Brian's Poetry
watchin it flow
By Brian Shook
Jul 20, 2016 - 9:08:15 AM

watchin it flow
spectators in trees
a face
in each leaf
reminding me
of you
the moisture
of the dew
in his vein
superfluous moisture
is the same
a record is worth ten thousand
a poem written down
spread about
the little town
forever heard
high and low
just watchin the flow
in the trees
tell me
in what way
does the wind blow
through your mind
what patterns do we see
watchin it flow
i am here to remind you
of a sacred and dear trust
between us
like lovers in the rain
we smell like heaven
we move like the earth
we blow from the north
by the hearth
doth fires grow
fueling the show
close your eyes
listen inside
your name is
exalted brother
an embrace
as we approach the alter
of silence
let us kneel
in time
in space
bind our hearts together
as one
bring our bride
to come
we give thanks
the lord of light
our sorrows
all of our tomorrows
always in flight
held tight
in the simplest light
bless us now
as this holy cow's
udders bring forth
that will flow
into receptive
orchards at your command
let us gaze upon the fruits of your
let us see
what we see
smell the ripeness
of its fruit
or decay
going away
raise our eyes
towards heaven
giving thanks
in all things
in all ways
so i say
in my holy name

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