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take up the slack attack the lack, poem 12 by brian
By brian
May 23, 2015 - 11:16:20 AM

take up the slack
attack the lack
mono polarity indeed
a dire need
to come together
like weeds
needing loving
or removing
which is still
hovering all around
birds in flight
most of the night
and day
we all are waiting
so pipe down
im trying to get
some rest
from this jest
on my chest
i must reassess
the address
i live at
i need to move
the foundation
to a deeper level
inside the big
old tree
my friends
my mates
adorn the landscape
of the canopy
in return
its our turn
to go deeper
into the roots
that keep us strong
so allow me please
to aid in ridding
the dis ease
on the breeze
making us wheeze
her turn to squeeze
find her main line
their and only their
can one turn
on a dime
be on time
and in tune
with her
who does your hair
i wanna go there
holy jubilee
i'll meet you there

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