For God So LOVED the World.......
By ESU and CM thru Candace
Feb 7, 2015 - 11:13:31 PM



Dearly Beloveds... well who knew we would be giving a 10 year update . Much water has passed under the bridges of time...And here we still not only stand... but in much greater strength. Yes some have come and gone and a few come back.... The numbers of you perhaps less but the new agey stuff gone.

You have been thru a difficult period some several of you on 8* this past couple months. Its OK.... For in its place there stands more strength....

I know the 10 years seem like eternity and don't think it doesn't to me either... I had my own good "hopes" so to speak in the few years even before Candace and I "went public"... But in that mix of everything master plans have developed....and there is yet a much greater understanding where it matters what this is all about.

Gone is the "fluff" and setting in its place a lot of discernment and REALITY. The Reality IS the Truth. And while celestial truth never varies.... And matter and energy always behave the same in the vibrational fields inhabited.... Man's truth grows in knowing. A little more here.. a little more there until the basics of the Indwelling of the Father within him are understood enough and practiced that one becomes a Son of God and KNOWS what that means.

We of course still need many many more of mankind to obtain even a measure of this but with teaching .... Real teaching... more will join the fold and find real FAITH. That many have not yet found the inner truth of themselves has more to do with terrible teaching and the propaganda on this plane than the reality within each discovered by self.

Man's greatest accomplishment on any evolutionary planet IS TO FIND HIMSELF AS GOD...... and of course that is our goal here... And each must do that alone.. but the propaganda extreme has this world has slowed the process. However not to worry beloveds.. not to worry. But the great unveiling and the event to manifest in the near future is going to demonstrate the LOVE of God vs the Fear of God...... Those that have any ability to FEEL at all.. will FEEL this and KNOW the Face of God has arrived on this world.

God is FELT...... and the unfeeling do not find God for that very reason.

So..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There is more to come. Candace and I are working on covering the planned structure of Global AH to present to you. We thought it would be good today but life has been full and busy for us this last few days and so the structure can wait a bit. I AM THAT I AM...... Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara TITULAR Planetary Prince....


Ah my friends..... an awesome day indeed. There is just "something" about a 10 years birthday.. is there not? Look how long some of you have stood who have been here from the beginning.

I want to cover something that some are finding so much discomfort in... and that is the recent coverage again of MIND CONTROL. For there has been a long running all related together group of people who have infested and subsequently been removed in this organization of AbundantHope. God always wins..... and so it is.

Now to the suffering of this world which includes those who are made into slaves by MK Ultra and many many other ways including your money system and religions. It is easy to see when made aware of it... that process that brings forth separate controlled personalities within an individual.

Beloveds now look around you everywhere.... The suffering is not just in that program and fast method..... so to speak... for slaves in entertainment, the news ,,, and the sexual places of those powerful. There is massive multiple personality disorder on this world... created also by the conditions of this world.

This to some degree is present on all lower worlds... but more so on this one since it's the most intense prison ward in my universe at this time.

The suffering in the long term over life for MOST is present on this world and look at your ownselves... that which goes on over the extended times is probably worse... but it grows MIND..... and this world is about just that..... we always always put the dark ones on evolutionary planets... because we cannot get mind to grow any other way... it does not happen in a vacumn.. .and while it would seem that just teaching will do it.. it does not.

STRESS does. It creates what you might label 2nd Person Trinity to FORM... otherwise it does not and you have just a bunch of animals who cannot even function as animals....

Get in touch with your inner world and your memories and remember this. And what is happening on this world is the EXTINCTION of darkness in which it collapses onto itself . If it does NOT reach this extinction... it does not go away.....and we have a very large area in this super universe of which Nebadon is a part... of dark energy that must be extincted..... and this IS a karmic world to that purpose.

As we have taught over the years this is an intense prison ward... but out of this process WILL COME GOD IN MAN. UNDERSTAND THESE DARK ONES... MUST EITHER COLLAPSE INTO NOTHING... OR THEY MUST CHOOSE GOD. No fence can survive here within each person... they have to choose God.. or choose eternal death. NO OPTIONS. This is NOT a Half Way house planet.

If this evil is not nailed down to its own combustion... it will continue to cause contagion and it will cause contagion even if the planet self destructs... It will spread out of the planet then to everywhere it can grab because that is how mind works (good or evil mind-C)..... it will infest first this solar system and cause it to self destruct and move on from there.

This is not the first time in the annals of "time" this has happened..... Thus we "know" and here it ends beloveds. At least for a very long period in this sector of the creation.

You must put away now your tears and insert into the etheric of this world nothing but love.. for that is why you have come in the first place. Every time you catch yourself NOT in LOVE..... uncreate that ASAP. Uncreate the dark emotion. Put back on a happy face.. stand and take love with you. Each entity is responsible unto themselves. You cannot do their work... but you can demonstrate LOVE and hope they will absorb some of it.

The Robotoids are our issue. They are not yours. Leave that at the celestial level and work on the LOVE..... For you see ... God of Nebadon so loved the world... he came himself. I AM THAT I AM... Michael of Nebadon.






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