#125 GAIA Speaks
By Esu, Christ Michael, GAIA thru Candace
Jun 15, 2010 - 3:35:28 PM


Esu , Christ Michael and Gaia

Monday June 14, 2010

Esu: Hello my beloveds, it has been more than a busy week for all of us. Matters have now changed with GAIA's large saying of the right No's and the right Yes'. This is something everyone who is on the ascension path has to learn to do and it takes much practice. There is always the ability and desire to not rock the boat, so to speak, but if you are climbing into the Father's way, you must begin to rock the boat.

For those "new souls" it is rocking the boat that brings the thought adjuster. I covered this to some degree long ago in a piece we did about the animals, Candace and I, in those now long ago early days of this project. Candace once did a piece with Christ Michael on how he has been rocking the Creator Son boat for a long time, leading to a new way of moving the creation forward.

We have discussed how the animals must also grow, and when each animal suddenly realizes it is an individual, it stands up and says I AM. I AM is what starts the human journey, it's not the end like so many think who will not use the statement about themselves.

Most herd animals don't find their I AM except those with loving human contact who as thus removed a bit from the herd. We are now seeing some sweet animal souls who have long found their I AM actually now receiving real thought Adjusters, not just temporary ones needing training, and these ones, even while still in the animal form, are now baby humans. Real humans, with real God mind because the are making CONSCIOUS decisions and choices and truly desiring to move forward and upward.

Now, how does this story relate to our beloved GAIA? In a way GAIA, while she long has her I AM, and is thus self conscious, she was before then much like the animal herself. Her MIND is the mind and record of everything that has even happened on this planet. Her soul is a giant Akashic Record and one day you will become more skilled at accessing her record.

But for the many eons she did not know herself as separate from the Creation, and in the journey upward , EVERY mind HAS to do this at some point. It has to become a PERSON. Person has nothing to do with a body. But of course GAIA has a body, it's the planet. But there are many created Spirit beings who have Spirit forms, which are real and bounded, but not a body as understood in the material realms.

Your SOUL beloveds, IS your MIND. Well, GAIA spent some long time after she said I AM, but not so long a time really, and realized she was indeed a PERSON. It always takes the mother planet a long time before she realizes she exists SEPARATE from those maturing on her.

Before that time the Mother of a planet, is more like what you term the elementals, a fairy as such. Very much a group soul of many parts blended together so much, there is not a unique mind. Now, once the mother planet, now a Planetary Supreme, when she realizes she exists as a mind, the work does begin for her ascension. Once she is a reasoning being herself, and not engrouped with the Mother Spirit of the Universe, in this case Nebadonia, she cannot long tolerate the darkness on this world or any other world. GAIA for a long time actually resisted this awareness because of the great darkness here.

But because of the experience of the great darkness she will be one of the greatest mothers in Nebadon and I want you all here who are progressing towards being administrators in the existing and new creations to under that your experience of this great darkness is what will propel you into great masters of the light. For you do not know except by first knowing the darkness.

GAIA has done it all in this sense. She is ready to assume her true role as the Planetary Supreme, conscious of her many parts now and able to make informed decisions. This was tough on her, letting go of the old, saying NO, and choosing the New. Many of you have to make similar choices on this world, or you are depressed and stagnant.

Depression and the resulting stagnation are always a blessed message to say you need to get back into co creation with God. ALWAYS. And dear ones, now and then, I myself get bored and stagnant for a short time and I have had a bit of depression myself over the massive losses we have experienced over the years. Being a Sananda does not relieve one of emotion and great sadness. It does not guarantee there is always bliss and joy. Now I will release the podium to Christ Michael. Namaste, Esu.

Christ Michael: Well dear ones, here I am. And pursuant to the discussion of Esu, even Creator Sons and the Father himself experience emotion, for it is part of personality. I am returned because of my own sadness and depressions about this sector of my creation and like all of you have to clear your own souls of that which is troubling in our experience and lighten it, so must I.

I like you, have to look carefully at all the possible options and outcomes. Man as he grows in spirit learns to do the same and thus anticipate and create his life, by planning where possible how he will act in a future event. That IS the creative process. With being able to discern some future and how one might play in that, there would be NO creation, beloveds. This creation would not be in existence at all. There are all those massive systems that you can perceive from your telescopes, and all those you can't see with them that make up a mighty creation. You circle around the outer rim of the creation, and Paradise itself and innumerable black space bodies prevent you from seeing much of what exists. In fact a great deal of what you do see, is new creations forming in outer space. The creation is VAST.

.Nebadon could not exist without my ability to create in my thought and of course that includes the abilities added of those I first create of my angelic realms on forward to the periods of life implantation to the coming of ascending Sons into my universe. I am a dreamer and so are you.

