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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

# 145 What CAN YOU Offer to God?
By Esu thru Candace
Oct 30, 2011 - 11:53:30 PM

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Listen up!

Esu thru Candace

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dearly beloveds,  I have come for 2 purposes tonight.  The first will be a word of advice on the Sunday 7 pm Meditations. First, since this is placed late for some of you, join in on any hour convenient later.

It is time for you ones to find your real place in all of this. Each of you have skills that are unique to you.  Much of these lessons have been for the purpose of teaching you to meditate on a regular planned basis, simply because it must become a habit and you must start someplace.  You must also be ready to drop into meditation at a moments notice should it be necessary.  There will be some rough times and you will need to keep your connections going, and you must practice until you have the habit and can drop into it at automatically, so that you can be informed by your higher self and guides as necessary in any tight situations.  This is not a long process, you must simply quiet your body and mind quickly.

You must be able to visualize. That has been part of these lessons unto you also, in directing the meditations as to intent.   For your visualization sets up a new possibility and once you are powerful with it, you can even change some situations and in that you must listen up within, so that you know when to do this.  We cannot guide you all the time.  You will miss opportunity of service if you must wait on anything.  We will not direct you regularly thru messages and on this front site of AbundantHope.  You must be able to get your own when the going gets tough.

We will continue for a time in this regard, but you must become self reliant and not need to run to the net to get what you should be doing.  This has all been preparations for your future, as you must walk with God, or not.  And God is not going to post it all on the internet for you to read.

It was never intended long ago to put out the Phoenix Journals. We thought that the star seeds should be waking up and walking into duty.  It was planned that those with Father Fragments be able to communicate with the Spirit of Truth.  It did not happen in any great measure and so the WORD on paper was brought to you.   Now it is time for you to get your word directly.

This does not mean we will not continue to publish here and through other sources, but you must get your word from those above directly.  You all have guides of one sort or another around you.  You have your own higher self around you.  You have the Spirit of Truth available to you and you have your own common sense available to you.  You must lessen your dependability on the printed word, because as things change in the next weeks,  what will go out on TV and via the printed word may be even more deep in the pits than now.  We cannot continue to babysit you.

You must determine your own strengths and gifts.  There are still too many of you who even now want someone else to inform you of what to do.  NO beloveds, you inform US what you can offer.  A great man in the United States once said,  Ask not what your country can do for you,  but ask what YOU can do for your country.

Well you are scattered around the world.   You tell GOD what YOU CAN DO for where you are, and then those of your guides can open some doors behind the scenes, but they must know what you can offer up.  There is no other way.  If you wait on your orders,  having not given of your skills, you will be left waiting. Period.

So this Sunday, at each  of your 7 o' clocks or nearest possible hour, tell your guides around you, what YOU CAN BRING as your gifts into this grand plan.  For you have gifts. All those surrounding you and Michael of Nebadon himself, await your answers, so we may support YOU.


Alright, now I wish to discuss another topic.  That of the Occupy movements, and specifically the Occupy Denver movement, for something tragic happened there today.  There was a peaceful gathering.  And then there was the unexpected.  Our Dark brothers had some infiltrators with the demonstrators and they had hatched a plan to have police available.  A small amount of trouble was made, some police officers were on duty, and were attacked by agents within the demonstrators set to carry that out.  Of course, that caused the call for more officers and state patrol members who came in abundance.

There were small skirmishes and an episode of  using some tear gas and rubber bullets. People were separated from their belongings which were piled up and then late in the day as it began to darken a dump truck came and hauled the tents and personal articles away.

Now we had our folks in the crowd, who worked tirelessly  to calm things down. But to no avail and shortly ago the crowd was attacked by the Denver Police and state patrol. viciously so.  Coverage from the live cameras dropped and we shall see what is put out in the media.

Now beloveds, we have put out that we would help when God is there at these things.  God was there, but most of the people did not realized it nor ask god in the door to help them.  Your thugs as Candace  calls them,  worked both sides, as they always do.

What the protestors should have done, was pack up and LEAVE the minute the cops were first attacked. There were guides who tried to get a word in edgewise. They were not listened to.  Some of ours had materialized for a short time and worked amongst the police and supported attempts to discourage the police from acting.  It did not work, ultimately.  What resulted at the end was not pretty.

At this time, it is not useful to get into arguments with those that carry the guns. Nor is it useful to destroy property.   We thru our ones that walk the grounds in all these situations,  attempt to prevent all physical fighting.  You can gather another day.

We also attempt to educate some of the protestors who are there with improper knowledge. We have carried pamphlets  about the nature of truth and what they should be arguing for.  This movement is not organized.  Our adversaries want it that way, thus always the statements that there are no leaders to these. This is arab spring all over again. WALK away and gather quietly in other places so that ones can get your attention and so these altercations do not occur in this manner.

We cannot support rag tag groupings.  We have many who manifest where needed and others of our own who are incarnate in these movements, and the attempt is and will continue to be made of unity of purpose.  The issues are not wall street. That is the coverup.  It is not capitalism. That is the cover up.  The issues are the freedom of man to run his own life and you have people there begging to be cared for by government.  This has never worked anywhere in the creation.

If you want god involved you must listen to God.  It is that simple beloveds.  And with that listening you then have to gently help others, and in intense situations maybe remove the others from the scenes.

That attempt was made today in Denver.  Some folks were escorted out that are agents and a few were made ill enough they could not participate and had to leave.  This is the nature of what we can do.  But we cannot do it for you.  There is that old but true statement, that God helps those who help themselves.  It becomes more true each day.  We will not help the agent provocateurs.  We will help you deal with them, but in all cases you must form the habit of listening up.  Following the intuition. You do not have to hear words, it can be "put upon your Heart."  Listen up.

Namaste, Esu.



This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site.  It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link.  Thankyou, Candace.



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