replaced, and making a clone takes 36 hours plus about another 36 hours of programming to them after the soul inhabits them.   So 3 days before this person can walk this plane.  That is the main reason for this delaying.

We have cleaned up all the holes within the announcement systems, and will be bypassing man’s satellites with our own communications for the television. That is why you were told there will be us and the news and that is it for those 3 months. People will be getting off their soap operas.  We will control it all.  We have plenty of “entertainment”  planned including a lot of teaching from DVD’s already on this plane.  This will all be better than any soap operas, let me assure you. No shopping channels on TV either. What will man do???? Well, he is going to discover his spirit.

This is enough for now.  We are truly close. Again, there is something planned that will not be covered publicly coming soon.  We hoped to have the presidential speech tonight, but there were some more holes found, again, not in the transmissions planned but other holes.  We are realizing we need to close up many avenues of communication, which may have to include all radio, except in places that have inadequate television.  We will not close the internet, but we have entered many codes to take down internet sites that are going to fight this.

Man does not have the free will to destroy what God plans to give as education. It is as simple as that. He will not destroy the free will of others.  People are going to get a fair opportunity to make up their minds, minus the deliberate deceiving.  On Candace’s favorite forum, God Like Productions, there have been a group of folks raising a lot of hell there and making outlandish claims that we are here to evacuate people and then kill them by gassing them aboard ship.  This is but one small example of that which we must have a handle on.  We were appalled personally that this topic was even broached by the individuals that started the thread, and other threads.  This is why certain forums will not run and that includes many Christian forums and websites, at least for a time. Sherry Shriner, you are one of those on that list who will not be broadcasting either.  Interestingly, those forums and the like within Islam are far less a concern that Christian ones.

Many of you here will be able to soon use knowledge that is in your “packies” that will assist you in your helping others. We have many on the planet now for this purpose also, ones living here that are part of our nearly 100,000 that will be in training during the stasis and be placed on various teams of AbundantHope to step into place after the stasis. WE have spoken of this before. There are many good people who have of course never heard of AbundantHope that will also step into service at this time locally where they live.  It will be almost automatic for them.  As man adjusts, more will naturally come into service.

There will be also be a variety of earth changes during this time, which is one reason we are getting the troops home all over the world. Be not concerned how this is going to manifest at this time, but these ones need to be around to serve within their various countries. War is ending, and if you want a little proof on that, notice your news has nearly left the wars behind!   We move forward.  Be patient as always and focus on how you will help as this world comes down. I still advise above, that yea ones stock up on essentials, including your medicines and the like as you can.  The goods we have gathered will be distributed as necessary in your grocery stores and the like.  We can transport some foods from southern countries to northern ones as planes are not going to fly much during this time either.  People are going to see us helping them out.

But you do not need to stand in food lines, if you stock up yourselves, particularly necessities important to how you live.  Enough for tonight, I am at work as are most teams for several more hours.  Be in Peace, please.  I am christ Michael/Aton.


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