Dreams are of HUMAN, and beloveds, here is something to digest. I AM ALSO HUMAN, just much progressed past you. I am of course a spirit being and borrowing a body for this project, but never the less HUMAN. I am a product of the Father. All who have individual minds of the ability to think forward, to dream new possibilities are HUMAN, even those of the angels of my creation.

Does it not say in the bible, that man shall become LIKE the Angels. That means he will move PAST "man" the animal that does not think yet, and INTO HU-man. (Higher Universal Man) Now as Esu said, we are getting some animals that are touching on the Human mind and receiving thought adjusters. OK, how does this relate then to GAIA?

GAIA beloveds, is Human herself now and faced with all those wondrous challenges ahead. You become of the Father when your fuse with your adjuster, and beloveds, most of you that read here did that long ago so don't dwell on trying to do that, it is long done.

GAIA in her merging with the FATHER is Merging with ME as her creator, but also WITH the Universal Father thru me and separate from me. Her first merging is more with Me and when she and her life forms enter Monopolarity, the state of Light and Life, this will bring about the Advent of God upon this planet, to GAIA personally and all who have or will have reached this point.

Fusion with the thought adjuster, which is the Father Fragment, a piece of the Universal Father's mind, is the ADVENT of God upon the god seeking mortal who has elevated himself to that point. When man fuses with his Father Fragment, he is then Eternal. He has made the choice of Eternal Life. He is a REAL ETERNAL BEING. Until then, he is temporary.

GAIA first "fuses" which means blending of two or more minds into one mind, with ME. But this does not mean she is not a separate entity. She remains so but now she is part of my knowing, she has more access to my knowing, we are one mind, while still retaining our individual journeys into knowledge. She IS a PERSON now, and her fusing with ME makes her a PERMANENT personality in the Kingdom of GOD. She will shortly as this process happens, become like you when you once fused with your thought adjuster.

GAIA when she fuses with me, BECOMES ETERNAL. THIS is HER Ascension, and its not the only one, just the first one of record. She will be written into the BOOK of LIFE. It's not a state of perfection, but it's a state of having chosen ETERNAL LIFE. So many souls do not and not all planets chose this.

Now when GAIA and her peoples enter Monopolarity, Light and Life, that is her FUSION as such with the Universal FATHER in Paradise. Most of you Fused with that Father, through you Father Fragment LONG ago. My, Candace herself is a very OLD soul and fused so long ago in Nebadon, and then completed the long journey to Paradise and graduated a Mighty Messenger.

But she's a young Mighty Messenger, that happened only shortly before she took on this public project. Esu also became a Mighty Messenger shortly after he left his Earth incarnation with me which was his final test to become a Mighty Messenger himself. Ascending Graduates of Paradise are Sanandas. Thus you now know also that Candace is a Sananda.

Now the Planetary Supreme in a way also must become sort of a Mighty Messenger in her long training too. She will never bear that title, but she must continue her own journey of learning when to say NO and when to say Yes. As must all. It comes as wisdom over time. She has some long learning yet ahead of her and she's going to have to move on the fast tract, because of the Correcting Time. (Candace: A Mighty Messenger is one who has survived and worked thru a major rebellion. They are rebellion tested. There are many types of graduates of Paradise, with different backgrounds and specialties. In this piece, Christ Michael is saying that GAIA is rebellion tested.)

This time period for your planet, which you adopted for a time, most move along a bit faster and that is why you are all here, because this planet is so far behind in all ways. You must regularly join with GAIA and give her the pats on the back she needs, that ALL NEED, and that my beloveds includes myself. OK Candace is chuckling here, because you see, she often pats the Creator Son on the back when she sees the merit of the choices coming down. Hey Christ, this is really cool, is what I often hear. Oh, a Mighty Messenger pats the Creator Son on the back for a job well done? Certainly so. This is a group project and there should be patting on the back, whenever something goes right! Don't you all do that? Well, I hope so.

That's what is meant by bringing God down to your level. When this glorious planet enters light and life, when there is the ADVENT of God upon this place, so will God on High be blended with God on Low. The God lost and not seen for so long, rises up to Fuse with the God on High, Blends with it. Now that is all the magic to see, in that strange and silly term in the Urantia Book called fusion. It is the blending of a lower mind with the higher mind that pervades the creation, the Mind of the Father.

GAIA is now well on the way to that goal. She will likely fuse with me during stasis, but it may be a bit later, it matters not, she's on her way now, she said the
Right NO and the Right YES.

Now we have a treat for you. GAIA is HERE with us, and Candace will take a short break to recoup and then GAIA will take the Podium. Be Blessed one and all, I AM THAT I AM (which also you are), Christ Michael Aton.

