#10 Go In Peace
By Esu and Candace
Feb 19, 2005 - 9:26:00 PM



By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel

#10 February 19, 2005

Good Morning everyone! Sananda wanted to get started a few minutes earlier this morning. He has a simple and wondrous message for the day. Before I start it, I want to mention a thing or two. Anne Bellringer suggested last night to me, in light of the posting problems with fonts, to try a different idea. You shall see it shortly. I think this method will work the best.

Also, I want to thank several who have written giving me some other ideas to try with my list. As you know, I was having trouble with sending emails using the blind copy. A reader sent an idea and I will try it. I haven't yet, but I will when I send out the last two messages to my list. I have been sent also other ideas, which I filed for later use, when I can upgrade my computer and ISP.

I am not completely computer literate, and I most appreciate the suggestions. Feel free to offer any advice of this nature. I did not get yesterdays message out on the list yet, as I am still updating it first. I will simply send both in one together. So on to today's message.

Sananda: Good morning my Brothers and Sisters! (Or may be it is my Sisters and Brothers!) I am in a wonderful mood this beautiful morning. My words are few today, because many things are brewing and I most attend them. But I assure you all is most well, and soon the surprises will start!

I want to thank each and every one of you who have persisted over all these most trying years. Many, in your notes to Candace, have written of coming close to losing your motivation. My Coming should have come many years ago. I am going to have Candace today put in the writings, the text of the speech that your President John Kennedy was the give the day he was murdered.

He had in his pocket a set of cards with the speech written on them, and someone recovered them from his body and kept them safe. He was that very night going to announce our presence in the skies. This man was by far one of the greatest Presidents you have had and that of course is why his life was cut short. He planned to do ALL the right things, and he had the courage to do it.

If you have never seen this speech, after you read it, you will get an idea of just how many years we have all waited for this event, and why you have spent years in frustration, knowing that you were here for something and have had difficulty figuring it out. You would have figured it out long ago, had events not be so delayed. But the delay is over, and this I assure you, for certainty.


I leave you now, Blessed Hearts to attend your day as I attend mine. In that favorite expression you so love, I sign off with: NAMASTE. Go in peace and know I have come.

Oops! Even Sananda, when talking will forget to say something. A reader wanted to know how I am existing in time, and how I will be on Earth. The question I think implies that I might be in residence on the Other Side.

Although I exist there also, I am in a body and I will walk the Earth, by putting one leg in front of the other, as do all of you. I am in your time. It is 8:30 in the morning where Candace lives, and I bothered to get her moving a bit earlier today for this brief message, because times a wasting and I have a long day ahead myself. So again, all over, Go In Peace! Namaste! Sananda

Candace: Note the remark in parentheses above. I think Sananda is making light of yesterday's comments and the need of woman to be heard. He often does make out of hand comments, and I usually do put these is parentheses, to set them aside as such. I could have rearranged the channeling slightly and left out his Oops! But I thought it important to leave it as he said, so you have a better feel of him as a person. So now, I will insert President Kennedy's speech.

President Kennedy: My fellow Americans, people of the world, today we set forth on a journey into a new era. One age, the childhood of mankind, is ending and another age is about to begin.

The journey of which I speak is full of unknowable challenges, but I believe that all our yesterdays, all the struggles of the past, have uniquely prepared our generation to prevail.

Citizens of this Earth, we are not alone. God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to populate His universe with other beings, intelligent creatures such as ourselves.

How can I state this with such authority? In the year 1947 our military forces recovered from the dry New Mexico desert the remains of an aircraft of unknown origin. Science soon determined that this vehicle came from the far reaches of outer space. Since that time our government has made contact with the creators of that spacecraft.

Though this news may sound fantastic-and indeed, terrifying-I ask that you not greet it with undue fear or pessimism. I assure you, as your President, that these beings mean us no harm.

Rather, they promise to help our nation overcome the common enemies of all mankind-tyranny, poverty, disease, war.

We have determined that they are not foes, but friends.

Together with them we can create a better world. I cannot tell you that there will be no stumbling or missteps on the road ahead.

But I believe that we have found the true destiny of the people of this great land: To lead the world into a glorious future.

In the coming days, weeks and month, you will learn more about these visitors, why they are here and why our leaders have kept their presence a secret from you for so long.

I ask you to look to the future not with timidity but with courage. Because we can achieve in our time the ancient vision of peace on Earth and prosperity for all humankind.

God bless you.

Candace: Now can you all see what could have been? Those of you old enough to remember Kennedy must have felt like I did that something very dark and terrible had occurred that day, and not the doing of a simple lone sniper, acting in confusion. I felt a similar feeling that day of 911, and knew immediately in the core of my heart, that that event was one of grave and evil implications.

Finally we are to arise above all of this. Let us all prepare our journeys, and never let events like this ever again occur on our Earth. But then again, we can find the blessings in the delays. We have learned more, grown in our resolve for change. The lessons we have endured can make us claim even greater power. The time is here. Let us begin.




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