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to know love poem 17 by brian
By brian
Oct 3, 2015 - 10:38:18 AM

to know love
is to not know love
to know beauty
one must know ugly
to know intimacy
one must know isolation
in the midst of relationships
to know hatred
one must look directly
into its' eyes deeply
to understand the infinite
one must spend an eternity
climbing the walls of the finite
to know the illusion
of universal secrets
one must spend time
looking for needles in its' haystacks
to know surrender
is to know bondage
to know freedom
true liberation
one must be held
a prisoner of gravity
the flight of an eagle
is best understood
in the movements of snails
sloths and slugs
cement and water got together
and formed a hardened outlook
on its surroundings
only to be blasted
by the jack hammer
of heaven
anxiety comes to
the release found
in formations of geese
following magnetic
paint clings to an empty canvas
lying on the ground
where the entrance to the heart is found
deep under ground
to understand breathing
there needs to be suffocating
in which you call 911
there you have it
life at its best
in all of its' unrest
lies a pillow of winds
made of down
from the geese you sought
looking for release
while i paint my face
like a clown


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