A Small Update on Pre 3DD Activities
By Esu thru Candace
Jul 15, 2012 - 11:51:09 PM


A Small Update on Pre 3DD Activities


Thru Candace

July 14, 2012


Beloveds, stand in your patience.  I know this is tiring, but put yourself in our shoes, or mine at the moment.  I am in charge of a very large military operation that is most necessary at this time.  You may see some odd quakes around as we are taking out more alien bases and it is useful for us to finish that task,  if possible pre the The  Three Days of Darkness.  (3DD)


There are energies in them that need neutralized so as to not effect damage during the mini stasis period that we do not wish.  These underground bases  are powered by mostly nuclear energies and need tactful handling.  I am only reporting this to give you some detail.  We are puling out the reactors and removing them. Some of these bases are even "normal" under ground installations that run on nuclear, and they will likely blow during the mini stasis.  There is more to occur during the mini stasis than simple removal of the dark, and on the details I cannot give you at this time.  Lets just say that the removal process includes removing more than people and let it go at that.


There is reason that this cannot wait until the large stasis.  As you were informed with the Siraya message thru Johan,  this plan is related to activities that will affect your future careers, experience wise, and also affect the people that will remain during the teaching period and the length and outcome OF the teaching period.  I will say the teaching period will be longer than we have suggested before and therefore to provide special opportunities for all, we must have a "cleaner" format.


Keep your lives going and stop living in the future that is not here yet!  And always have preparations no matter where you live, for temporary discomforts, as there is still to come the likelihood of much extreme weather and perhaps some extreme quakes.


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