Brian's Poetry
the dark
By Brian
Aug 18, 2016 - 7:54:58 PM

so i am a monster
it is what i do best
i am no lover
i am in disgust
this aint real
this has no appeal
fuck the rhymes
lying most of the time
you want deeper
fuck the deep
it cannot keep
from rising
like the kraken
lip smackin
so unless you wanna see
real tsunamis
bess go and hide
a sight unseen
a boil brewing
so obscene
i am in no position
to take anything
other than what is mine
shall we go deeper still
you wanna die
in my river of heat
you wanna feel completely
baffled by mysteries
have you no mercy
have you no soul
have you a nursery
for sinners
for saints
what are you raising
besides yourself
because that's what you
think you must do
got news for you
it ain't about that
it's about creating
how the hell
do we do that
we are still in lust
with barbarism
we think we know love
love is hiding from the
likes of you
love is no friend
to strangers
it went underground
out of sight
like the
tuatha de denann
has anyone not said
why does the prized
speak a different language
why do we speak at all
if we want answers
then place the call
answer the fucking phone
turn down
turn up
turn in turn out
is fueled by doubt
what we want is
over and out
connection has been cut
slitting your throat
watchin the blood flow
have we had enough
of the stink
i dont think so
i think you love it
i think you create
circumstances and situations
that call it
from the depths of
unholy desires
it is selfish
lustful ways
it is an ugly beast
of perpetual motion
that rolls on
because we desire it
we want it
we are deceiving
ourselves into
false securities
lying all the way
planted firmly in rancid soil
in the ground
so what is it gonna take
for you to break
the habit
the cycle
tied to your ankle
dragging you
across pavement
ripping holes
as it goes
you've dug your hole
so in it you go
buried alive
am i getting through
am i making it clear
am i afraid of the fear
that you seem to hold so dear
well what are you waiting for then
just go
play with the beasts of decay
they sure are playing with you
they love it
they know exactly what to do
it is you who knows not
what you are doing
it is you that keeps this brewing
have at it
but know
the deeper it goes
the deeper i go
and just so you know
i am no sinner
i am not a saint
i am something else entirely
for you to contemplate
yeah i speak a big game
you should learn
that i am insane
as well
bind me with that white jacket
it's all a fuckin racket
an appalling brew
designed to suck the morning dew
tack it to my forehead
brand it on my ass
stick it in my mouth
ride the monolith
across my desert
call them from their sands
rise up
this i demand
shall we take back our lands
or run and hide
i know you can
do better
i've just died

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