Brian's Poetry
im gonna level the street
By Brian
May 2, 2015 - 1:53:20 AM

im gonna level the street

By Brian

im gonna level
the street
replace it with peat
put you all in
tiny bubbles
for all the troubles
you've laid
farm fresh eggs
my ass
free range
isnt your domain
as you pass
this gas
become part of the grass
under my feet
giants roam
looking for homes
made of bones
need that cash
to feed that jones
zones upon zones
we grow up in
lost horizons
new divisions
old incisions
based on false
split us in two
we cannot be one
by mathematical equations
unconventional methods
need new calculations
geometrical symmetry
inside of me
will blow you
out of the cosmos
who grows most
is the one tending
non inflammatory
gentle is my inventory
yours is boring
mine is adoring
brightly lit
tightly split
all of it
in my spit
like a tadpole
in the heat
of a geyser
on sams land
we've had it with your coldness
put you in a glacier
to chill
slowly moving
even still

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