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tell them what you see, POEM 8 by Brian
By Brian
May 9, 2015 - 10:05:35 AM

tell them what you see

By Brian


tell them
what you see
over saw
above us all
of the soft cloth
that blanketed
our sphere
like the four virtues
i saw four ends
of cloth
a point
to join
as one
thus covering
this bun
seeping into
taking all
to the ball
the core
of her
her heart

this same type of 'growth' is occurring outwardly as well........but this expansion doesnt....cannot be understood at this point although we do speculate as to the meanings behind such phenomena.....i was told you cant handle it right now...or something to that affect....things are becoming clearer see further when you look further......keep reach the outside expansive pastures of beautiful and pleasing dreams...we need more egg egg which to scream....the melody of his soul......we grow and grow......blow and blow......mow and mow......only to have to rebuild the neighborhood.......but its ok.....we desire it this way.........all things work together......for ever and always....


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