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Telepathic Messages : Candace Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

#76 Christ Michael and General Radetsky Speak Strongly
By Christ Michael, General Radetsky
Jan 5, 2008 - 8:12:00 PM

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 Christ Michael and General Radetsky Speak Strongly

Thru Candace

January 05, 2008



Dearly Beloveds,  it is I Christ Michael come to you today. First just for you readers, let us get to the point about Jupiter. In early December we started the ignition process, and the planet very slowly began its involution, which is in a sense, for your benefit, related to the tight packing an explosive must have to fully detonate. The involution went at a slow pace, and was completed a couple weeks ago, and is now in its evolutional stage. It is peeking out the behind the sun at this time, and will shortly be making it’s grand appearance.


You will have no doubt of this, it will be most obvious. As per usual, we will go into stasis shortly thereafter. I have intentionally not assisted Jupiter further recently, to buy a little time. The ignition process has proceeded slowly, due to the fact that matter in this solar system remains compromised, causing the event to require more time. The final ignition that you will see is going to be visible, and there will be little protection from the sun of  the proton burst to the earth plane. Consider this the fault of the ones in power.


Now this message is not really for you the readers, it is for the dark readers of this website. The world is in a blood bath at this time. You get little hints, but mostly your media cover it up with the extra and overdone coverage of the pre election issues.


Now, those of you in the dark conspiracy, we have the future temporary leaders fully protected, and these ones can’t be harmed whatsoever. Any further attempts at assassination of these ones will be met with instant reprisal against the attackers. We will be seen; cloaking will not be carried out, so that these reprisals will be carried out in full view.


To you the readers, the stories of Christopher Story are fully true and in fact, he is not informed as to the fullness of what is going on. You of the dark are to leave my people alone, all of them are under star fleet protection. We have, in various locations over the earth, a guard fleet of 66,000 shuttle craft, fully equipped with weaponry, and this bullshit is to stop immediately. We in general know the location of the perpetrators, and this weaponry, if used, has the effect to ending your soul. Thus you will not exist anymore and this represents your final warning. I have given the orders to allow this to occur where necessary. Now I defer to one you have not heard from in some time, General Kevin Radetsky.


Candace: General, what surprise, how nice to hear from you, we have not talked for a few months now, except for you to tell me you can’t disclose anything of interest right now!  To our readers, you once heard from the General, as Admiral Jhonka, of Ashtar Command. The General is the incarnation of the Admiral, who is an Arch Angel. He was long based on Mars, with the jointly operated alien, USA, Russian Base on Mars. He was the commander there, and is very highly ranked with the US Military. He returned to assist the earth 2 years ago.


General Radetsky: Hello first to our readers, I apologize for my long absence, but indeed my life has been very busy behind the scenes. I was the one who also last summer of 2006 ended the Israel war with Lebanon, amongst my behind the scenes credits.


Now the rest of this message pertains to the dark readership. Under the orders from Havona, through this universe of Nebadon, it has been authorized, that all those that continue to participate in this blood bath, when caught, will be instantly uncreated. This is your final chance, and particle beam weaponry will be used as necessary. It matters not who carries these things out, high or low, old or newer soul. It is your time of judgment, long called for, and you will not need to face Monjoronson’s courts. This is final. If you value your existence, it is time to stop these activities.


We are heavily placed over Iran and Pakistan, and we are going to interfere in the nepharious plans and you are NOT to carry them out, or it shall be your end. The people in these regions are used to the shuttlecraft so that is not a problem, we shall be visible as necessary. There is once again also a plan to strike within the United States, and this plan includes the use of the MOAB, of which there are only a couple left, to simulate nuclear attack. The location of this is Chicago, Illinois, we know the plan, and it shall not happen. We are thusly in this small way exposing it to the world. We know the time, we know the planes which have the 2 remaining bombs aboard, and not even will the engines be fired up, we will disable them, and all involved in this process will meet their maker if anyone even attempts to board those planes.


Your Lucifer to whom you remain devoted, and the Anunnaki overlords are no longer on this place. It is pointless to serve them. Lucifer met his demise over 20 years ago. The planet has been retaken by the forces of light in service to The Michael of Nebadon, some time ago, and to further the idea that you, even if you perish, will have benefited your masters cause, simply is not so. Your reptilian overlords were removed also, en mass this fall, and you know of this. There is NO ONE to serve now, other than Holy God of Creation, the Father. It is but your final choice to do so or not. This planet is not to be further harmed by the likes of you, and will be fully rehabilitated over the ensuing years, into it’s original purpose and intent, that of the seed planet of the local area. No more will you reign. It is over friends, over.


Jupiter shortly completes its eruption, and the planet goes into stasis, and the cleanup begins. WE have a most glorious plan afoot. Please drop your guns, and return to lighted beingness, for it is truly your final chance to do so. You do not own this planet. Nobody owns this planet, but its peoples. They will not be further enslaved.


You are in the photon belt, and all will be cleansed you see, and it is truly the end. All of Nebadon moves up, you see, and you can move forward, or be lost forever. The galactic wars are long over. It is time for peace to come. So Be It. I have commanded this little showdown to begin, during the wait for Jupiter. I AM, General Kevin Radestky, the highest officer of the total military forces of the United States of America. I am superceded only by God on this one beloveds, stop of thy nonsense. 


Christ Michael: Dearest readers, be not afraid if any of this does hit thy news, for it is of no import to you. You are kept safe, and not to worry. Shortly it will all be moot anyway, and after the changes we have thoroughly discussed around the Jupiter Event, the repairs begin, in concert with those who reside on Earth. This remains a co creative project with God, and the only way to get this done, this ascension of the planet.


I remind readers that ascension is earned, and it will be quite some time before the planet enters into light and life. However, the Jupiter event is an ascension event, because the planet will be uplifted substantially and darkest will be gone, so that you the light workers have an even footing. Much must be done, and as per the teaching by Monjoronson, you must create a sustainable society and the necessary technology to exist as such. It is not necessary to repeat here all the teaching to this point.


The time of the holy work in public begins!  Namaste dear ones, I AM the Christed Creator Son of Nebadon, the Michael.



PS, certain translators were having trouble with the sentence about Jupiter in the beginning. I misspelled Peek , as peak, which means two different things.


What I mean, is that Jupiter is just now coming out from behind the sun, and "peeking" is what I "heard," not peaking. Sorry about that. About the middle of January, another week, Jupiter, whether it has become a sun yet or not, will be visible low in the eastern sky in the early morning, just prior to the sun coming up.


Also I was asked if I meant protons, or photons. It is protons. There will be a huge quantity of protons coming from the ignition process. We always have protons coming from our current sun, in addition to many other energies and atoms of matter, like Calcium. You can check the daily proton emission from our sun easily at    Jupiter will also emit protons constantly.  


Whenever we have a coronal mass ejection, the proton count always goes up, and we are in an increased solar wind from 2 of these, called twin CME's, that occurred on December 31, and Jan 2, from approximately the same area of the sun.  We are in a heightened solar wind for several days, starting January 4th.


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