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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

By CM and Esu and Candace
Jan 30, 2011 - 11:30:12 AM

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Hang Tight/Loose

January 30, 2011

By CM & Esu thru Candace

Dearly beloveds, this is a joint message from myself and Christ MIchael. However, he is called to council on an emergency basis, so I am entrusted with actually providing it to Candace.  It is our joint authorship however.

Now, there were the two messages given thru Bela.  Read these carefully if you did not already. Some of our readership is “wagging out” so to speak with these new events on the horizon around Egypt.  While you are being entertained on that issue via your MSM  news, there is much more being put in place behind the scenes, as this is spreading to many places in the world.

Now this is black ops games and one of the reasons we expected to turn the world upside down and inside out late in the 2010, was these were planned for then (during the various holidays). However, also they had planned a great deal more and we found it necessary to put the wraps on some of their projects.  This one needs to continue for a time, it is what will help awaken, (we hope anyway) some of the populace on this planet.

We are not going to state publicly about what is planned and in what order, but it must manifest as part of bringing down this world.  While the “rioting” is NWO generated, it will draw and provide outlet for those genuinely long suppressed.  This is the “get off the fence allowance” for this.  It will not play out that long.  Had this manifested during the last 6 months of 2010, we would be in  the announcement education process.

We have brought in many reinforcements and the dark know this.  We are bringing more as we speak via the large transport craft.  Candace sees these regularly and she admits to 5 of them visible today since she woke up. There are more but behind clouds now, from incoming storms and tremendous chemtrailing there over Denver.

While the chemtrailing is irritating and rightfully so to you and is black ops oriented, it serves purpose.  It actually speeds up the heating and earth changes because the aluminum and the resultant clouds TRAP the heat generated within the earth.  They still wish to think it prevents the heat from the sun!  It does not, mother’s fever is not totally related to that sun.  And we are removing much of it because the particles of aluminum and barium are being used to help rebuild your firmament.  There have to be particles high in the atmosphere that are necessary to hold the water.  The firmament was taken down producing the 40 days of rain story not by god but by the owners of the planet at that time, who were, you guessed it, trying a population control game.  Forces here at the time did substantial evacuation, but the game was allowed, it provided some cleansing the planet otherwise needed at the time of various life forms.

Our thugs of course  think they are also blocking all those good energies coming in, but this barrier they spray does not prevent the entry of any of those energies, and thus that is a waste. They have merely sped up their own demise in this sense, because as when you have a fever, you shiver, then bundle up, raising the fever, which helps you rid the bacteria or virus from your system. We have allowed the chemtrails for these reasons, as it also serves.  MOST of the particles are pulled up by our craft to the higher altitude necessary for the re formation of the vapor barriers.  You may have some problems at times with inhaling material, and that is certainly not good, but you will not be using these worn out bodies much longer anyway.

Now, we cannot fully predict the order of coming events, but we are fully embedded everywhere necessary.  We have now on the ground  about 3 million human star beings who are embedded everywhere it is important, in addition to our “replacements” we have spoken of before. Sometimes on your TV’s you are seeing ours, and sometimes “theirs.”   As this progresses you will be seeing ours much more frequently.

Now this is GOING to hurt GAIA a bit, and the dark energies will swirl more, and when they reach a certain level, we begin our stasis activities. Hold your calmness.  WE PLEAD to those who are falling away over dates, to carefully watch what happens. Even if you are not going to fully support us, you can however, do your various love and light practices and you CAN educate those around you in a more positive way.  If ever there was a time to do this, IT IS NOW, regardless of your prove to us attitudes.  BE THE LIGHT, which is a process of ACTIVITY and ACTION.  If you can keep your minds CLEAR, you will see our works within.

Candace has drawn some attention to the lessons in the Course of Miracles.  GO to the websites that carry the LESSONS,  for the 365 days per year, for those are the ones that Christ Michael gave.  The early ones will help you focus if you will take them seriously.  You will better see the illusion and not buy into the MSM media stories.

