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Translated Material : Chinese : By Others Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Chinese: Perfect Your Hosting Skills, 完美你的东道主技能
By Source thru hazel, 源头通过海兹儿
Jan 21, 2015 - 2:15:17 AM

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Perfect Your Hosting Skills

By Source thru hazel

Jan 22, 2013 - 11:35:14 PM


It is unfathomable to many that they are receptacles of MY LIGHT. They cannot comprehend that the presence of God, the Divine, rest in the vehicle upon which their mind is registered



I AM the interminable aspect housed within you, which is released upon termination of mortal life. You are MY host throughout the entirety of your experience.  I wish you to see it from this perspective. You host MY presence. What does this conjure to you?



Let me explain in simplicity. Were you to host friends or family at your home how would you treat them? Would you be happy to do so? Would you be amiable towards them?  Would you look after their needs and ensure that they are comfortable? Would you enjoy their presence? Would you spend quality time with them? Would you engage in activities together which bring you pleasure? Would you be sad when they must depart?



Conversely do you begrudge their presence in your home and wish they weren't there. Do you unwillingly look after their needs and try to avoid spending time with them? Do you separate yourself from them as much as possible and count down the days until they depart? Are you in disharmony with them? Do you send them away before they are due to depart? What type of host are you?



Now I want you to think about ME. Like it or not you are MY host. Do you welcome MY presence within you or do you wish I were not there? In fact many of you do not know and will not accept MY presence within you. This lack of comprehension has to do with your poor education and inadequate memory. You cannot accept that I whom you may call God could ever dwell in you, as your perception of yourself is rather tarnished. You cannot therefore conceive that you could hold such purity within. So disbelief is a mighty obstacle to you even crediting MY presence within you. It is easier to see ME as a separate entity beyond your ability to reach.




Those who have received their education may half heartedly accept it but they cannot verify this as there is no outer sense which they use that can prove I AM there.  So they journey through their lives unable to feel the blessing of MY presence within them. They keep ME just outside the door of their home because uncertainty due to lack of proof causes them to falter in what they have been taught.  They cannot therefore enjoy MY presence in a deep and truly holy way.



I AM not saying that these who believe in ME do not love ME. They simply love the idea of ME and what I stand for without reaping the fullest benefits of MY presence within. They cannot see ME within themselves so therefore I must not be there. Dear children you will never see ME for I AM without form. You must acclimatise yourself to feeling ME. For here lies your validation. In the readiness of time as you mature in spirit you will hear the sound of intelligence creeping into your thoughts. I will not communicate with you in the way that other humans do.  You will not see me sitting by your side or even holding your hand. Our relationship is much more intimate than that. I AM within you that you may come to feel at one with ME.




The entire purpose of the outer journey is to reap inner rewards which expands your ability to renew your memory so that you clearly recall who you are, where you are and what you must strive to be. Many look without themselves for the light of guidance but I say look within yourself for therein is the lantern which invariably keeps vigil for you. I AM no ordinary guest.  I AM stationed within you to show you that the inner way is the only path which shall lead to the ultimate Source to which you must return. As your guest I will not impose MY will upon you but wait upon you to offer yourself to ME. I do not take that which is not offered. If you hide from ME I will leave you be, if your revile ME, I will leave you be, if you ignore ME I will leave you be BUT know that I will never leave you. It will never be MY choice to leave you. If you reject ME in finality, it is then that you get your wish and I depart.




What kind of host have you been to ME? I can surely speak of this. Some are most welcoming and attentive, giving ME all the time they possibly can to draw from the advantages I offer. They feel ME, know ME and hear ME. They have a comfortable relationship with ME and freely express what is in their heart. As they unite with ME in truth they receive necessary guidance enabling them to overcome the hurdles they may face to bring them closer to ME. I AM not saying that you will experience the fullness of ME all at once. I AM saying that if you can recognise where I AM and how you can connect with ME; and you take the steps to do so, then ever so gradually or quickly as is your choice you will absorb more of MY light into you. As this happens you will begin to feel empowered and more likened to ME.