GAIA: Hi my beloved members of AbundantHope, I AM GAIA. And I am here mostly today to state a warm and huge THANKYOU for all your work in helping me Say NO and Yes at the same time. Candace and Don have walked with me a lot, as have many others of you here and many more also around the world who heard the call, but of course never heard of AbundantHope.

A few years ago when I began to talk with Candace she gave me a lot of encouragement then about the new process being developed on this planet, in which there would be MANY MESSIAHS, all working together as one but carrying out individual roles and talents to lift me and my creations up into real Glory. This sustained me a great deal, but then as the wars progressed on my surface, and more people are entering into just the physical pleasures and some really dark behaviors in sexuality, music and the arts, I slipped a bit more and more into a depression. The darkness was again winning and moving past the light and it had lots of support.

My depression worsened. I did not know what to do about it. And I was not asking for enough help. We all need help in this journey. Now in the recent weeks, you have come magnificently to help me and the depression began to lighten. I began to feel your love and I began to consider maybe I could come again into the idea of creating, and it's the idea of co creation which is never singular. I begin to really, really see that a great light was coming together on my surface and the purpose of this light was in fact to HELP ME. And I am so grateful for it.

I get much encouragement from the angels and those in the higher realms, but beloveds, I so need this from you, because it is you ON my surface that must help me move up. I can not enter light and life without a civilization on my body. Had the decision been used of many years ago that the planet would be fully cleansed and reseeded as happens to many, so much is lost and my own ascension would be delayed because it is entwined with the Mind upon my surface, as I cannot enter Light and Life without people on this planet, merging their minds with me. I cannot merge one day with the Father of Paradise myself without YOU.

This was a depressing thought in and of itself. I did not wish to have a totally new civilization of people from elsewhere, to make my own ascension into Light and Life. This is used on many planets, but you see beloveds, I am a SEED PLANET for the developing new souls from scratch, and I could not just wash it all away. I desired with the most earnest of desires to carry some of my evolutions with ME.

And you are now going to help this happen, a great experiment and I am convinced this will work and satisfy my desires to be blended with those whom were created here. Now of course, all advancing souls leave their home planets, even the seed planets and journey forward. But I was looking at a really huge lose and it pained me terribly. If my own children at least some of them, could not travel with me, it was like abandoning them to the wilderness. All of you do not like to see your children lost and cast out and maybe even "dead', meaning uncreated.

I know there is always a dividing and sorting. Many of my children I know will move to other families, other worlds who are willing to adopt them and give them a further chance because they are not yet ready for what we are doing. And this is fine with me, because it is good and I am grateful for the offer to continue caring for my children. And you see, when these children who are being fostered out to other Planetary Mothers, are grown up a bit more, they will return into my bosom to grow some more, until they themselves are ready to the greater journey into their god hood. This is "OK". It's wonderful in fact. It is like your children who leave to go learn and come back home at some point.

But a full cleansing, this was not acceptable as to ME. I can handle others, like the story in your bible of the prodigal son, leaving and returning to embrace, but I didn't want all of my children leaving! I felt that some were almost ready and under the right conditions might be able to stay with me as they venture into their God hood. In this discussion I am not including the dark ones who were sent here to work out their karma, but some of these ones ARE finally ready, and while not my "blood children" so to speak, I did adopt them, just as other Mothers in the creation are going to adopt some of mine for a time. I have an awfully large family.

These ones that have grown enough, will continue under my adoptive arms until they fly away in the proper manner. And some of my children who evolved here are also near a state of readiness too. Actually I have in a way, few children of my own, because when the Sirian Sun was blown to bits long ago, evolving souls were placed on my surface as they had NO mother at all, and I embraced them AS MY OWN just as some of you have taken in children as your own that have no parents. You know NO difference, these are YOUR children even if another mother birthed them and so it is with these ones that I adopted long ago. They are my children just as much as if I had birthed them myself.



Candace: I was going to add some teaching and commentary. While I knew I was going to work with GAIA today, in fact I asked for her to be part of this message, I was not prepared for this. I am a mess of tears right now. This piece is done and it needs no commentary from me.

But that said, I am so happy to have my forum up again. There is new life in it now. So far there are about 55 new missions of all sorts. I haven't tried to count how many of the original members have returned, but it's quite a few so far. Please do not think you cannot be a messiah because the word seems so huge. The Many Messiah idea of my dreams is being made manifest.

Welcome aboard. We need as I have posted before, all sorts of messiahs. Big ones, little ones, medium ones. We need your many and varied special skills. Do not ever hide your head and think you cannot possibly be a messiah, because we came to be just that. It is what is needed and it is going to WORK. Hold your heads high. Take care, Candace.






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