Brian's Poetry
north wind, Poem 7 by Brian
By Brian
May 8, 2015 - 1:41:53 AM

north wind

by Brian


north wind
south wind
west and east
prepared a feast
of friends
my brothers
the stars
my sisters
the moons
my father
the sun
my uncle
the heavens
my aunt
weaving presents
heaven sent
by the seamstress
oh higher intents
and purposes
notice the
artisan contours
of shapes
from landscapes
from parts
in our hearts
where we part
our hair
in the middle
of the riddle
frying pancakes
on the griddle
sizzle and settle
a scrambled
gave birth
for what its worth
to another
of operations
father cooperation
brother again
sister named gwen
marbled benches
in the meadow
by the waters edge
we pledge
unwavering dividends
white out weekends
pure as the driven snow
off you go


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