#124 More Updating and an Issue about Monjoronson
By Esu thru Candace
Jun 1, 2010 - 3:43:55 PM

More Updating and an Issue about Monjoronson

Esu thru Candace
June 1, 2010

Hello beloveds, this is Esu. The energy is continuously building in several regions on your place, and not just the Pacific Rim. There are many inland areas affected as well which include various oilfields which are becoming more unstable as the mother's blood is purged.

The plan we discussed is in place, as has been said thru Hazel. It is operative at this point. Please carefully watch and listen to your news and you will discern this. And I am not directing this solely the United States, for all major countries will be shortly releasing truths, possibly some more resignations and some of these dear ones are because these lower ones on your ladders are not comfortable with changes in their overseers.

Please be about noticing and documenting these, and you might help Candace out for a short time, by sending her some pieces you may see, by email, as she will be away on special assignment for another day or two and will not be seeing the news or spending much time on the Internet. She has been heavily involved in a project today and has not probably yet seen the news. (true, only on the computer really early and NO TV and little TV and computer yesterday too.)

We ask that YOU take your own responsibility for watching the show and not be running off to get your information totally by channeling. Do your own homework. Watch carefully as this may appear something of a cat and mouse game.

Although this has not anything to do with certain changes coming ahead, Candace just interrupted to watch a story by an unknown media person about the carnage aboard the relief vessel that was carrying supplies to Gaza. She was a little shocked to actually watch a spokesman for Israel, claim they were attacked by the people aboard the boat. Friends, I hope some will raise a little holy hell on this one.

Since WHEN, were people attacking Israel soldiers, when it was Israel forcefully boarding the ship in international waters? Looks like self defense to me brothers. So they picked up whatever was available to defend themselves and Israel soldiers who boarded a ship not their own, with weapons, are seen as the "victims" in this. On my, and there will be plenty who will sadly believe this one, that Israel was the victim in this scenario. We are man's minds? No right with God.

Ok returning to our subject. Christ Michael has been called away during Candace's rest period she required after her morning experience, so I am doing it for him.

Are you prepared beloved's? If you live along coastlines and in quake areas, do you have adequate water, food, and other supplies? Some of you test the devil so to speak and are not prepared whatsoever. We give you all this time so you can be prepared.

If you are not prepared as to your own physical needs, this will limit your ability to cope with those around you. As we have said, we may lift some of you very temporarily and then plop you back to where you live after the initial danger has passed. Is your house, literally your house ready? If this manifests under huge conditions and the large Pacific quake will cause a great deal of catastrophe, your stores world wide could be closed down very rapidly for various reasons. It is not for you to hope you can rush out the door when the news hits, and if some communications are seriously affected, it may NOT hit immediately in some regions.

Please look at where you live and prepare yourselves. Stores have only a few days supplies of food and other materials, and you will be standing in long lines perhaps with others to get what you need, and there my be empty shelves before your turn arrives. While we suggest to you that you have smaller change and bills on hand, what if there is nothing to purchase????? It will do you no good.'

The mother is in fuller labor now. The ‘head," as our allegory is not yet out, but any of you who have watched normal birth know that after the head is out, which takes great work on the part of the mother, then the shoulders must rotate thru the birth canal. And then, usually WHOOSE the babe is born. In our allegory, that big whoosh is the big quakes.

This is not the ascension WHOOSE dear ones, but it surely then prepares the way for the new babe to begin its transformation into an adult, a process that takes many years. Thus the ascension process takes many years. After the birth of the babe, the greatest work then begins, does in not, in the providing for the babe? You are going to provide for this new babe over those long years. Nourishing it into adulthood. Nourishing the ascending souls into spiritual maturity.

Now, I am going to ask Candace to take a few minutes to read the latest work with Monjoronson and Daniel Raphael, because there is obviously misunderstanding on the parts of some that have read it.

She has been reading of some worries and complaints and she finds nothing wrong at this point with what she has heard, but before I continue with her, I need her to be aware of the full content of that piece. (Candace: OK I will be right back. OK I read it and then I posted to AHS where there is a bit of a flurry going on and in this piece there is not ONE wrong concept in it. I will have it posted ahead of this work with Esu.)

Esu: Now beloveds, your homework assignment is to READ that piece in it's entirety and take your own pulse. What were some of you expecting? That you would return to a perfect world? You are returning to raise the babe. And learn something more of the processes you need for your future careers. And I don't mean just your earth careers. I mean your own heavenly careers over a very long time span.

You did NOT volunteer here to be lazy. You volunteered to share in Christ Michael's experience he once had, and so much more. You are the ones who will truly say at some point in your distant futures, that you ran the great race, that you have the finest of "insider" experience behind you, in preparing for the great worlds and universes to come.

The Father wishes his Ascending Sons to assume these tasks. For it will be YOU who have run the race and therefore KNOW the race, in the manner of Been There and Done That. No part of creation, even those higher architectural spheres is built on lollipops beloveds. Learn that now.

Those out there putting out silly channelings that promise you will be carried off to the wide blue yonder or will experience a magic ascension are WRONG, and they are keeping many of YOU from seeing the reality.

Now, I ask you read the piece. And then when Candace is relieved of her other duties in a day or two, perhaps we can go over this. And perhaps we can't, because even we do not know down to the minute when this will manifest. And we will, meaning mostly your guardians who work with you, KNOW HOW you have reacted to what is coming once it arrives.

We advise you to drop the lollipops and perhaps take up a good hammer of some sort. You are to be ROCKS, and not new born babes needing coddling. We have expected this reaction to Monjoronson's work with Daniel Raphael. Daniel is always willing to carry this tough work, these words needing to be said for Monjoronson.

I will now get back to my routine of this day, which is anything but routine. Do your homework assignment and then we meet another day after you have processed the tough meat of truth within it. Namaste, Esu.

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