There will be many more riots around the world, at least the dark are still pumping them up while you are watching Egypt.  This is necessary, no matter who is carrying them out to provide a final awakening for those of this world that can awaken.  This is a deciding point action for many.  Please have stocks on hand, we cannot fully predict what they will do with the banking and marketing and we are going to leave that in their hands.  They are being allowed this actions for a reason.  We cannot rebuild the Phoenix beloveds, any other way.  The darkness has to collapse.  It is a law of nature.  Like attracts like.

You are going to probably find your Christian brothers and sisters staying with the Israel material they have been programmed with, and these coming activities many increase their hatred for Islam.  This is OK, let them do it, but also explain other points of view in an effort to show them real thinking. Lectures will not work, just make non judgmental statements about how you are viewing it.  Attempt to not side with either side, just remain neutral but gently encourage them to look at other angles.  Many are going to consider Islam as the bad guys.


Point out that all are children of God no matter the race, religion and politics.  Many are completely unable, especially your Christians brothers and sisters, to see that mother and fathers everywhere are human and have children and live the same sorts of lives as they do. This is a very important lesson for these ones at these times that will further discern their placement.

I am suggesting you do not go to any protests.  There is risk to you personally and we have our ones there in the crowds.  You stay at work and at home, doing your usual activities and simply  find opportunity wherever you are to help these ones understand others ones are suffering too.  We found it amazing, in the Western Countries that people had no interest in the terrible details of the Lebanon War and the Gaza War of recent years.  NO concern about babies being slashed and burned for example.  You can help in this regard. YOU CAN and SHOULD shed tears for these ones who will suffer.  But in the shedding, let it be in love and not anger.

Now we know that some of you wondered where we were then in those previous wars.  Well, it ended didn’t it? Yes. And also, the bible teaches and rightly so that those who kill by the sword must die by the sword. Will, there are many Khazars  incarnate now in Gaza dear ones, experiencing the other side of that sword, and so it is now in many other places in this world.  The thugs had their plan, and we had ours.  This must play out.  The thugs planned their wars long before Revelations was written.

This Middle East scenario was planned even in the times of Abraham.  It is now to be played in detail as well as in other parts of this world.  Those of the “receiving” end as it would seem are some of the very same thugs that caused others harm before in times past.  That said,  in terms of God’s laws, you must demonstrate what is RIGHT and lend your support to all of God’s children at this time.  Some of these on the receiving end are and will grow up.

We have many back on this side from recent years who did have a change of heart and are now returning to their ascension journey.  Man must learn by his errors. It has always been that way, and that will continue to be that way.  He must LEARN cause and effect, and that his negative behaviors ARE CAUSE as well as his positive behavior.

This is what these lower worlds are FOR in the first place. They are always ugly.  This is where mind vested in partnership with spirit is born.  That partnership of mind and spirit is born no other way. Bless the process.

I am Esu, giving the message for both myself and Christ Michael in this missive.  Hang Tight/Loose beloveds.  I leave you to ponder that!  Namaste, Esu.

Candace: All I will add here is a couple links for those 365 lessons in The Course in Miracles.  The total course includes 31 chapters of stuff I don’t even think is that relevant right now plus the teachers manuel.  Focus just on the daily lessons, as you must interact with those lessons.  They require your participation.  I would think most of you would need to spend a couple hours going thru the beginning ones,  as one a day may not work fast enough.

But this process besides helping yourself as needed, may give you ideas of how to help others see illusion.  If you are still having illusion difficulties, it will help you if you play along with the lessons.  I found the first 18 in particular really fascinating.  When I explored this a number of years ago from material online, I was downloading on dial up those 31 chapters and I tossed them, didn’t care so much for them at all, and these were not written by CM.  They seem to be written in fact by some who didn’t fully understand the lessons!  Just my humble opinion!  I have not read all those 365 lessons by the way, only up to about 50 or so.  I found those early ones valuable to me, as I was finding myself this past couple weeks being caught up in the illusion and not the reality myself.

