Brian's Poetry
like a massive genetic constipation
By brian
Jul 5, 2015 - 2:56:31 PM

like a massive
genetic constipation
i feel moved to say
the following
i am somewhere between
the middle and the outermost layer
next to the grand intestine
at this juncture
we wish to puncture
the balloon
not too soon
we will remove any blockages
preventing movements
comprising of things unseen
this has been a vast
and widely enlightening
surveying of circumstances
the thickness has proved
a sickness of the diseased
mind and spirit of man kind
you are exquisite
beings of the sun
highly evolved
and proven
if you but seek
even more intensely
direct your intent
essentially your will
from your sacred hill
open up and let it out
why are you holding still
so tightly
do you understand where
you are at
these trying tumultuous
for the purpose of demonstration
displays of grotesque
and grisly encounters
when we really look at it
for what it is
instead of what it is not
we havent got
too much response
for our discourse
has suddenly changed
who can keep up
who cannot
will not
or will
who knows
how the flower
but it does
ever evolving ways
songs streams
divine creation
like it was yesterday
we laugh
we cry
this must happen
in a timely fashion
ringing alone in your mind
let it pass
move out of the way




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