There are many who ignore MY presence in the temple of their physical form and I AM left as an observer. There is no unity between us and no derived benefits from MY presence within. There are those who cast ME out totally and deliberately; for them the manna of light is denied through their own choices. Then there are those who host ME who at times are attentive and welcoming, but at other times feel the pull of earthly matters too strongly, and fall into old habits and traps thus forgetting MY presence for a while. They retreat to their lower selves and find solace in their senses or through others.


Why do you not wish to host MY presence? Is it perhaps because continuous communion with ME will require you to accept total responsibility for your life, your thought patterns, behaviours and creations? Are you not ready to climb the ladder leading to greater spiritual fulfilment?  Is it that you wish to serve your senses only without regard for your spirit? Is it that you do not wish to face SELF?




Beloveds, Perfection is what I AM and I rest within you. You host perfection yet you choose imperfection. Mediocrity is the spawn of your illusionary world. It breeds contentment and does not aspire to truth You seek perfection readily in earthly pursuits; so why can you not seek perfection in spiritual pursuits. You will find that should you choose the latter your earthly life will be more fulfilling and productive.




You who have cast ME out or who have an occasional relationship with ME cannot know true happiness; so I say to you that your senses will never yield joy which is permanent.



I AM given in MY position to witness what you term sin and activities too abhorrent (abomination to spirit  to speak of. This is where you take ME as you host ME. Yet ever patient I wait upon you.



You will through your soul's journey have ample opportunity to host MY presence until you are able to perfect your hosting abilities and need not do so anymore in physical form. Until then I will continue to cherish you and effort to reach into your mind and heart with the hope that you will pay ME some attention. I AM in no way needy, BUT you need ME and you call inwardly for ME and I answer but you cannot feel or hear ME. One day you will come to realise that the energy you call God or Creator is none other than your energy. When you ostracise God you ostracise self and this will reflect in the patterns you create in your earthly life. Finding God is the beginning of finding self.  I AM HERE



If your earthy Kings or Queens were to indulge you with a personal visit to your home, think of the preparations you would make to receive him or her. Think of the finery you would place to receive them and what your comportment would be like.  It is a privilege to host such royalty isn't it?  What of ME? Am I not royalty? Have you not dubbed ME the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? What finery do you robe yourself with to receive ME.? What plans do you have to entertain ME.? How do you seek to impress ME? Am I not worth more than gold and silver? Do I not outshine to largest diamond? Do I not wear the most coveted bejewelled crown of eternity? Have I not in humility bestowed MYSELF upon thee willingly that you may choose to bestow yourself to ME? What will it take dear children for you to accept the crown which I offer thee?

如果你们地球上的国王或王后要到你家中对你进行一次私人拜访的话,想一想为了接待他或她你会做的准备。想一想你是不是会布置华丽的装饰来接待他们,而你的行为举止又会怎样。招待如此尊贵的皇族是一种荣幸,不是吗?那"我"呢?"我"不是皇族吗?你不是称呼我为国王中的国王,贵族中的贵族吗?为了迎接"我"你给自己穿上怎样的华丽衣饰呢?你有什么计划来款待"我"呢?你怎样做到给我留下深刻印象呢?难道"我"不比黄金和银子更有价值吗?难道"我"不比最大的钻石更耀眼吗?难道我不是头戴最令人垂涎的宝石镶嵌的永恒之王冠吗?难道我不是愿意把"我自己" 谦逊地赠与你们,这样你们可以选择把你们自己回赠给我吗?亲爱的孩子们,让你接受这顶我赠与你们的王冠需要付出什么呢?


You are hosting ME.  Accept it; for acceptance can only lead to the resolution of inner conflict as to who you are, where I AM and why you are here.



MY blessings I yield to thee evermore

我让与 "我"的福祉给你们永远


Your Source


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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