Ok, this is the main ACIM site: A Course In Miracles - Foundation for Inner Peace.  The lessons offered free are in the left hand menu.

I found this other site I think I like better, for it’s all there and I like the pop down lesson list that has the titles of the lessons, in case I wish to review any.    It is the Urtext I am NOT crazy about especially at this time.  You will want to click on “acim lessons” at the bottom, or “Workbook Lessons” in the top bar for the daily lessons.

I have copied lessons 1 thru 3 here which should peak your interest as to their value.

Lesson 1

Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window,
in this place] means anything.

Now look slowly around you, and practice applying this idea very specifically to whatever you see:

This table does not mean anything.
This chair does not mean anything.
This hand does not mean anything.
This foot does not mean anything.
This pen does not mean anything.

Then look farther away from your immediate area, and apply the idea to a wider range:

That door does not mean anything.
This body does not mean anything.
This lamp does not mean anything.
This sign does not mean anything.
This shadow does not mean anything.

Notice that these statements are not arranged in any order, and make no allowance for differences in the kinds of things to which they are applied. That is the purpose of the exercise. The statement should merely be applied to anything you see. As you practice the idea for the day, use it totally indiscriminately. Do not attempt to apply it to everything you see, for these exercises should not become ritualistic. Only be sure that nothing you see is specifically excluded. One thing is like another as far as the application of the idea is concerned.

Each of the first three lessons should not be done more than twice a day each, preferably morning and evening. Nor should they be attempted for more than a minute or so, unless that entails a sense of hurry. A comfortable sense of leisure is essential.

Lesson 2

I have given everything I see in this room
[on this street, from this window, in this place]
all the meaning that it has for me.

The exercises with this idea are the same as those for the first one. Begin with the things that are near you, and apply the idea to whatever your glance rests on. Then increase the range outward. Turn your head so that you include whatever is on either side. If possible, turn around and apply the idea to what was behind you. Remain as indiscriminate as possible in selecting subjects for its application, do not concentrate on anything in particular, and do not attempt to include everything you see in a given area, or you will introduce strain.

Merely glance easily and fairly quickly around you, trying to avoid selection by size, brightness, color, material, or relative importance to you. Take the subjects simply as you see them. Try to apply the exercise with equal ease to a body or a button, a fly or a floor, an arm or an apple. The sole criterion for applying the idea to anything is merely that your eyes have lighted on it. Make no attempt to include anything particular, but be sure that nothing is specifically excluded.

Lesson 3

I do not understand anything I see in this room
[on this street, from this window, in this place].

Apply this idea in the same way as the previous ones, without making distinctions of any kind. Whatever you see becomes a proper subject for applying the idea. Be sure that you do not question the suitability of anything for application of the idea. These are not exercises in judgment. Anything is suitable if you see it. Some of the things you see may have emotionally charged meaning for you. Try to lay such feelings aside, and merely use these things exactly as you would anything else.

The point of the exercises is to help you clear your mind of all past associations, to see things exactly as they appear to you now, and to realize how little you really understand about them. It is therefore essential that you keep a perfectly open mind, unhampered by judgment, in selecting the things to which the idea for the day is to be applied. For this purpose one thing is like another; equally suitable and therefore equally useful.

I took these first 3 lessons from You may like that format too for your purposes.  You will also wish to review the workbook introduction: I also advise reading the Epilogue in this hurry up effort that may assist your efforts.

Many of you know and practice what is contained in these lessons, and perhaps taking a look will refresh your memories.  I do many of the items suggested all the time quite regularly, as to freeing my own personal thoughts from the illusion. This simply helped me remember that during a short period of being down in the dumps recently.

Actually when I was reviewing these two sites I provided above,  I did not notice this link on the official website: It has a listing of all the lessons on it in order.

This is the time, if ever there was one, to stand strong. 


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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