#152 Let the Old of Easter Pass, and the New Easter Begin
By Siraya thru Candace
Apr 9, 2012 - 10:01:03 PM


Let the Old of Easter Pass, and  the New Easter Begin

Siraya thru Candace

April 8, 2012

Dearly beloveds, it is I Siraya.  This is considered a Holy Day by Christians on this world.  To them it symbolizes the Resurrection of Christ, who never needed a resurrection, for both that played that Holy Role had nothing to resurrect from, they are old beings.  As are all of you on earth here to serve the process.

Today we start seriously the birthing, the resurrection of GAIA, because that IS the Person for whom this is the Time of the Resurrection.  This has been covered before and this resurrection shall be joined in and with Man who can also make the final choice of the Eternal journey, the ones ready for that journey.

For some, it will be the return to their former estate, those that fell from grace.  For others it will be the fusion with the Father Fragment. For still others even amongst you while not a resurrection per see, it will be the graduation of yet another grade in the Father's Schools.

Today,  let us forget the old ways of earth and join together in Unity to begin the New Way.  All those who read at AbundantHope would need to commit to the oneness of THE WAY.  Demonstrate it but more, ask those in religious diversion what the message of God is supposed to be.  God does not have many ways.  There is only one great cosmic consciousness that all are part of, not matter their job description.  YOU are each a part of it as much as I AM a part of it.

Today is the NEW "Easter", the serious movement into the resurrection of a people and their planet.  I am Siraya.



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